Miss Lucy Memorial Fund Update

I’m hearing that the PayPal button in the previous post is not working for some people. I’m frantically looking for an alternative way to receive online donations, but haven’t found one. PayPal has pretty much cornered that market, I believe. However, a donation does come through occasionally, which makes me think either the problem was temporary or might be fixed by trying a different browser, or something. If you’re still having trouble, please add to the comments to this post and I will complain to PayPal.

Also, if you try to use the donation button and somehow cannot, please describe what happened so I can explain this to the PayPal techies.

8 thoughts on “Miss Lucy Memorial Fund Update

  1. PayPal worked for me just now, so the link or button or whatever-it-is (technical term) seems to be working.

    I’ll drop off a donation at our local shelter today in her memory, too.

  2. Tried. Crashed when I tried to change payment method. (Default is bank; I never use that, so always have to change). This is the message PP gave me:

    The pleasure of your company is considerable and long lasting. Will try again later.

  3. Barbara, right now none of your donate buttons is working for me. I get a message to go back and try again, but the same thing keeps happening.

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