While I Was Out

So I step out for a bit, and I see Nancy Pelosi will be minority leader in the next House and Lisa Murkowski is relected to the Senate from Sarah Palin’s Alaska®. Congressional Republicans refuse to meet with President Obama because they are still pissed at him for accepting their invitation to their retreat last January. And Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) has flushed national security and weakened America’s position vis à vis Iran, Afghanistan, and most of the rest of the world, down the toilet, for no apparent reason. Anything else?

6 thoughts on “While I Was Out

  1. Well, maha, yes.
    Apparently, when someone from Alaska, who may be a classmate of one of the Palin childen, commented that Sarah’s TLC show was kind of lame, one of the Palin children, I’m not sure which one it was, Willow, Pillow, Bristol, Crystal, Diamond, Sapphire, Play-Doh, Lego, Twig, Trig, Wig, Big, Dig, Fig, ‘Not a Nig,’ Winkin’, Blinkin’ or Nod, responded that that young male was a “faggot.” Sarah quickly explained that this was a complement, and that Moses’ burning bush was made up of ‘faggot’s.’
    And, after the demonization of Amy Carter and Chelsea Clinton – those DFH, canine, dyke, look-a-likes, no one wants to hold the Palin spawn to account for twitter-twatting something really stupid. And rightfully so. I’m glad to say that we no longer hold the children of politicians to derision – until one of the Obama daughters makes a childish mistake. Then, righfully, and I mean “RIGHT”fully, there’ll be Hell to pay.

  2. @Chief,

    You must be kidding. Conservatism has no cure. She will do exactly what she has been doing so far. GOP will give her the committee assignments she wants and make her feel that she never left.

  3. “for no apparent reason. ”

    The GOP will kill a good arms treaty rather then let an Obama score go on the board.

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