Remember the hysterical news stories generated by by Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post about the “union thugs” who deliberately sabotaged snow removal in New York City? And how I voiced skepticism at the time because the one and only source on this story was one city councilman from Queens?

Well, the claim is being investigated by the city, the state, and the feds, and so far no corroboration has been found.

The New York Daily News:

A local newspaper, whose name rhymes with toast, made front-page gospel out of Halloran’s account. He became a media sensation, retelling his story on CBS, CNN and Fox. Newspapers as far away as Sydney reported that sanitation workers had dogged their responsibilities.

It was noted that ambulances had been delayed and deaths had occurred. Halloran did not disagree when a TV interviewer finished a request for details with, “I mean, we lost a child.”

Quicker than you can say manslaughter, the Brooklyn U.S. attorney convened a grand jury.

And – wouldn’t you know it? – the transportation supervisors may not be corroborating Halloran’s account.

And – wouldn’t you know it? – he shifted to saying that maybe the workers had just subtly gotten the message that they shouldn’t try too hard.

And – wouldn’t you know it? – he is trying to evade having to tell the grand jury the names of his supposed sanit sources.

Halloran claims, preposterously, that they spoke to him under attorney-client privilege. Last we heard, the privilege doesn’t apply to the names of clients.

He may not be able to wiggle out of this gracefully. Heh. BTW, the only recent mention of this story I could find in the New York Post was buried deep in a wire service story about recent snowfall. I couldn’t find any mention of the story on the Fox News site since their January 4 story about the federal probe.

9 thoughts on “Snowed

  1. Wow! What a surprise!!!
    If you took out all of the lies, the ‘snow-jobs,’ and the propaganda in the NY Post, you might have a two-sheeter.
    The horse races.
    And ads for escort sevices.
    Scratch that last one. I’ve never called or used one, but they probably fit right in with the lies, etc.
    Horoscopes are by far more grounded in reality than the anything at all in the NY Post. So, that would be the 2nd page.
    If I got a free copy of it, I wouldn’t use it to wrap a dead fish. It would be an insult to the intelligence of the poor dead fish. And I’d never let my good yellowtail touch that yellow journalistic rag, it pollutes anything it touches.
    I might use it to start a fire in my fireplace. But, I don’t have one. So please don’t give me a copy.

    BTW – That councilman ought to be prosecuted, lose his seat, and be sued by the unions for defamation – and lose his pension and benefits. Maybe that’ll learn ’em!

  2. Maha, I followed one of your links to the Village Voice web site, and from there another link to a story about Dan Halloran’s peculiar brand of religion (Heathen). It was fascinating:

    GRAND OL’ PAGAN: What Does the Republican ‘Heathen’ Running for New York’s City Council Actually Believe?

    Religion shouldn’t matter, except for the disturbing connection between the Heathens and White supremacists (the article goes into some detail about that). It’s not something I was aware of – I assumed that all wingnuts are Christians, so I’ve been enlightened.

  3. Maha – most pagans are not Heathens, which must be some weird sect. Not all pagans are Wiccans (witches/warlocks) but Wiccans are pagan and are peaceful and would not be white supremacists for anything. In our country, most wingnuts do seem to be Christian, although there are other wingnuts in other religions, of course.

  4. A key sentence from the Village Voice link:

    Halloran and his fellow travelers are more properly thought of as “heathens,” not pagans, and the tribal customs they ascribe to are heavy on hierarchy and tradition.

    Apparently Halloran is an “Odinist,” which as described in the article reeks of Third Reich overtones. Definitely no relation to Wiccans, or any of the nature-centered pagans I’ve met.

    I do have to wonder how well Halloran gets along with his fellow conservative Republicans. Maybe in NYC they’re not so fundy-churchy?

  5. I didn’t follow the Halloran campaign but I do remember hearing a little bit about his not being Christian. I guess his being a conservative idiot was enough for his district, though.

  6. Joan,
    Oh, he was an “Odinist!’
    And here I was wondering what an ‘Onanist’ was doing jerking the public off via the NY Post?

  7. Snow removal in NYC used to be done by “Biff” Halloran. New Yorkers of a certain age will remember purple cement mixers with polka-dots. And snow blades. He went to prison in a check kiting scandal. He also owned the Halloran House (birthplace of Eamon De Valera when it was the site of the New York Foundling Hospital). The name of the cement business was the Conduit and Foundation Corporation.

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