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The New York Times has published another article on where the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is getting its money, and what the donors get in return.

On the other blog, I have a couple of posts up on the ol’ separation of church and state issue — “In Support of Separation of Church and State” and “Separation (of Church and State) Anxiety.”

Update: Justice Thomas’s former girlfriend says she believes Anita Hill. Ginny should’ve let sleeping (horn)dogs lie.

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  1. Anita Hill, to her credit, must have said to herself, “This MUST be a hoax! Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, could be f*cking stupid enough to bring this up after 19 years,” and called Security at the College.
    Anita Hill underestimated the capacity of the conservative mind to paint itself as the victim in any, and every, circumstance.
    Thank you, Virginia Thomas, for bringing this back up. She must have figured that Hill would listen, and erase the message from the wife of the man, now on the SCOTUS, who harassed her. Who wouldn’t, if they thought it was real? Why would Hill want to relive that part of her distinguised life, even if it meant embarassing the “Judge” and his wife. Ginny didn’t figure on Hill, a rational, thoughtful, and intelligent woman, thinking that Thomas wasn’t as dumb as a box of rocks, and half as empathetic.
    I’m wondering what’s next?
    Newt, calling a demanding an apology from his first wife for serving her the divorce papers as she lay in a hospital with uterine cancer? Or Newt, calling and demanding an apology from his second wife for looking for a divorce from him for banging his intern while impeaching Clinton for getting a hummer from his?
    I’m sure that this whole episode has an ulterior motive. Is it a book that Thomas is writing? Or, is it to elicit sympathy for all of the aggrieved Conservatives caught doing something stupid, illegal, or immoral. And that, brother and sisters, is one God-damned LONG list!

    • Anita Hill, to her credit, must have said to herself, “This MUST be a hoax! Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, could be f*cking stupid enough to bring this up after 19 years,” and called Security at the College.

      If she’s not writing a book and fishing for an “ending,” then she’s seriously mis-wired. Of course, both assumptions might be true.

  2. Chamber of Commerce money: Retired Justice Stevens recently said that our democracy was a mess and he didn’t see how injecting billions of dollars, anonymously, into election campaigns would ‘clean’ it up.

  3. But maha, Ginny “reached out” to Anita. To ask for an apology! She’s a true Christian soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is what these people have learned in the last decade – and Cheney is their hero and guide. Even after you shoot some poor old MFer in the face, don’t say sh*t, you make HIM apologize for his face getting in the way of your drunken shot.

    ‘Dear Ms. Hill,
    Are you ready to apologize for my husband making a pass at you, sexually harassing you, and, well I’m sure you know you’re responsible for the, uhm, little curly hair on that can of Coke that people like you and him have in your nether regions?
    I await your apology, without humility, or a hint of being humble.”
    Yours in Christ,
    Virginia Thomas
    Wife of Clarence Thomas – SCOTUS

    Never mind that Anita Hill would have been a MUCH better Supreme Court Justice than “Silent, Affirmative Action Clarence.”
    Judge Thomas would be the only person, who, if made into an action figure, when you pulled his string, wouldn’t say anything but “Whatever Scalia says!”
    Well, except maybe, “You got anything on your site there with broads with bigger asses and tit’s?”

  4. I think Ginny was simply hammered when she made that call. I’m sure she’s been mulling that question over in her mind for years and a few adult beverages later the call was placed, I mean what other explanation could there be?

  5. Well, with Clarence getting his mind all soaked up with kinky porn flicks I don’t think he’s gonna be content with a plain vanilla missionary position, Ginny probably needs a few stiff drink in order to cope With Clarence’s twisted appetite. “Break out the spurs and riding crop, momma, Daddy’s gonna ride it tonight!”

  6. I liked both of your posts on Freedom of Religion. You treated the subject without hostility to Christianity, inviting people to ‘what if’ in their own minds, the condition where Christianity IS the minority religion. Consider if your beliefs had underdog status, what would you want the rules to be then?? And apply those rules impartially now , as the founding fathers clearly intended.

    Not very long ago in NC, teachers wanted to be able to invite the local (Baptist) preacher to teach ‘ethics’. They figured it was legal if they didn’t call it religion and he wasn’t on the school payroll. Hypothetically, say it was allowed and a Wiccan High Priestess demanded equal time to teach her brand of ‘ethics’ – with some candle magic and tarot thrown in…. Imagine the outrage.

    Last thought – whenever a blurb on a candidate advocates ‘local’ control of education, I expect that’s code for teaching creationism instead of evolution and my blood boils at the deception- purposefully using code that evangelicals will understand but moderates won’t see for the religious bias contained.

  7. Seeing how Clarence got his appetite whetted and his mind saturated for the good action packed stuff I wonder how he can find contentment with the boring plain vanilla missionary stuff old Ginny has to offer?

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