10 thoughts on “Mitch Miller, 1911-2010

  1. I just told my parents about Mitch Miller’s death. My mother sang in a Russian Orthodox Church Choir, and he invited them to his studio to record some songs with him. That was probably in the mid or late ’50’s. She said he was a very nice man.

    Somewhere, people are ‘following the bouncing ball.’
    For those of you too young to have seen his TV show, the best way to descibe it would be ‘Paleolithic Karaoke.”

    Did you ever see the episode of “Lil’ Bush” where Cheney dies, goes to Hell and takes it over? Even Satan couldn’t stand him, he was so nasty and evil, so he kicks him back to Earth.

  2. Just a couple of days ago, I was telling a friend how remarkable it is that so many Jewish musicians live long prosperous lives. I’d like to know their secret.
    His music was kind of corney, and the sing along boys looked like a band of Fred Mertz’s, but I still enjoyed his show when i was a kid.
    Here’s one for Mitch!

  3. My folks loved that show. I liked it myself, but didn’t have personal associations with the songs.

    Thanks to Mark for noting his work with Paul Whitehead and Gerswin’s music. I guess TV has always had to water things down a bit to package it for mass consumption.

    I haven’t seen “American Idol” but I think I might prefer “Sing Along With Mitch”.

    • I haven’t seen “American Idol” but I think I might prefer “Sing Along With Mitch”.

      I saw a few minutes of American Idol once. The Gong Show was better.

  4. I remember watching his show as a kid. My father actually bought a couple of his albums. I was the person who usually played them. Unfortunately I was too late when my sister broke up our childhood home to retrieve them (she tended to throw things out and then say something about doing it). The music and show may have been corny but it was relaxing and easy to take. Even as a kid I appreciated that.

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