26 thoughts on “Why I Despair for Our Species

  1. Wow. He calls those of us who understand science, pinheads? Bill needs to watch Discovery Science for few months to answer all of his questions.

  2. Still looking for the little man behind the curtain…adjusting all the dials and levers just so.

    Well Bill,. infinity is very big…probably big enough for one of everything that can be imagined, Out of all infinity it would be unlikely that there were not planets like earth with suns. Scour the infinite universe and then come back and tell us how there’s any more of less divine guidance in one place than another.

    How he thinks he knows anything is beyond me. It’s even more astounding that anyone would listen to him.

  3. Despair for the human species? Why follow the lemmings when you can turn yourselves into cephalopods, birds, and small mammals. Besides, in 100,000 years from now, cephalopods will be farm-raising human beings.

  4. The rationale – “How did it all get here?’ suggests a supreme being. OK.

    Think about it. That we exist ‘proves’ a superior being must have made it happen.

    Assume the existence of a Supreme Being. What brought ‘GOD’ into being. If our existence implies ‘GOD’, then God’s existence implies something made Him(or HER, which seems more likely.) It’s the logical extension of the same reasoning – which disproves the rationale…

    As a matter of choice, I believe in a Supreme Being. I don’t ask others to share my view. It’s a choice – a way of explaining my place in the universe.

  5. “The moon. How did it get there. And who made the cheese? Answer that, you pinheads. Who made the cheese?!?!”
    Watching Billo here just reaffirms my believe in evolution.
    Because I can see the reverse, de-evolution, happening right before mey eyes.
    Whatever goes up, must come down.

    I loved my years at Marist College. But, since Bill also graduated from there, a few years before I even started, I think I may send my diploma back.
    No, on 2nd thought, I’ll attribute the difference between me and him as the college having grown more secular between the time he left, and I started.

    He did mention amoeba, so maybe there’s some hope?
    No, never mind. Forget I even said that. He’s an ignorant putz.

  6. Oh noez! Apparently nsfw, as my System Administrator calls this clip “Forbidden”! Way too stupid, I gather.

    btw, wasn’t a loofah (“falafel” in Billspeak) once a living sea creature? Bet he didn’t know that either!

  7. He is preaching to the choir.
    FOX has found a winning recipe; two parts nationalism, one part militant Christianity,one part blind ignorance; add a dash of fear, then whip vigorously and often. Issue FOX “alerts”; keep the viewers thinking they’re part of an exclusive “club”. Use attractive women to deliver “news”, and use men with “special insight” and esoteric “sources” to project opinion and gin up hate.
    It IS working.
    I have been visiting a “conservative” site lately, and dropping comments that are polite, yet critical. The result has been threats of hanging (along with Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the communist and socialist scum), when “we take our country back”, and deportation (to of all places), Russia.
    Some, to be sure, are 60 something keyboard warriors at best, but others are armed and dangerous mentally “fragile” people who have been fired up and may do some bad things.
    Beck and Limbaugh are the persons quoted most at that site.
    I wonder what responsibility they will hold if things turn bad, that “accountability” thingie the right always preaches..

  8. Oh noez! Apparently nsfw, as my System Administrator calls this clip “Forbidden”! Way too stupid, I gather.

    Bill seems to think that the origins of the moon and sun are a complete mystery that science cannot explain. He also seems to think that only the earth has a moon and sun, and the other planets are just kind of wandering around somewhere in the dark.

  9. OK, pinheads, what about a thermos”
    It keeps hot things hot.
    It keeps cold things cold.
    How does it know?
    Answer me that you pinheads!

  10. Thank you, gulag, that made me laugh.

    The interesting theological question raised by that clip for me is, why would a loving God create something as stupid and toxic as Bill-o? I guess that would be one of those “the Lord works in mysterious ways” kinda deals?

    • why would a loving God create something as stupid and toxic as Bill-o?

      Bill-o is proof that God has a sick sense of humor.

  11. Mars and Venus do have the earth’s sun and moon. The only thing that is different according to Bill-o’s profound question is the relative positioning of the viewer. No matter where in the universe you go, the earth’s sun and moon will always be where they are in relation to the rest of the universe.

  12. “btw, wasn’t a loofah (“falafel” in Billspeak) once a living sea creature? Bet he didn’t know that either!”

    Loofah is actually a plant, and falafel is made from plants, so I can see how he got the two confused. /snark

    I despair for our species not because there is a Bill O’Reilly, but because he has an audience.

  13. Gulag, the Thermos’s ability to keep its contents hot or cold as needed is the responsibility of St. Fahrenheit, patron saint of Appropriate Temperatures. Interestingly, he shares a birthday with Al Gore. Lately, though, he has been absent from his duties. Earlier this week, a crew from TMZ spotted St. Fahrenheit at the gaming tables of Monte Carlo. He is becoming old and forgetful, but retains his love for games of chance.

  14. I watch a lot of astronomy shows on cable, and it’s through them and other things that I have a lot of hope for our species. I mean, when your robot, having travelled billions of miles to get there, can transmit pictures back from the surface of Saturn’s moon Titan, or your robot wandering on the surface of Mars is transmitting awe-inspiring video of the sun setting on Mars – these are mind blowing achievements, that make microscopic minds like Billo’s with his medieval chirpings seem like the archaic speck of dust it truly is.

    You can either look down, focusing on the petty antics of the knuckledragging crowd and get depressed – and for the life of me I don’t understand why you choose this route – or you can look up and forward, at the great achievements of the day, or at the people who offer the most insight into where we’re at and where we’re going, and get busy with it (hint: these won’t be found within a thousand miles of the knuckledraggers). You can have a downer or an upper, it’s your choice.

    It’s an understatement to say that these are momentous times. While I’m optimistic for our species, I am realistic enough to expect that quite a bit of blood will be shed as we transition out from what the bible and other traditions call “the end of the age” (yes I am conversant with the bible but don’t view it the way the medievalists do). As the Hopi say, there will be a period of purification. The earth has a fever and will be throwing off its sickness, which is our current way of life. You can either adapt to this, or get fluffed off with the crowd who can’t or won’t read the signs. And I don’t have a moment to waste with professional idiots like Billo or any of his amateur level followers.

  15. “Crooks and Liars” has the Colbert report treatment of this. Poopyman has provided a link. It is pretty clever.

    If we could bring Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman and Stephen Jay Gould back from the dead and give them a year or two to explain to Bill O’Rielly “how it got there”. I don’t think they could make him understand.

  16. Carl Sagan said that life came from the primordial soup…I don’t Bill is going to buy that one because it’s a major diss to his Jesus (the man upstairs).

  17. joan,

    But you know, in the Russian Orthodox Church, he’s known as St. Celsius.
    We feel his presence in every bottle of vodka that goes into the freezer, and never bursts like beer or wine.
    Dai Boje, Svyatoy Celsius!

  18. You can either look down, focusing on the petty antics of the knuckledragging crowd and get depressed – or you can look up and forward

    Good point, I couldn’t make it without cursing. Or you could sit in the beautiful Light!

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