9 thoughts on “A Hot Time at the Townhall for Paul Ryan

  1. ‘At today’s Town Hall Luncheon, we are serving “Privatizing Ryan.”

    With an artiCHOKE salad, some HUMBLED pie, and to drink, some Lemon-NO-aide.

    Proceeds will go the poor MFers left with no Medicare, Medicaid, or SS.

    Enjoy your lunch.
    And beware of hungry vagrants when you leave the premises.’

    Oliver Wendell Holmes said (to paraphrase), that “Taxes are the price I pay for civilization.”
    Better watch out Randians, and Ryanians, if you push the rest of us far enough, taxes may be the price you pay to eat, and not to be eaten.

    Jennifer, some slow-roasted Ryan Butt, covered with herbs and spices and then studded with garlic and browned, and then wrapped in aluminum foil, and then put in a 300 degree oven for 8 hours, man, that would be some GOOD eatin’!!!

  2. Let me see if I got this right, we need to further impoverish the poor and middle class and give more tax breaks to the wealthy because, according to Ryan, If we don’t, “that is going to hurt job creation.”

    Just how does that work, I wonder?

    If fewer and fewer Americans can afford to buy things, who are those “job creators” going to sell their products to–China? India? Well, maybe. But only if they can get U.S. wages low enough to compete with workers in China and India. Or even better, Somalia.

  3. Ryan is the typical politician in that he answers the question that HE wants to answer, not the question the constituent asks.

  4. “Ryan is the typical politician in that he answers the question that HE wants to answer, not the question the constituent asks”

    Chief, you got that right. I love the “if we raise taxes small buisness won’t create new jobs” line of BS. Funny thing ever since bu$hco lowered the marginal rates in 2001 we have created the least amount of jobs since we’ve kept records, so why the fuck are these wingnuts allowed to keep spewing this bullshit, who believes this crap? Where is the media, oh I forgot.

  5. Comic-strip thought bubble over PR’s head: “The peasants are revolting.”

    That clip is exactly why I upgraded to high-speed Internet, baby.

  6. Every time I see Paulie Ryan I have flash backs of being in high school. It must be his student council demeanor that triggers my flash backs.

  7. “Every time I see Paulie Ryan ”

    For me it’s his hairline, reminds me of Eddie Munster, if only. Typical young republicant, nice hair, photographs well, long line of bullshit. The path to prosperity? More like the road to ruin.

  8. I think raising taxes would increase job creation. Say I had a net profit of $300,000 per year. Raise my rate on that and it becomes better for me to hire someone to do some of my work, than to give the government the money. Lower my taxes enough and it’s easier for me to keep the money. There should be an optimum tax rate increase that incentivizes, but I can’t do higher math.

    PS. I don’t want to eat it, I just like to look at well-trained rears. I’m like my mom that way.

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