9 thoughts on “O’Donnell Wins Delaware Primary; Democrats Rejoice

  1. Just knowing that there are people in the country, not politicians, but everyday people, like Christine O’Donnell is scary. To know that there are enough whackos in Delaware to vote for her in a closed primary shows how the political process has been dumbed-down.

    I certainly hope that the Dems keep advertising her whacked-out ideas and keep that Senate seat in the Blue column.

  2. Interesting year in the Republican Senate primary races so far this year:
    The “take a chicken to your doctor” lady in NV lost, but the ‘don’t choke your chicken’ lady in DE wins.
    I would try to figure this out, but I’d just hurt myself.
    Whatever happened to “a chicken in every pot?” That one was a winner, but would it still be?

  3. The lady who won the (R) primary in NV is actually more wacko than the rose-colored-mirror one who lost to her…

  4. It’s more like “I’ll give up my own chicken to keep you from getting yours.” It translates to a sense of government illegitimacy should it do anything to fix a problem that affects all Americans. Lost in this wrong-minded theatre, intent on elevating the myth of lower class self-sufficiency, is that there is a system already in place that has the decks stacked against them and that there’s nothing that can be done about it by any entity except government.

    But we’re finding that changing the system is far more difficult than handouts which are easier for politicians expecially around election time, something that violates the tea party myth of their ability to go it alone. The fearful narrative of teeming millions of worthless others seeking advantage from the system only seeks to reinforce their own self-righteousness, sacrifice and self-denial a facade many of them adopt despite being vested in many social services that they’d not get from any other source.

    In all this the systemic theft from the top eludes them. It’s much more real to snipe and carp at those to their left and right than to get their heads around a system that will NEVER work for them. Economies of scale are lost on them as are outrageous profits in healthcare where the cost of a live has infinite value and a commensurate price that they could never afford.

  5. Even the soppy kitchen sponge CNN is airing Christine’s many, wacky problems. As the word gets out, it becomes onvious she’s unelectable. She almost makes her patroness Sarah look sane.


    And I believe Dan’s right, Sharron Angle (running against Harry Reid) is even nuttier than the chickens-for-doctors lady. (Don’t have a link handy; sorry.)

    I wonder if Republicans are going to wake up on Wednesday Nov. 3rd and really, truly find their wished-for pony under all that poo.

  6. Sure this is great news, but if there is a way to flub this election, the Democrats will find it. I really hope they don’t give in to overconfidence. GOTV campaign, anyone?

  7. “Tis better to cast your seeds into the belly of a whore than to cast them into the wind”
    Book of Onan 9:11

  8. The democratic party should cut the rejoicing short and get to work. From I’ve seen and read this woman is not that far right wacko considering the new dimwitted teabagger standards and she seems a hell of a lot better of a speaker than either Caribo Barbie or Obtuse Angle.If the republicants are going to turn on each other I say keep quiet and enjoy the show. What do they say “the enemy of my enemy………

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