12 thoughts on “Victory in Indiana

  1. Teabeggers? Somehow, I think this is unintentionally accurate! Some of the tea partiers are itching for a destructive confrontation.

  2. Deputy attorney general is now the former deputy attorney general. Kudos to wiser heads in Indiana.

    Meanwhile, Rick Santorum takes a brave stand in defense of the Crusades.

  3. For fun (?), I went to look at the webpage of Cox, the assistant AG who was terminated. It had been removed.

    I’m sure Cox is going to become a real martyr for the right now that Mother Jones, that hotbed of socialist insanity, has made him lose his job. Just watch, he’ll be running for office soon. Mark my words!

  4. These counter protesting Teabagging imbeciles see themselve as like the ones in Egypt and Libya.
    Except that they’re armed idiots who think they’re for good, but who are really rubes and fools for the powers that be.

    I hope no one gets hurt in GA. Even the armed tools of the Koch Brothers and their friends.

  5. I donno, maybe I need to cut back on the happy juice, but there is something about what’s going on in Wisconsin, and in other parts of the country, that is starting to make me feel really good.

    Mostly, I guess, it’s because up until now the Corporatists have been highly successful at pitting conservatives (patriotic, god-fearing, staunch defenders of home and hearth) against progressives ( terrorist-loving, America-hating, buncha anti-gun weenies). But now that Wallker’s gone into the union busting business, he has tossed a spanner into that well-heeled machine. Although it is true that labor unions largely support Democratic candidates, the same cannot be said for the individual members, many of whom happen to be Republicans (who also recognize union busting when they see it).

    IMO divide and conquor only works when the population is fairly equally divided against itself. When you wind up with more “Enemies of the State” than you have allies, that tactic can turn into a big oops.

  6. Conservatives are such colossal hypocrites. They shout about their First Amendment rights; but, the minute a liberal or someone from the middle voices their opinions using these same First Amendment rights, they want to kill us. What is wrong with this picture . . .

    I guess the U.S. Constitution applies only to them–NOT to ALL Americans.

  7. Don’t usually post so quickly again; but, I just had a thought. I think we need a Country-wide showing of the movie, “Norma Rae”. Maybe that would remind people of the need for Unions.

  8. I came across Solidarity Wisconsin, looks like it could be a focal point for info out of Madison. Some links on how to donate to the cause. Amy Goodman will be broadcasting from Madison shortly. And this lovely note:

    There is no doubt that a general strike will take place in Wisconsin, and needs to take place, if Governor Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans in the State Legislature pass a bill to remove collective bargaining for state and public employees.

    We can hope that matters are not forced into this direction, but if they come to the point where it is required, than the people of Wisconsin will need to face their moment of making a real choice and a real difference.

    I’ve seen some mention of the proposed power plant deal in a Milwaukee paper, but it seems like over 95% of the attention is on the union kefluffle.

  9. Moonbat, I kinda think Walker’s getting Kohl-cocked by that prank phone call is going to focus considerably more attention on that proposed power plant portion of the bill. At least, I’m sure hoping.

  10. I wish that fake Koch brother had asked about the plants on the call, asking if he and his brother would be part of any deal.
    That might have made the call even more interesting. And if Walker had agreed, made him look corrupt, and possibly even be subject to some sort of legal action – though I don’t know legally if you could do something based on a prank call.

    Also, I think Walker’s going to have a tough time at the next Governors meetings. I can see other Gov’s calling his hotel room posing as the other Koch brother, or George Soros pretending to switch sides. Maybe even John Galt asking for a piece of the railroad action in the state.

  11. It’s probably a good thing that the freepers don’t understand irony. Otherwise, the thought of intimidating peaceful protester with guns while calling them “thugs” would surely their heads explode. And on a related note, I think I need to either stop paying attention to politics or stop buying irony meters. They keep breaking.

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