Nine Years On

Well, I’m not in lower Manhattan counter-protesting. Miss Lucy isn’t feeling well, and we have a vet appointment in a couple of hours. Priorities.

In the New York Times, Samuel Freedman writes that there was a Mulsim prayer room in the South Tower of the World Trade Center. It was destroyed, of course, and many of the people who used to pray there were lost.

Naturally, the jolly crew at Weasel Zippers responded with the usual magnanimity:

If there was a prayer room there, why did the muzz terrorists destroy it and kill fellow muslims against the teaching of Mo?

Possibly for the same reason a couple of the perps didn’t bother to attend mosque and were known to drink alcohol, contrary to Muslim rules, according to the 9/11 commission. Deep down, their motivations may not have been all that religious.

You Moosies call your fucking pretend god from someplace else. GZ is sacred ground. You leftist schmucks and yentas can go join them.

Yentas? The weasels are being anti-semitic now?

Anyone muslim dumb enough to associate with the kufr deserves to die

I’m not even going to comment on that one.

So, in the leftists twisted and warped way of logic, one small room is somehow magically transferred into a huge monsterous building? Than maybe that greek orthodox church that the city of NY keeps denying a permit to build should be built as a huge cathedral. Would only seem fair.

Regarding the Greek Orthodox church — the church in question was a very small one destroyed in the terrorist attacks. Fox News keeps reporting that the city of New York won’t let the congregation rebuild the church, but of course that’s not the whole story. The congregation didn’t want to rebuild on the old site, because it was very small; only 1,200 square feet. So the congregation either sold or entered into an agreement to sell the property to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in 2008, and also negotiated to acquire a bigger plot in the same neighborhood.

They seem to want the spot where the Deutsche Bank Building is/was. The Deutsche Bank Building was heavily damaged on 9/11, and a decision was made to demolish it and start over. But anything involving the Deutsche Bank Building ends up getting unbelievably complicated, which is why the bleeping building is still being demolished. I swear, the property is haunted. Anyway, there seems to be some confusion as to who is first in line to get the property, jinxed as it is, once the old building is totally gone.

And there are all kinds of issues involving whether the congregation can come up with the money to build what they want to build, and whether their plans for an underground garage might somehow hold up other building plans at Ground Zero and the neighborhood. It’s a big mess. If the congregation had just rebuilt the old church on the old property it would probably be finished now, although I don’t blame them for wanting something bigger.

Of course, on the Right, what is complicated becomes very simple. New York City won’t let the congregation build its church because the city doesn’t like Christians.

The ever sensitive New York Post has published a map showing that bodies of 9/11 victims were found outside the “ground zero” site, meaning that the sacred and holy part of lower Manhattan is actually much bigger than just ground zero. Apparently a body was found only one block away from the proposed site of the Park Place Islamic center, so of course it would be sacrilege to build there. Bars and porn video shops OK, but no Islamic center.

Leslie Minora asks,

What if the human remains found — chillingly, as the Post says — so close to the site of the proposed mosque were actually those of a Muslim victim of the attacks? Would that make a difference to people?

Only in that Weasel Zippers readers would want to find the spot and pee on it.

An editorial in the New York Times describes the development of Ground Zero. The memorial garden is supposed to be finished for this time next year. A museum will be under the garden, which some are taking to be some kind of insult to the 9/11 victims. Like New York would do that. But from underground people will be able to see some of the original foundation of the World Trade Center, as well as a preserved steel beam and the “survivor’s staircase,” a granite staircase that served as an escape route for thousands of people. So I think it works.

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  1. I don’t remember all this after-the-event-years-later hullabaloo over the bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941. So what’s the difference. Whenever and wherever religion can be involved in anything, the crazies come out from under their rocks. They are remarkably adept at turning any tragedy (or anything at all for that matter) into a side-show which is what the ‘honoring’ of 9/11 has become.

    As a matter of fact – and in this climate I may stand accused of heresy – if we’re going to continue on this imperialistic binge, we’re going to piss a lot of people off.
    American values, regardless of what Rice thinks (and says), are not universal and our blind conceit in thinking they are will turn this nation into nothing but an armed camp waiting and watching for the next 9/11 – in the meantime making a mockery of the First Amendment.

  2. I swore I would stay away from all this crap today, but here I am, clicking on links as usual. The hatred and paranoia is so thick you could pour it like syrup. I did wish a dear friend and co-worker Eid Mubarak yesterday.

  3. During the last housing bubble, were the new ones built without attics? Hell, maybe there’s been no attics built for about 30 years, because that’s where these kinds of people were kept for generations, maybe let out once a year for a John Birch convention where they could have a group rave, chew on raw meat, gnaw on bones, tell J*w and N****r jokes, and viciously deride Liberals while frothing at the mouth, pissing on photo’s of FDR, and bowing before the Joe McCarthy shrine that the Birchers kids from Wisconsin built.
    Now they have their own radio and TV shows, have syndicated columns, and run for national and state offices.
    And some 4th rate punk of a Florida preacher with a congregation that numbers fewer people than a local garage band has fans is all over the PUBLIC airwaves.
    I said it on the last post, and I’ll say it again. We have to provided police and security protection for foreign leaders who come to NY. I get that. ‘No problemo…’ But why do we have to do it for assholes like Jones? They inflame their following, beg for national media attention, then come up here to throw raw meat to like minded lunatics at a protest over a NON-Mosque, NOT at “GZ,” and we have to have the police protect them? At the taxpayers expense?
    Hey, (Not-so) Reverand Jones, you inflame the Muslims at your own peril and at your own cost. Mayor Bloomberg should send this asshole and his church a bill for the police protection. You wanted your 15 minutes of fame? Fine. Pay for it, asshole. ‘Cause if you don’t, we won’t give your account to some WASP collection agency in Connecticut, it’ll go to Vinnie “Eyebrows,” Rico “The Razor,” and Tony, “Don’t make me say dis twice.”

    PS: I hope Miss Lucy is well.

  4. You don’t understand. This is sacred ground! After the land redevelopment is complete we know that it will still be sacred because no fornication will be permitted. No licit or illicit busness dealing will be permitted. No pimping or whoring. Because of the honor we bestow on this sacred place there will be no muggings or murders or crime of any kind. New York, New York.

  5. @Felicity :

    After the firebombing of Tokyo and the nuclear weapons dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the crazies got their revenge. A hundred-fold.

    Never mind that those were civilians. Move along folks, move along.

  6. Wow. I foolishly thought “weasel zipper” was a pejorative nickname you’d made up for some idiotic website, because, I thought, ‘What kind of tasteless asshole would actually call their blog ‘Weasel Zippers?” Now I know.

    What a cesspool of inchoate resentment and …. attitude. Weasel Zippers must disprove the stereotype that all stoners are mellow and easy.

    Speaking of sacred ground, does Larry Silverstein know? Are the rentals from the reconstructed buildings going to go to charity? Just curious. 😉 And what about Fresh Kills landfill?

  7. I thought, ‘What kind of tasteless asshole would actually call their blog ‘Weasel Zippers?” Now I know.

    No kidding. Those quotes cited above are foul; absolutely foul, ignorant and moronic.

    This afternoon I’m just finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (oddly appropriate?). For those of you who’ve read it… it’s nice to see that Amycus and Alecto Callow got their own blog, isn’t it? (Although it is a kind of Unforgiveable Curse all its own.)

  8. Oh gosh, I almost forgot to say: Get well soon, Miss Lucy!

    The Three Lives of Thomasina is a great movie to watch when you’re ailing. It’s available on DVD.

    • Miss Lucy is hanging in there. You might remember that shortly after she moved in with me five years ago she was diagnosed with mammary cancer, so she had a mastectomy and chemotherapy, and then a year after that the doctor found more cancer, so he did another mastectomy. After that I decided I wasn’t going to put her through any more surgery, but four years passed without any problem. Now she’s jaundiced and losing weight, and the vet and I both think it’s the cancer coming back and spread to her liver, but no tumors were visible on the x-ray. I’ve got some medicine for her to treat the jaundice and help her feel better, and then it’s up to her.

  9. Best wishes for Miss Lucy’s recovery. It’s pretty obvious the same culprits who like to gin up every controversy under the sun have decided to go after Cordoba House after ignoring the plans for months, if not years. The sampling of commenters from “Weasel Zippers” evidently don’t mind parading their ignorance, evidently that is a virtue in today’s society.

  10. Only in that Weasel Zippers readers would want to find the spot and pee on it.

    Only in that Weasel Zippers writerswould want to find the spot and pee on it.

  11. Sorry to hear about Miss Lucy, Maha…I’m curious to know how can you tell a cat is jaundiced? I always thought that jaundice was detected by skin coloring and the whites of the eyes.

  12. I just followed your link to the abominable Weasel Zipper site and wasted some of the remaining precious moments of my life reading the comments by the mouth breathers that congregate there.
    What a bunch of morans.

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