Today’s Obama Outrage

Today’s outrage is that the President did not observe D-Day yesterday but instead went to Ford’s Theatre. The evening’s entertainment, “America Celebrates July 4th at Ford’s Theatre,” will be shown on ABC television on this year’s July 4 weekend.

The ever-classy Jim Hoft (aka Gateway Pundit) at the Catholic site First Things also noted,

The President will also be honoring far left Bush-basher and Jew-hater Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the gala.

Everyone must have their priorities.

Yes, and I guess brotherly love ain’t one o’ yours, is it, Jim?

I can’t say that I had noticed president’s always observe D-Day. I did some googling for George W. Bush’s D-Day solemnities, and the only one I found was for 2004. That was the 60th anniversary. He may have had smaller observances on other years, of course, and they just didn’t turn up on Google search.

President Obama did issue some remarks about D-Day last year, which was the 65th anniversary. I’m wondering if they only make a splash about D-Day every five years now. And if so, I guess D-Day wasn’t so important to righties in those other “off” years, for some reason.

Last week wingnuts were in a snit because Obama wasn’t at Arlington Cemetery for Memorial Day. CBS News checked it out and found other instances of presidents not being at Arlington for Memorial Day, such as in 2007, with the President was in Texas.

Next up: President wears a yellow tie! Walks on linoleum! Uses an electric shaver! Grounds for impeachment?

Update: I really did do an advanced google search limited to the years George W. Bush was in office, and it appears the only years he made a special commemoration of D-Day were in 2001 (he dedicated a memorial) and 2004, the 60th anniversary. Of course, it’s possible he did do something about D-Day in those other years and they just aren’t showing up in the search. But I’m betting there have been many years in which a sitting president, including Republican presidents, didn’t make any particular observance of D-Day.

11 thoughts on “Today’s Obama Outrage

  1. Hardly anyone gives a rat’s ass about such a claim. I suppose it has to be addressed because “it’s out there” but I sometimes wonder whether the sort of distraction the food fight and the people who engage in it offer is not hurting us more. I know, I know the same could be said about Fox News and they’ve done immeasurable harm by giving people without brain waves a cause to go with their bile. So I understand the need to say something…on a slow news day.

    What is they gave a display of self-righteous indignation and no news media fanned the flames by echoing it without criticism…calling it news simply because someone said it? We know about Foxes effective use of the “Some people are saying…” lead-in.

  2. afterthought…it seems like purveyors of “news” no longer report on the issues themselves but rather on ourselves and our reactions to the imagined issues which is infinitely more entertaining (er…like Jerry Springer maybe) because “we” can be fairly nutty. And when we aren’t nutty there are always some nuts to be found…somewhere.

  3. End of last week, Road Runner news was featuring a story from the Daily Beast that the President had insulted Louisianans by not wearing shrimp boots at his last visit. You and others have frequently written that the wingnuts will look for anything they can to pick on. Their thought patterns have no relation to the real world.

  4. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, “Breathing is an impeachable act when it’s committed by Obama.”
    Somewhere in the last 15 or so years, the ‘side show’ became the ‘main stage.’ Take a bow Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Aisles, you’re the modern day version of Barnum & Bailey!
    You’ve loosed your clowns, and the result is that we now live in ‘Circus USA!” But I don’t see anybody laughing – except you and your minions, all the way to the bank.
    What’s the profit margin on the destruction of a nation, a way of life, and an idea that once was a beacon for the oppressed in the world?
    Murdoch and Aisles. Take a look at their greedy faces and know the true meaning of evil. And yet, they’re just two entries in the “Conservative Facebook” that’s determined to oppress the oppressed, and elevate the already high-up even higher. That’t their idea of ‘social and economic justice.’
    And Jesus wept…

  5. Maybe the conservatives’ new idea of how to limit government is to keep the Prez so tied up doing every memorial and special occasion that he never has time for anything else.

  6. “But I’m betting there have been many years in which a sitting president, including Republican presidents, didn’t make any particular observance of D-Day.”

    It goes to show how crappy a president Herbert Hoover was that he never did.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  7. 7 American soldiers were killed today in Obama’s war (the Afghanistan one, not his Iraqi one). Maybe Obama will show up at Dover AFB to salute the incoming caskets instead of getting involved with some outdated D-day ritual.

  8. If you begin with the premise that conservatives walk with god and are always right, and that everyone else walks with the devil and is always wrong, then any and all attacks are not only true but necessary. Today’s conservatives don’t just want to run things, they want to crush their enemies in the process.

  9. Hoft is a tribalistic screwball. He worships all of modern conservativism’s 666 disjointed, conflicting tenets while mountaining up every “liberal” molehill he can find. Amazing the amount of hatred spewed daily in posts and comments on this “Christian” website.

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