The Shutdown Looms/Wisconsin Election

Apparently the GOP is trying to preemptively pin shutting down the government on the Democrats. The story is that the Dems are trying to force a shutdown because this would make Republicans look bad.

But the teabaggers did not get the memo. This clip features rallying baggers shouting “shut it down! shut it down!”

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It’s not clear to me that a shutdown would play into Dems’ hands they way it did in the Clinton Administration, but that’s mostly because Big Bill played the GOP like a fiddle, and President Obama just doesn’t have the same skills. Otherwise — historically, most government shutdowns have been brief and/or occurred at a time when the effects were minimal, such as federal holidays. A prolonged shutdown right now possibly would delay tax refund checks, among other things, and I think people would notice.

And even the Dems ought to be able to tie Paul Ryan’s Medicare-killing budget to the GOP and their inability to compromise.

Meanwhile, likely Republican voters think that Donald Trump is presidential material. Seriously. Not only do baggers not have a clue; they’re too dumb to recognize a clue unless it comes in a Parker Brothers board game box.

On to Wisconsin — rightie bloggers already are spreading rumors of voter fraud to explain yesterday’s Wisconsin election results. The weird thing about this claim is that it occurred in a county (Ozaukee) that went overwhelmingly for Prosser. Ozaukee was one of the three strongest pro-Prosser counties in the state, in fact. So if the allegations of ballot shredding are true, why wouldn’t fingers be pointed at Prosser’s people, not Kloppenburg’s?

Oh, right. They’re wingnuts. Never mind.

Finally, Gov. Scott Walker is blaming those alien beings in Madison for his guy’s apparent loss yesterday.

“You’ve got a world driven by Madison, and a world driven by everybody else out across the majority of the rest of the state of Wisconsin,” Walker said at a press conference in the Capitol.

However, a look at actual results by county tell a different tale. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

8 thoughts on “The Shutdown Looms/Wisconsin Election

  1. And my favorite part of the WI election?

    The person who’s in charge of the recount is the Judge that Prosser called “a bitch!”

    Can everyone say, “KARMA!”

  2. On the looming shutdown – why does this BS remind me of “Blazing Saddles?”

    You know, where Boehner is an orange version of the late Cleavon Little, pointing a gun to his own head, looking at everyone and saying “Lordie, Lordie!”
    And then in another angry voice saying, “If you don’t sign, the Speaker gets it!”

    And Obama and Reid look at him, look at one another, feel sympathy, and turn to the Democrats and go, “Hold your fire boys!”

    And then the Democrats capitulate!
    (Or, shoot themselves in the foot).

    So, see?
    There’s a “happy” ending!

    Of course, in reality, it will cause the same kind of anarchic mayhem that occured at the conclusion of that great movie, if you remember.
    Oh wait, no it won’t.
    There was fighting in that scene.
    Democrats don’t fight.
    They believe in a slightly different version of of that familiar saying, where for them it’s “eye for an eye, and a ‘teeth’ for a tooth.”
    Democrats will sacrifce one eye to save the other, and all of the rest of the teeth to save one tooth.

  3. It always stuns me just how self-centered and self-obsessed today’s republicans. In their minds no matter what they are right and everyone else is wrong. It’s just utterly creepy to be that obtuse.

  4. Maha, how right you are.
    Gulag, OMG, you crack me up!
    The only thing funnier is Bristol Pailin raking in over a half million bucks as an advocate for abstenance. Yeah, that really happened…
    Silver owl, The repubs are like Eric Cartman. Once everyone realizes that, we can deal with them, until that fugget a BOW it!
    Obama needs to realize that and call their bluff.

  5. “If you vote against this bill,” Rogers said Thursday on the House floor, “you are voting against the troops.”

    With the onset of old age I find I can no longer remember specific details on certain things, but I know I’ve heard the quote above somewhere before..I just can’t place where… Maybe one of you Maha bloggers might have better recall of where that quote was used before..That’s if it ever was…Woe is me!

  6. Here is a good solution offered by Nicholas Kristoff:

    The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristoff says today that if the government shuts down, members of Congress should go without pay. He concludes, “If members of Congress shut down government and trigger a new financial crisis, then they shouldn’t just have their own pay docked. They should also learn the discipline of a market economy and be fired by the public that they are betraying.”

  7. It’s always a choice between Republican overreach and Democratic incompetence, as to how an issue such as the shutdown will play. I think the Rs are smart enough this time to keep Gingrich away from the cameras, but dumb enough to let Paul Ryan float his death-to-grandma proposal. And I heard Obama say that a shutdown would mean no paychecks for the troops. So perhaps Team D is getting smarter and Team R is simply arrogant as usual, replacing one crackpot with another.

  8. I’m going to be glued to my computer monitor tonight watching the latest episode of political theater… “As the Shut Down Looms”. When the movie versions comes out I hope the have George Clooney play John Boehner… It’s the perfect choice to play a sexy good looking guy.

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