Take Your Number for the Next Bread Line

First, Miss Lucy and I want to thank everyone for your good wishes for her well-being. She is still fading, although she doesn’t seem to be in acute distress.

Second, here’s another Maddow clip that everyone in America needs to see. So send it to your friends:

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Righties are getting bolder about declaring their intentions to end the Social Security program. One might think this is a really stupid thing to do, given that we’re getting very close to a critical midterm election. But I think they feel so certain of a smashing victory in November they cannot contain themselves.

At the Los Angeles Times, Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson discuss why allowing the Bush tax cuts for the extremely well-off to end is good for democracy. The weakness of the article is that they don’t clearly explain why growing income inequality really is a threat to democratic government, and the troglodytes who added comments to the column certainly aren’t figuring it out on their own.

Ben Stein isn’t figuring it out on his own either; he whines that raising the taxes on the income he toils and sweats to wring out of his stock portfolio must be some kind of punishment.

The GOP trotted out its “Pledge to America” today, and of course it’s full of policy ideas that, if enacted, would pretty much put what’s left of the American Dream out of its misery. Yet it is not extreme enough for much of the Right Blosophere; not enough hate.

If you don’t want to be utterly depressed, don’t read “Walmart’s midnight baby formula bread line.”

10 thoughts on “Take Your Number for the Next Bread Line

  1. The repug’s pledge is worth shit.. Why couldn’t they give us something meaningful like maybe a contract with America? Seems the biggest deficit in Washington is a republican deficit of honesty, creativity, and morality. Dirtbags one and all!

  2. Miss Lucy ain’t gone to chase laser light beams and stuffed mouse dolls, tear up the furniture, and look for a catnip dealer in Feline Heaven yet.
    So, there’s always hope!

    As for the news:
    Ah, the old “Contract for American (CFA)” wasn’t good enough, so now comes the update “Contract ON America – 2.0.”
    Grudgingly, I’ll give some of the Republicans credit from 1994 and their promises in ther CFA. A lot of them running for the House, they promised that they’d stick to a 6 year term limit. And a small number of them lived up to that promise – by running for, and winning, Senate seats. Many others are still there, in the House, of course. Harumph!

    As for Rachel – why isn’t she given the prime-time slot for news on a network? Oh yeah, she’s a Liberal, a female, a Lesbian, tells the truth, and gives facts – and you can’t have THAT now can you. Might upset the Jesus freaks, old folks and the little kiddies who might accidentally turn away from FOX News or a ‘reality show’ on a commercial break.

  3. From the GOP Pledge:
    “Every American must ask: what has Congress done to ensure opportunity and to safeguard my liberty and the freedoms guaranteed to me in the Constitution?”

    Is this the right question we should be asking? Further, why is this the question posed by the same people pushing an extreme reduction in government?

  4. Any cat person understands the bond you have with Miss Lucy. Cats feel the connection as much as cat people do. My opinion is that death will not break the bond – IMO, Miss Lucy will be waiting for you in feline serenity. I have a cat friend waiting for me.

  5. It shows how blatantly arrogant the republicants are and how corrupt our for profit media is that the day after we learn the recession started 4-2007 and ended 6-2009 the republicants release their “pledge” to basically turn back the clock to 2007. If the American public puts these asswipes back in power then they deserve what they get.

  6. The GOP is counting in part on the new teevee season as a distraction until November. Tom Selleck is back! BOO-yah! Hawaii Five-O! Bikinis! People will go to the polls and think, Don’t the Republicans have a plan to fix things? Without having a clue what the laughable “Pledge” really says.

    And why, for mercy’s sake, is anyone still listening to Ben Stein?

  7. Ben Stein would be the ideal mascot for the economic wing of the modern Republican platform. A rich, old, selfish, droning investor who pretends to be intelligent but doesn’t feel the need to prove it to anyone.

  8. I love the part where they keep calling Social Security a Ponzi scheme at the same time they want to put the funds in the stock market. When you’re basically working for Wall Street I guess you don’t have any incentive to notice that the US stock market under Republican government became basically the greatest Ponzi scheme in history.

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