A Crack in the Facade

There are lots of interesting stories today that I haven’t found time to write about, but I want to be sure everyone is aware of accusations against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce using foreign money to influence elections, and Rupert Murdoch’s part in that. The Chamber is one of the organizations in the center of the nexus of money, media and manipulation that is killing America.

3 thoughts on “A Crack in the Facade

  1. In all fairness, The SCOTUS, in “Citizens United,” didn’t mandate that the corporate “citizen” had to be a US one. And in today’s world of companies with a global reach, and headquarters in some conveniently low, or no, tax country, which companies are exclusively American anymore anyway?
    So, has that horrible SCOTUS decision set us up for a TRUE “Manchurian Candidate?” The possibility is there. Any number of countries could work out an agreement with a candidate, fund his/her run with government money funneled through some corporations, put PR firms to work on the hapless media, and voila! We have The US Presidency, bought and paid for by Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc., and brought to you by THe US Chamber of Commerce via Monsanto, BP, hell, even Erik Prince and Xe.
    So, all of you right-wing loons who are afraid of an international take-over of the US Government, you can direct your concerns to the conservative corporatists on the SCOTUS, put there by Reagan, Bush I and “Little Boot’s” Bush II. Remember to thank the last two Presidents especially. Oh, and don’t forget the conservative Senators you voted for who voted for them. You can thank the whole lot of them. And look in the mirror as well. YOU had a lot to do with it, too.
    “Say ‘Goodnight’ Gracie…”

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