14 thoughts on “Sen. Vitter Resigns … Oh, Wait

  1. You got me for a second, Maha! LOL Don’t we wish. Dems didn’t help though! I find this whole episode so disgusting, tiresome etc. I am also very disappointed in Obama for many reasons. But, an eternal optimist, I still hope for the best.

    Vitter-hater, Kathleen

  2. You got me too. I think we need to start saying, “Conservative Media Elite”, loud and often, until the obvious is seen by all.

  3. Well, the Democratic leadership did the right thing..If the Repugs want to harbor an adulterous whore monger among their ranks.. so be it.

    Maybe it’s naive of me to think it possible..but I believe Weiner can make a political comeback after a short period of at least appearing to rehabilitate his image. I believe people are forgiving when they can see that you are truly repentant and willing to trust in them to judge your repentance. Weiner could have dug in his heels and held onto his seat, but he’d be just like Vitter, and when you look at Vitter you probably see his biggest offense as his arrogance in refusing to answer for his actions. Vitter has given the American public a big FU, and basically stated that he he doesn’t answer for his wrong doing like the rest of us would have to.

  4. It’s official now. The D’s are the prude party, the R’s are the scumbag party.

  5. Swami, perhaps you are right.
    Weiner could make a strong come back, it happens all the time.
    Weiner could go flacid for a while, then come back with incredible vigor.
    Let’s all pull for Weiner!

  6. Everyone has forgotten that the last think Weiner was working on was trying to get Clarence Thomas to account for his failures to report his income properly. That is why Breitbart when on the attack because Weiner was making progress. Of all the scumbags in the political arena, Clarence Thomas is the Top Scumbag. He sexually harrassed women who worked with and lied about it to Congress and the people. I see no justice in Weiner resigning and Thomas still able to keep his lifetime job. Not to mention that the supreme court today consists of nothing but partisan hack lawyers who will be making the laws of these lands as conservative and Republican as they can.

  7. Let’s all pull for Weiner!

    Yeah, Like the parable of the rich young ruler, I’d say…” all these things I’ve done since my youth”

  8. Swami,
    Weiner has a double whammy against him.
    He’s a Democat, and he’s Jewish.

    As a Republican, and a Christian, all he’d need to do say the he sought out Jesus, and that Jesus forgave him. BINGO! Run for office – if you ever had to leave it in the first place.

    But, as a Democrat, he’ll find that we hold people to a higher standard than even Jesus does.
    Go figure…

  9. Suddenly I remembered a very old SNL routine starring the Quaid brothers. They had saved up money for weeks so they could “talk to the naughty lady” they had seen in an advertisement. In a split screen the woman at the opposite end of the 900 number was ironing clothes and pretending not to be bored out of her mind.

    Some people like that kind of thing I guess. Maybe Weiner’s inner adolescent just wanted to talk to the naughty lady. It’s a shame because there are precious few progressive bulldogs and now there may be one less. Although, I suspect he will be back.

  10. If Weiner had worn a diper instead of his jockey under ware, well then it would have been alright. Ain’t that right Vitter?

  11. I seem to recall Larry Craig never actually resigned, either. And he was charged with a crime, and pled guilty.

  12. “If the Repugs want to harbor an adulterous whore monger among their ranks.. so be it”

    I agree, Weiner should have resigned the day this BS was exposed. The man is a congressman for cripes sake, he is expected to act in a responsible manner, just because the repugs allow ethical standards to degrade is no reason to overlook it in the Democratic Party. Anyone with half a brain knew that Breitbart and company were going to take Weiner down (death by a thousand cuts), this is what they do. I personally like the guy and I hope he goes through the usual BS and is able to resurrect his career.

  13. Maybe Weiner’s inner adolescent just wanted to talk to the naughty lady.

    LOL! 🙂

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