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Wisconsin Dems vow to recall Scott Walker; see also Greg Sargent.

Money quote from this article:

Unless the composition of the Supreme Court shifts in a new direction, a constitutional amendment that reverses Citizens United and other federal rulings may be our only prayer, the solitary hope we have to prevent the total usurpation of representative government by big businesses with bottomless pockets.

Hey, count me in.

In New Hampshire, Republicans are trying to block broadcasting of a Dem ad on the Ryan Medicare plan. Seriously. Comcast has refused to take down the ad. See also Eric Kleefeld.

Update: Charles Blow, “False Choices.”

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  1. RECALL WALKER, RECALL WALKER RECALL WALKER. Whoops, sorry. Just got caught up in the moment.

  2. We have to hit back and hit back hard until the tide starts moving the other way. (I know, mixed metaphors.) We can’t just sit there and watch everything taken away from us.

  3. On TV, or in a phote, I saw a great sign at some WI rally:
    “We don’t reload. We recall.”
    I love that!

    I don’t think that Constitutional Amendment would have a chance. The NRA, and other powerful lobbying groups, will turn it into an Free Speach/First Amendment/Second Amendment issue, and the rubes will line up – especially the gun-toting knuckledraggers in the red states. I doubt that it would get 2/3’s in either house, and I don’t think you’d get 3/4 of the states to ratify. I think you could get 2/3 of the PEOPLE to go along – but it don’t work that way. Also, too, to get 3/4’s of the people would be doubtful because you bump into that 27% ceiling of uber-reich wing morons, who’ll just ‘follow zee orderz!’ And unless they don’t show up – zey vill!

    And I’m actully shocked that Comcast, the most conservative of all of the Cable TV pimps, didn’t pull the ad.

    But you have to love the chutzpah of the Republicans. If you try to put up a truthful ad that tells people that Ryans plan is MediKILL instead of Medicare, they have a hissy fit and want to pull it. But bullshit about “Death Panels” was run in pretty much every district over the last couple of years. And if anyone made any noise about pulling THOSE because they were inaccurate, if not outright lies, I guarantee you that the wailing, gnashing of teeth, and rending of garments would have been heard all around the country.

    PS: buckyblue – CONGRATULATIONS! And YOU helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I don’t know what a “phote” is – maybe a fast boat?
    “Jeez, did you see that maniac in that “phote” on the lake? He left waves big enough to ‘wake’ the dead!”

    I meant ‘photo.’

  5. I’m with Gulag, given the red/blue split of the country, it’s long odds for a constitutional amendment. My view is that the country is going to have to hit bottom, finally ending the wave of conservative dominance, before we’ll ever have a hope of seeing limits to organized money.

  6. School’s almost out for the summer, and many of us are taking to the streets to push the recall efforts against the Republicans. Can’t wait to go door to door.

  7. A Constitutional Amendment is out of the question. One cannot be passed these days. Remember the ERA? I think one or two justices on the Supreme Court should be impeached; e.g., Clarence Thomas for lying to Congress, conflicts of interests, etc. Scalia has given speeches that come close to treason. I personally think we need to start characterizing the Republicans as they really are, which is traitors. They are not working for the best interests of this country any more. This is treason. I don’t think we should mince words any more. They are holding the debt limit hostage to score selfish points. They have as much as said they don’t care what happens to the country if they don’t get their way. Kind of like the little kid who is going to take his ball home if everyone doesn’t play by his rules. Additionally, they war on women shows very well that women are second class citizens. The women of this country need to vote en masse against the Republicans in the next election; but, they probably won’t. I am 65 and just cannot do battle any more; and, I believe the youth of this country need to do the hard work to get our country back. Unfortunately, I don’t have much hope for the youth of this country who have no understanding that they need to keep fighting for their rights and their country. They don’t understand that it can all be taken away so fast it will make their heads spin.

  8. Comcast has refused to take down the ad.

    How long before this quaint historical oddity is a thing beyond memory?

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