6 thoughts on “The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform

  1. Seriously? If they were serious and balanced, they’d be talking about moving the marginal tax rate to where it was when Ike was Prez. And they’d take every one of those Wall Street Billionaires.

    And they’d recommend closing loop holes that allow a corp like Exxon to have a net profit of $23 billion and not only pay no takes but get a gov’t payment of $156 million.

    Anybody that makes more that $5 million should be taxed at 90% for all over $5 mil.

    That goes for all those high paid ball players, like A-Rod and Manning and TV people like KO and Beck.

  2. Wow, what a coincidence! The commission is recommending eliminating 3 billion dollars a year in farm subsidies when we are spending exactly that same amount on military aid to Israel. I got an idea on how we can save twice the amount of the farm subsidies..no, on second thought that idea won’t work because it involves touching a sacred cow.. I guess it’s better to just cut the savings from social security and medicare. Old people are just going to die anyway so why waste money on them when we can invest it in bombs, bullets, and boots for the IDF.

  3. After all of this time, this is the best these clowns could come up with?
    They’d have been better off saying the dog ate their homework.
    What a joke! Except I’m not laughing…

  4. I’d been actively ignoring this clown show, so I’m a bit out of the loop. Was that really Alan Simpson’s fugly mug I saw amongst the commission? I thought Nina Totenberg staked that vampire 19 years ago. Count Simpula rose again?

  5. It’s too bad that Matthau and Lemmon aren’t around any longer. I could see a new movie, “Grumpy Old Men Meet ‘The Grumpinator.'” In it, the two find out that in the world of grumpiness and rudeness, they’re like a couple of pollyanna Cub Scouts when compared to a true warrior in the ‘Army of, Hey you kids! Get off my f***ing lawn!’, Field Marshall Herr Alan “Von” Simpson.
    And you gotta love Herr Simpson, the son of a US Senator, himself a Senator, and his son a politcian. Three generations of Simpsons have avoided ‘honest work’ to ‘not serve’ the public, but essentially themselves – with Life, Liberty, Freedom, the pursuit of happiness, free health care, and a nice retirement package for all! Something they all work like Hell to deny everyone else.
    Not enough bad things can happen to Herr Simpson. But I guess I can’t wish anything worse than what he has on a man who has suffered from dementia for most of his adult life. Truly, a man with a gnarled, wrinkled and rotted soul…

  6. Go back in the last century for the ‘best’ decades according to middle-class measurements – when have the most people moved from poverty to ‘The American Dream’. Odds are if you know anything about history, you will pick the decades after the Great Depression – post WWII.

    And what was the tax rate for the top tier in the 20 years following the end of the Great War? The top bracket paid 94 %. And for most of the 2 ‘best’ decades of the last century – the deficit (as a percent of GDP) was higher than it is now.

    The fact is – the ‘socialism’ of the New Deal WORKED. and a new New Deal is needed. But the general population blamed the fat cats after Wall Street crashed and today the general population blames the government. We are screwed until that perception changes.

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