Another Oil Rig Explosion in Gulf

An oil platform in the Gulf owned by Mariner Energy caught fie and exploded this morning. The platform is about 80 miles south of Louisiana. News stories say the oil rig crew were all rescued and so far no one knows if oil is leaking. Mariner Energy is owned by the Apache Corporation.

Already the usual tools are writing passionate screeds about why this doesn’t prove the oil drilling moratorium is justified. These screeds will be popping up online any minute now.

From Think Progress:

Just yesterday, however, the Financial Times reported that employees from Apache and Mariner, along with thousands of oil industry workers, rallied in Houston to protest the Obama administration’s offshore drilling moratorium that was designed as a safety precaution after BP’s disastrous Gulf oil spill. A Mariner Energy employee chastised the Obama administration for its drilling moratorium, which would not have affected the rig that exploded today:

Companies ranging from Chevron to Apache bussed in up to 5,000 employees to the Houston convention centre to underline to Washington the industry’s contribution to the country. […]

“I have been in the oil and gas industry for 40 years, and this administration is trying to break us,” said Barbara Dianne Hagood, senior landman for Mariner Energy, a small company. “The moratorium they imposed is going to be a financial disaster for the gulf coast, gulf coast employees and gulf coast residents.”

Apache Corp. recently agreed to buy BP assets in order to help the British oil giant meet its financial obligations as a result of its Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Excuses coming in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …

8 thoughts on “Another Oil Rig Explosion in Gulf

  1. “Escuses? We don’t need no steeenkin’ ESSCUSES!’
    Who cares about excuses when there’s blame to be assigned?
    It’s all the fault of Democrats and Obama’s pesky, profit destroying regulations. There, that was easy.

  2. “Already the usual tools are writing passionate screeds about why this doesn’t prove the oil drilling moratorium is justified.”

    Considering this is not in fact, an oil drilling platform like the Deepwater Horizon, I don’t see what the moratorium deepwater drilling has to do with anything.

  3. The entire offshore infrastructure needs to be factored in, there are drillings and production rigs; their are thousands of miles of subsea pipelines and capped off or abandoned well heads.
    History tells us that the most infamous spills have been from ships like the Amoco Cadiz and the Exxon Valdez.The most heinous drilling spills are in the Niger Delta and the former Soviet Central Asian Republics.
    Sadly, the Spratly Islands and the Faulklands may be the next big oill fields.
    Florida and California have dodged the bullet for now.

  4. “Excuses coming in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …”

    It’s really unfortunate that we know the bullshit is coming. Why bother. I think we should all quit whatever it is we happen to be doing, fuck it just quit, quit now. Then buy a shit-load of talking points, old ones, fresh ones, yellow ones, brown ones, the cheaper the better. Then sell every last hint of decency that you ever pretended was yours, now you are free. Drill baby Drill:

    “Those who are impotent and limp and gutless and they go on their anonymous — sources that are anonymous — and impotent, limp and gutless reporters take anonymous sources and cite them as being factual references,”

    So if she gets elected, what happens to my ball-sack?

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