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The State of the UnionWhile you’re waiting for the SOTU — or if you’re bored with the SOTU — here’s something else to talk about.

Antonin Scalia’s Constitution School is not following the script. Apparently the House organizers wanted Scalia to tell them that earmarks are unconstitutional, and he shot that idea down. See also “Scalia Slaps Down GOP’s Tentherism.”

Now-defunct Bear Stearns has been accused of flagrantly cheating its clients through mortgage securities. See also “E-mails Suggest Bear Stearns Cheated Clients Out of Billions.”

15 thoughts on “State of the Union — Comment Away

  1. Ryan is doing a good job of repeating a bunch of Republican platitudes, but, typically, is not actually doing more than make assertions, without any kind of supporting evidence. What if I don’t actually think limited government is the panacea he thinks it is? It just is, is all.

    Whoa, he just somehow defended eliminating regulation and “free enterprise” by accusing “Washington and Wall Street” of screwing up…my mind boggled. I’ll have to look at a transcript. As if a deregulated Wall Street wasn’t the epitome of what the deregulators and “free enterprisers” have been trying for for decades.

    Ryan was making absolutely no effort to win over anyone outside his own party.

  2. I watched Obama, but listened to Ryan, and then Bachmann.
    Obama looked great. And isn’t it wonderful to have a President who not only sounds good, but is intelligent enough to understands what he’s reading?
    Ryan talked about his 3 kids, acting as if Obama didn’t care about his own 2 daughters. Not inspiring – at least not to me.
    And, the best for last – Michele Bachmann, giving her Teabaggers SFTO – State From the “O”nion – because that’s who it seems as if wrote her speech.
    She sounded like a well meaning, enthusiastic, but not at all bright 7th grader whose turn it is to do an oral report, and wants to impress the handsome and conservative US History and Government teacher who she’s got a crush on, and has filled her notebook with hearts with his name and hers, instead of actually paying attention, and is up there with a few words written on both hands and her jeans, hoping, like, that he, like, smiles at her at the end, because, like, he’s sooooooo dreamy when he smiles, gives her an “A+++++,” and will sweep her off her feet, and, like, talk about waiting to have sex until they’re married, like, because he respects her and the promise she’s made to her Dad, like who’s now no longer the love of her life because, like, he is… Sigh…
    Here comes her grade:
    “What, a ‘D!’ I thought you LIKED me? I hate you! I hate you!! I HATE YOU!!!”

    Michele Bachmann: our ‘go-to’gal coming off the bench for when it’s fourth down and goal at the 1 yard line, time’s running out, and the regular’s haven’t given the kind of crazy that gets your team that touchdown.
    What a dope, what a maroon.

    BTW: Great Boner comments above, guys. LOL!

  3. I missed the proceedings. Did anyone yell anything like last time? With the House “Now 20 Percent More Batsh*t!” I would’ve expected it.

    Gulag, Michele’s “hunky” teacher’s name was Dubya. iirc, it was she who quite literally made out with him on camera at one of his SOTUs. *shudder*

  4. I see Bachmann sprinkled in a little flag raising on Mt. Suribachi in her Tea Party rebuttal. I don’t know what that has to do with our deficits but it’s a nice touch never the less.

  5. It bothers me that NPR this morning spent more time on Bachmann than anyone else, with the same sound bite. Why give her any air time at all? They only picked one soundbite for Obama, too, the one about sitting together not being enough, blah, blah, blah. Do the people at NPR not get paid enough to do more than one soundbite per hour-long speech?

  6. Just when it seems that the craziness has to bottom out and the BS can’t get any deeper, some teabagger bumps it up a notch. When I see Michele Bachmann a little alarm goes off in my head and I hope that her medications are up to date. Some other people see her and instead of a vacuous, psychotic stare, they see the face of penetrating wisdom. It takes all kinds to make a world. I wonder how many bizarros it took to make Bizarro World.

    As they used to say, “The circus is in town.” or:

    “Doomed, doomed, we’re all doomed.”

    – Maynard G. Krebs

  7. Did I hear that Scalia, Alito and Thomas, apparently staging some sort of protest, refused to attend the SOTU speech last night? Aren’t those unholy three the ones who complain most loudly that judges should be politically neutral?

    Which brings me to the rampant, all-pervasive, disconnect these days between what politicians say, profess to believe, and what they actually do and support when in office or even how they conduct their private lives. And, they seem to actually believe their own lies which boils down to this country is being run by a bunch of pathological liars.

    goatherd hopes Bachmann’s medications are up to date. I suggest that she’s at the point where a psychiatrist would rule that medications wouldn’t do any good.

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