Judge Issues Temporary Block on Union-Busting Law

A Wisconsin judge has delayed implementation of Gov. Walker’s union-busting law by stopping the publication of the law until further order of the court. The law can’t go into effect until it is published.

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne had filed a suit challenging the law, saying the vote on the bill violated Wisconsin’s open meeting law. He had requested blocking the publication in his suit, so that the case could be heard before it went into effect.

Elsewhere: House Republicans want to turn IRS into abortion gestapo.

10 thoughts on “Judge Issues Temporary Block on Union-Busting Law

  1. Cue the cries of “Activist Judge!”
    Even though they all look like penguins in robes, you can always tell which ones are the activist judges – they’re the ones ruling against Conervatives.

    And as for the IRS as an “Abortion Gestapo,” well, we don’t need the IRS to get involved at all.
    Everyday citizens can do that work.
    We have the technology!

    We can make every woman run around with a camera and a monitor.
    The camera would be in her uterus and would display what’s happening onto the monitor which she’ll be required to carry around at all times, just in case some passing butt-insky of a lifer (but I repeat myself) wants to make sure she’s not abusing the precious life within her, even if it’s just an unfertilized egg.

    Anyone can hit a replay button on the moniter and check back on the past year to make sure that there was no developing fetus in there that’s not there anymore.
    If it’s found that there WAS a fetus, the “Life-Guard” could make a citizens arrest and bring the woman to an “Abort Court,” where she would have to pay for procedures determining whether she had a miscarriage or an abortion – even if she had just done that yesterday – you can’t be too sure, you know.
    These procedures would not be tax deductible, but the tax on them used to pay down our national debt, which abortion is adding to, since there’s less proles to work for corporate masters, thus denying the masters additional income worthy of their Galtiness, and the government from tax revenue from more people in the bottom 2%.

    Why ‘belabor’ the poor IRS?
    Since Bush, they’ve been very busy auditing the bottom 98% of wage earners to see if they’re cheating a few bucks on their taxes, rather than seeing if the top 2% are squirrelling away millions/billions in off shore tax havens. They’re much busier than they used to be. In free market terms, it’s called “volume.”

    So, we have the technology!
    All we need now is the will to use it.

  2. Isn’t is amazing how small government Republicans when confronted by a woman’s vagina/uterus suddenly pop a chubby and turn into Big Brother Government Authoritarians, but only for women.

    • but only for women

      Well, women and the underprivileged. Minnesota Republicans are pushing for a law that would make it illegal for people on public assistance to be carrying more than $20 in cash. But that’s a concession; the original bill prohibited people on public assistance from ever having cash, at all.

      It makes me wonder what kind of warped mindset these people have. And I’m not talking about the people on public assistance.

  3. Van Hollen argued that the state Supreme Court has made it clear judges can’t stop the secretary of state from publishing a law or be stopped when the claim pertains to a rule of legislative procedure.

    But we’re not talking about a rule of legislative procedure…We’re talking about a law!

  4. I said last week that I thought it would take the righties about a week before they started blaming Obama for the Japan disaster. Now they’ve started:

    Nuclear Problem In Japan: Is Obama Partly Responsible?

    If you can stomach it, click the “Discussion Below” and read the comments. These people do indeed believe that Obama is the Anti-Christ.

    I expect it won’t be long before we learn how Obama caused the earthquake and tsunami. Well, I guess if you spend all day watching Fox News and listening to Rush, you’ll just “know” that Obama was born in Kenya, fathered by Satan.

  5. Candide, I clicked on that link, and the mind boggles; there is just no limit to the idiocies expressed on that site. Obama should have rushed right in and helped the Japanese with those reactors, instead of (allegedly) offering help to dismantle the damaged reactors–which then, totally illogically, morphed into: How dare Obama DEMAND that Japan destroy its reactors! Heavy sigh.

    What is so hard to understand about this mess? When reactors are not constantly cooled the rods generate ever increasing heat, eventually building to extreme temperatures hot enough to melt cement. The tsunami took out the entire electric grid which meant the electric cooling pumps were useless; diesel back-up pumps failed, as did battery operated water pumps. And all the while, the rods kept getting hotter and hotter. Even if, by some miracle, aerial water drops halt the process, the four reactors are toast, and can never be put back into operation. Too, due to high levels of radiation contamination in the area, it is very likely that the ground will have to be cemented over, much as the U.S. had to do on Bikini Atoll, following our nuclear testing there.

    I know, I know…the readers on this site already know all this. Please forgive, I just had to vent or go kick my redneck neighbor’s truck–the one with all those flag decals and GOP talking points. Beats me why the ass thinks that self-inflicted ignorance is anything worth publicly boasting about. To me it’s the equivalent to having stupid tattooed on your forehead.

  6. muldoon,
    “Beats me why the ass thinks that self-inflicted ignorance is anything worth publicly boasting about.”

    Because it’s THE ONLY thing that that somone like that can boast about!

  7. my redneck neighbor’s truck–the one with all those flag decals and GOP talking points

    The other day I was driving behind a pickup with a bumper sticker that said, “I don’t believe the liberal media!” It was the ugliest, rustiest, most ill-kempt POS pickup truck I’d seen in a long time, so I imagine the driver’s opinion was somewhat called into question. State of vehicle reflects state of mind? (My car sometimes needs a good clearing out of junk, so there may be something to that.)

  8. An external manifestation of an internal confusion? You should see my garage…It’s got a portrait of Dorian Gray quality about it.

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