The Republican Snit Machine

So Sir Paul McCartney played a concert for the Obamas at the Library of Congress, and at the end of the concert he said, “After the last eight years, it’s good to have a president that knows what a library is.”

And the Right is going ballistic. It’s OK to call the sitting President a “raghead” and a criminal and whatnot, but a Republican president stands on a higher pedestal. John Boehner actually said that Sir Paul ought to apologize to the American people. No, I think Bush ought to apologize to the American people, and all the rest of the people, and Boehner ought to apologize as well. Just because.

I was thinking of how the entire American South went into a paroxysm of record-burning when John Lennon said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. I doubt Sir Paul is wasting sleep over John Boehner.

But does Boehner really think America is offended? Hello?

17 thoughts on “The Republican Snit Machine

  1. Wait, does this snit mean the Dixie Chicks are non-persons again too?

    I thought that since they’d swept the Grammies in 2007 it meant we’d all decided it was no longer a thoughtcrime for popular music performers to say things vaguely critical of Ol’ Heh-heh.

    It’s so hard to keep up with the latest moods of the Republi-politburo. Next thing you know, Tom Delay will be rehabilitated, or they’ll want Terri Schiavo exhumed or something.

    I shudder to think what life would be like if Boehner gets to be Speaker of the House after November.

  2. Instead of being polite and saying that Bush doesn’t “understand the gravity” or that he doesn’t “appreciate the consequences”, why not call it what it is? Bush is an effing psychopath!

    I don’t say that to be clever or cute.. I say that to be precise in identifying the characteristic that sums up the torture issue. . Google (Wikipedia) psychopath for a precise definition of the term and see how it reads like a biography for the glib George Bush. ” and I’d do it again”…Yep, devoid of conscience, empathy, compassion, and humanity!

  3. Yes, the tough guys are quite the sensitive. thin skinned aren’t they.
    I think they call that, can dish it out but can’t take it.

  4. On top of Sir Pauls comments, they’ve come to find that the Bush Library is having some difficulty stocking the shelves. They asked him what books he’d read, and he couldn’t come up with any. They went through a list of great literature.
    “The Illiad?” He thought Achilles was a heel, and ‘rosy-fingered ‘dawn'” was something his servants used to wash the dinnerware at The White House.
    He said he tried to get to the ‘War’part, but had to muddle through too much ‘Peace.’
    Bush kept looking for pictures of ‘Dorian Gray,’ but that wiley Wilde feller didn’t put any in the damned book.
    Ane when they finally found something he DID read, they come to find out he won’t house his “Archie” collection because they just added a gay character to the comic.
    And lastly, they have to come up with a foolproof AC system, or else in the Texas heat the Crayola’s will all melt onto one another in his coloring books.

    Look, Republicans, YOU should apologize.
    “Little Boot’s” was your creation.
    You did the Madison Avenue test marketing in dumbass Texas, then you foisted this sociopath as the man to lead the nation.
    You sold us ‘The Fool in the Gray Flannel Suit.”
    You compared him to Churchill, for Christ’s sake…
    As “The Leader of the ‘Free’ World,” you put in a man who started pre-emptive wars, approved torture, illegal wiretapping, and didn’t have a clue about human rights. Little Boots could mouth, “Freedom,’ and “Liberty,” but Sherlock Holmes couldn’t have shown him a clue that could make him understand what they meant.
    And you supported him like he was Washington and Lincoln all rolled into one. Now, you want Sir Paul to apologize?
    Republicans, GO CHENEY YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bush should be in a federal prison. Why is Boner defending a war criminal?

  6. Gulag: I thought they were going to fill it with copies of My Pet Goat. What happened to that plan?

    Barbara: I remember a few years ago when simply disagreeing with the president over a substantive issue was treason during wartime. Suddenly that’s no longer true. Republican duality knows no bounds.

  7. Dave S,
    I don’t think he finished readng that either. At least that one time, he had a good excuse.
    Maybe when “The Idiot’s Guide to Torture” comes out, they can include that in the Bush Lie-berry. I’m sure Cheney will demand enough graphic pictures in it to satisfy even Little Boots.

  8. Alas, Orange Boehner is doing this because he doesn’t know how to do anything else. None of his ilk do.

    Oh, and Sarah Palin, where’s your First Amendment outrage on McCartney’s behalf? What’s that? It only works for rabidly racist comments that you happen to agree with? Oh, OK then. Carry on being your repulsive self.

  9. sir jerk should take his no talent ass back to Britain and leave it. Was a fan but no more. What a cheap ending to the Beatles legasy. John Lennon did say the dream was over. How true. sir jerk is full of himself and shit it is. f u paul.

    • sir jerk should take his no talent ass back to Britain and leave it.

      I’d keep Sir Paul here and send Dubya to The Hague.

  10. Steve,
    You might want to check a dictionary out of the library:
    “What a cheap ending to the Beatles legasy (sic).”
    The word is “L-E-G-A-C-Y!” And I’m sure Sir Paul couldn’t give a rat’s ass that a rat’s ass like you is no longer a fan.
    John Lennon wrote a song entitled, “Imagine.” I’m ‘imagining’ that this post will be your ‘legacy’ to us, and you crawl back whence you came.
    Bye, Troll…
    Oh, and f u steve, go “Cheney yourself.”

  11. When someone from the GOP denounces the guy who called Obama a “raghead,” I’ll have some sympathy for chastising Sir Paul.

  12. I never liked McCartney, he was in my opinion the least talented beatle, it’s really hard to forgive a man that writes “silly little love songs” after being in one of the great bands of all time. But this incident may put him ahead of Ringo in my book!

  13. I suppose the right will nominate Bush for a Nobel in Economics next. Well, he did do an extremely good job of what he did, didn’t he?

    His handiwork speaks for itself. Any successes are right-wing fantasies, increasingly departed from reality.

  14. Pretty sure Lennon said that it was amazing that due to modern technology The Beatles could reach more people than Jesus could in his lifetime.
    The press mangled this to produce the quote “[we’re] bigger than Jesus”, and then criticized Lennon for something he never said.

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