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Of course the James O’Keefe NPR “sting” video was edited to make Ron Schiller look worse. Finally someone in media explains how dishonest the video really is. When will people learn to ignore O’Keefe and his little scams?

Here’s a beautiful letter from Japan about how people are helping each other cope. And a dog looks out for another dog.

Tomorrow a Wisconsin judge will decide whether to block the union-busting law.

Any other good links out there?

5 thoughts on “Stuff to Read

  1. Wow, “Time” magazine critical of O’Keefe!
    And it’s not even their one designated Liberal, “Traitor” Joe Klein!
    Actually, that’s pretty amazing. I worked in the cable arm of Time-Warner for most of the ’80’s and ’00’s.
    As part of orientations for newly-hired employees, I had to read the companies mission statement. One of them was basically stating a ‘Fierce regard for editorial independence.’ I used to gag every time I had to read that. That mag’s been a rag for so long, almost no one can remember when it really did give the news from a fair, neutral, and informative position.
    I wouldn’t buy it to wipe my ass. I’d buy the NY Post, or the editorial pages of the WSJ – they’re not as shiny, and so, more absorbant.

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