Tea Party: We Do the Treading

Outside the Conway-Paul debate in Lexington last night a pack of Paul supporters surrounded a woman representing Moveon.org and, it appears, knocked her to the ground. Then one man held her down on the curb while another, who appears to be wearing a “don’t tread on me” hat, trod on her head and shoulders. TPM has the video.

The woman, Lauren Valle, was able to speak to reporters after the incident, but the thug easily could have broken her neck. She was very lucky to not be seriously harmed.

The Blue Bluegrass Blog has multiple photos of the guy holding Valle to the ground. He was wearing a “don’t tread on me” button.

In he video you can hear people say “call the police.” It’s not clear to me if they wanted to help Valle or have her arested. News stories say that the cops questioned her after the incident. Open season on liberals in Kentucky? Valle has filed an assault complaint, but as of the latest news stories no arrests have been made.

The Other McCain makes jokes and complains that righties get stepped on, too. I’m beginning to think conservatism may result from some kind of hormonal imbalance that keeps people in perpetual adolescence.

Let this also serve as a reminder that when teabaggers talk about “liberty,” they are really talking about license — to eliminate everyone they don’t like.

Update: Yes! All my expectations have come to pass — Jim “Hateway Pundit” (typo, but I’m leaving it in) Hoft writes:

Unhinged MoveOn.org Activist Tackled and Stepped On at Rand Paul Rally (Video)
Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 4:46 AM

Another day… Another unhinged leftist stalks and lunges at a Republican leader.

MoveOn.org contract employee Lauren Valle wasn’t counting on this reaction by Rand Paul supporters.

[photo of Valle being stepped on]

She was tackled and stepped on by Paul supporters. (TPM)

Look for the state-run media to make her into some kind of saint by the end of the day.
Here’s the video:

A MoveOn.org activist had her head stepped on after she tried to harass Rand Paul prior to his final debate on Monday. … Let’s hope Code Pink was watching.

The video shows what happened prior to the other video — the very petite Ms. Valle being manhandled, literally, and shoved to the ground. Notice at the end someone gestures to the guy doing the stomping and persuades him to stop. He could easily have snapped Valle’s neck. And Hoft thinks this was a good thing. Unbelievable.

And get the comments:

Aside from a foot being placed on her head, I see no other way to tell these crazies that they aren’t wanted. They aren’t reasonable so they cannot be handled reasonably. This picture is exactly what the media is out for. It was probably necessary, but very unfortunate. George Soros probably wee-wee’d in his Depends when he got this.

It is on the news but the left out the first part, that she was attacking Paul. They are making her sound like Lady Fauntleroy.

It is about time that people starting putting the hate-America first left to the ground where they belong. These scumbags have done everything they can to destroy this nation and cover for their fellow debris in office. They all need to be put to the floor and made to stay there.

Has someone told the Catholic Church that a rabid hate site (First Things is a Catholic site) is operating in its name?

For the record, not all of the comments supported the stomping.

21 thoughts on “Tea Party: We Do the Treading

  1. I was the person saying “call the police”. I was saying it because a woman had been dragged to the ground, held, and had her head stomped for her political views.

    I wanted the police to come and get the information identifying her attackers, and I didn’t want the situation to escalate.

  2. We, as a nation, are heading towards ‘treading’ on some pretty dangerous
    I know I’m not supposed to make the comparison, but these kinds of things remind me of SA tactics – brown shirts are optional, while tri-corner hats make a nice accessory.
    Fortunately, as yet, these people are leaderless, in that they don’t have ONE person to join together behind. The leaders, such as they are, are scattershot around the country. But if there is someone out there unscrupulous enough to take advantage of unifying these ignorant fools, we are not far from ‘mob rule’ in politics. And something tells me that the line at the ‘unscrupulous counter’ will start to form soon, and it won’t be a short one. I don’t know, but Newt, Sarah and Ralph Reed come to mind. They all know they have limited electability, at best, if they run for President in the traditional way. I’m afraid they may start to think ‘out-of-the-box.’ I’m sure there are other, younger authoritarians, ready to grab the lead as well.
    I hope I’m worried over nothing. But, I’m afraid, we humans have been down this road before. Many times. And that road ain’t paved with the best of intentions…

  3. Bob,
    Wow! Can you give us some more details about the crowds reaction, before and after what happened?

  4. I’m beginning to think conservatism may result from some kind of hormonal imbalance that keeps people in perpetual adolescence.

    Really? “Beginning”?

  5. How long before the ‘KKKeyboard KKKomando’s’ of the right insist that the libtard, lamestream media has it all wrong again, and that it was the womans jack-booted face grinding UP on that poor mans sneaker?

    • How long before the ‘KKKeyboard KKKomando’s’ of the right insist that the libtard, lamestream media has it all wrong again, and that it was the womans jack-booted face grinding UP on that poor mans sneaker?

      Oh, it didn’t take ’em long at all.

  6. Treading on someone while wearing a “don’t tread on me” button? As I have long contended, the hypocrisy of the Right is absolute.

  7. “They all need to be put to the floor and made to stay there”

    Wow that sounds like a lethal threat to me, how do you put one down and make them stay? There was a teabagger gathering next to my mom’s house the other day, my mom sat out on her deck and listened to the bull horn, she said it was the usual rhetoric about socialism and how Obama is taxing us to death. My 75 year old life long conservative mom ask me “where do these folks get their information, I thought Obama gave us all a tax cut in the stimulus”. I told her she needs to start watching FAUX news if she wants to understand what makes a teabagger a teabagger.

  8. cundgulag – You may not supposed to but Goebbels from the beginning accused Germany’s ethnic and national minorities (Jews, Poles and French) of trying to destroy Germany. And we know where that led.

  9. Wonder if ms Valle will have to serve along sentence in jail for doing what she did to that poor teabaggger. Whats the max for grinding up somebody’s boots with your face? If its the death penalty, she certainly dserves it.

  10. Just think what its going to be like when they learn that they haven’t taken back the house or the senate. and they aint.

  11. My question is, are there elements of Rand Paul’s politics which naturally attracted Profitt and Pezzano? Something for Kentucky voters to think about.

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  13. Well it is not new in American politics just as voter intimidation and supression goes back to the founding. I would guess it is a civil rights violation so maybe the Feds can get involved if the local judiciary is asked to look the other way. I guess I do not understand why no one came to her defense. Was everyone else outside the debate forum a Rand Paul supporter? Or are folks in Kentucky just into stomping women regardless of political persuasion?

  14. Is it just me or is the whole “blame America first” saying just plain mean? I don’t think its “blaming” America (or any other person or institution) to point out some areas where it could improve… like most things conservatives do or say, it is clearly meant to pull us apart and not bring us together…

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