Dots Connecting Themselves


Lee Fang, Think Progress: “US Chamber of Commerce Hosts Seminars With Chinese Government Officials to Teach American Firms How to Outsource.”

Related to above, and below, see Dana Milbank, “A Tea Party of Populist Posers

Kate Zernike, New York Times: “Secretive Republican Donors Are Planning Ahead

Related to above, by Lee Fang at Think Progress: “MEMO: Health Insurance, Banking, Oil Industries Met With Koch, Chamber, Glenn Beck To Plot 2010 Election

2 thoughts on “Dots Connecting Themselves

  1. What happened to Dana Milbank? He was such a reliable “Villager” for years, with only an occasional snarky comment. There’s going to be Hell to pay for some people. Apparently, they forgot to spike his Kool-Aid, and he’s out there on the loose telling the truth.
    I’m sure David Broder will pull him aside, and remind him which side of his canape the pate is on, and who keeps him in Moet and Beluga caviar.*

    *Actually, this may have already happened, or else the old equivalency habit is hard to break, since he mentioned Jeff Greene’s run for office on the Democratic side. Well, for once, though, it’s the truth, rather than somehing woven wholly out of George Wills toupe.

  2. Posted several of these myself on one of my own sites. Not hard to see how all of this connects – the government is being bought-and-paid-for by right-wing thugs.

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