Sighted: Dems With Spines

If only they could be cloned. Four House Dems — Joseph Crowley of New York, Linda T. Sanchez of California, Donna Edwards of Maryland and Tim Ryan of Ohio — sent an open letter to Republicans in Congress asking which of them would forgo their congressional health benefits:

“If your conference wants to deny millions of Americans affordable health care, your members should walk that walk,” four Democrats write in the letter, which is addressed to Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell and House Republican leader John Boehner. “You cannot enroll in the very kind of coverage that you want for yourselves, and then turn around and deny it to Americans who don’t happen to be Members of Congress.” …

…In their letter, the Democrats write they were “surprised” to see [flaming hypocrite Andy] Harris complain that “there is a delay before benefits take effect. Ironically, this is the same predicament millions of Americans currently find themselves in.”

“We also find it interesting that members of the Republican conference would have no problem taking away health coverage from hard-working Americans, but expect expanded coverage for themselves and their families,” they add, writing that the health care reform bill gives Americans the option of selecting a plan in a manner similar to members of Congress.

A little more of that, please.

16 thoughts on “Sighted: Dems With Spines

  1. Dems are pitiful. This should have been done at the time health care was being discussed. It should have been hammered day in/day out: Whats good enough for you, its good enough for people who pay you.

    It wouldnt matter, media is going to get some talking points from repubs and publish them as is to counter it.

  2. Joe Crowley is my Congresscritter. On the whole he is pretty good… he did vote for the last bankruptcy bill, though.

  3. My Congressman, John Boccieri, was replaced by a lying Tea Party darling — I am sad because a bunch of us worked soooooo hard to keep him. Tim Ryan has the district NE of mine — they are so blessed to have him. I can never figure out why a blue collar steel town like ours keeps electing GOP reps. I guess it makes sense if you want it to but I don’t. I don’t care if Attila the Hun runs for the Dems in two years, I’ll campaign for him against the guy who ran against John.

  4. A lot more of THAT please! EVERY DAY!!!
    And now, since Kyl did the usual Consevative Tango on START, where he flirts and dances with Democrats, only to go home with the tattood white supremecist biker ‘who brung ‘im,’ can we start to replay the famous “Daisy” ad in every Republican Senators state?

  5. Is it wrong for a Buddhist to take the Christmas holiday, or should he come in to work anyway while everyone else is gone? Or is it hypocritical for a British citizen working in the U.S. to take Independence Day off the job?

    Of course not; they are merely operating according to the current rules, even if they think the rules could be greatly improved.

    We have a state-run lottery which provides college scholarships. I think it is wrong for a state to be in the lottery business; I also think the gambling is very destructive to poor families. I would vote for the discontinuation of both the lottery and the scholarships. While both are in effect, though, I have my college-age children take full advantage of the scholarship – and I do not feel the least bit bad about it. It is the current law.

    I think the federal income tax code is a travesty, and almost every portion past page number 10 is probably a concession to some special interest group that should be discontinued. I take, nevertheless, the deduction for mortgage interest and any other legal deduction I can determine. I do not feel bad about it. It is the law.

    There is nothing wrong with a representative taking every benefit he can personally get out of “ObamaCare” or any other stupid federal entitlement while working with all his might to repeal it. There is nothing wrong with a state squeezing every dollar it can get out of the federal budget, while its representatives are actively working to cut such “benefits”. One must do the best he can under bad law, even while working for better law. Only when he encounters disobedience to higher law should he deliberately break a bad law, with full awareness of the possible consequences.

    Slaves know that slavery is wrong, but will eat the master’s food while planning their escapes. After all, they more than earned it.

    • MKS — you missed the point by several thousand miles, but I regret I don’t have time today to argue with you. Maybe one of the other regulars will do so.

      I just want to know whether you oppose employee benefit health insurance per se, or oppose it only when the federal government is the employer?

  6. Regarding right-wing hypocrisy: it’s not a bug. It’s not a feature. It’s the operating system.

  7. paradoctor,
    I thought the operating system was ATPL – ‘Anything That Pisses-off Liberals,’ updated daily.

  8. c u n d gulag:
    ATPL is a program that runs on the Hypocrisy operating system. But Hypocrisy also supports many other processes, such as Opportunism, Fanaticism, Victimism/Aggression, Corporate Greed, and the ever-popular Double Standard.

  9. paradoctor,
    Oh, now I get it. The language behind all of it is CO-BULL! Short for what you think it’s short for…

  10. That is correct. ATPL, Fanaticism, etc run on Hypocrisy, which is written in CO-BULL. So write your virus in CO-BULL if you want to crash the system. For more details, consult experienced hackers such as Stewart and Colbert.

  11. MKS – Just a question. As a soldier employed by Hitler’s Third Reich, would you have captured and sent Jews to death camps? After all, it was the law.

  12. There is nothing wrong with a representative taking every benefit he can personally get out of “ObamaCare” or any other stupid federal entitlement while working with all his might to repeal it.

    You gave yourself away, Butthead MKS! Aside from that, your argument is totally lame. Eating the master’s food? How can you make an analogy from two different dimensions?

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