A Good Day for Labor

Big rallies across the country today, and the biggest crowd in Madison yet, in spite of a snowstorm. I understand the Republicans are going to try to close the statehouse tomorrow afternoon, which may bring things to a head.

The Right is still trying to make the story about union goons. They’re promoting a video that allegedly shows protesters disrespecting a war memorial. I say allegedly, because I found it to be a brilliant illustration of the “greater asshole” rule, and the people making the video definitely come across as the greater assholes. The “evil raging leftists” have the patience and forbearance of saints; I would have been a lot snarkier. You can watch it at Moderate Voice.

Stuff to read:

The Wisconsin Lie Exposed – Taxpayers Actually Contribute Nothing To Public Employee Pensions” by Rick Ungar. See also “A Clarification on Public Workers” by Paul Krugman.

The View From Inside the Wisconsin State Capitol

Must read:Scott Walker’s Ruthless Ambition” by John Gardner.

8 thoughts on “A Good Day for Labor

  1. In Madison yesterday for the fifth time. I thought it was bigger than the crowd the Saturday before, and that has been confirmed. If Walker thought we were going away, he was wrong. Excellent link to the article on Walker’s ambition. He’s all in on the collective bargaining and absolutely cannot back down. It’s his ticket to the White House. To think of him as presidential timber is a joke. He has always been an opportunist being elected in his first two offices in special elections and then to governor when I think trained monkey with R’s after their names could get elected. The best sign I saw in Madison yesterday said, “This is what happens with low voter turnout”. Exactly right. Polls showed before the November election that if 50% turnout, republicans win. If 55% turnout, dems win. Unfortunately it was the former.

    • Excellent link to the article on Walker’s ambition. He’s all in on the collective bargaining and absolutely cannot back down. It’s his ticket to the White House.

      Walker is incompetent, corrupt, and ruthlessly ambitious. Definitely a player for the 2012 GOP nomination.

  2. buckyblue,
    Thank you for standing with the workers. I admire your efforts, and the efforts of the other people who are there.

    I think Malkin and rest of her ilk are hoping and praying that Walker brings out the National Guard. And not with rubber bullet’s, but live ammo.
    And then they hope there’s some conservative band out there that can do for Madison what CSN&Y did for Kent State. With the song from the counter-protester’s view:
    ‘Hey, stop, what’s that sound?
    Us laughing as the union thugs and goons go down…’

  3. Buckyblue..We’re with you in spirit and hoping that you prevail against the forces of ignorance and Walker’s blind ambition. It’s a frightening prospect to realize what the true costs to our nation will be if Walker succeeds in his political ploy. I’m heartened to see that the battle before you has expanded to outside borders of Wisconsin by a show of solidarity from unions nation wide, and that the true nature of Walker’s political deception to eliminate collective bargaining is coming to the light. Hang in there and fight the good fight.. our hearts and hopes are with you!

    Jon Stewart put it rather succinctly. If you take away collective bargaining all you’ll have is a bunch of people with matching tee shirts.

  4. Thanks all for your words of encouragement. The big day here in Cheeseland is Tuesday when Walker reveals his budget for the next two years. You’ll really see the shit hit the fan at that point. That’s when we’ll see how many teachers are going to need to be laid off, how many cops and fire fighters. That’s when Walker has to make his case that we are really out of money, broke, or whatever other lie he wants to say.

  5. Perhaps you are right cundgulag. I was kind of expecting there to be violence from the right. Fortunately the Egyptians have shone us the way to protest peacefully, right along there with Martain Luther King, and Mahatma Ghandi.

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