13 thoughts on “America’s Dumbest Senator

  1. Paul, ‘…one asks when we reach the point of absurdity?’

    Franken, ‘I think we just did.”

    OH NO HE DIN’T!!
    OH, SNAP!!!
    God, ya gotta love Franken.
    What a line – and what timing!

    This Paul clown must have been one hell of an opthamologist.
    “No, no sense in spending on an eye test yet. Just wait until you slam into the back of a gasoline truck.”

    What’s the difference between Senator Paul and a tree stump?
    Well, while they both have a bark and rings, the tree stump has more brain cells.

    I hope the Republicans in KY are proud of their new Senator.
    At least the barking loon this even barkier loon replaced was a Hall of Famer with a great fastball.
    KY Repbulicans, if I held Paul up, and then the Democratic candidate, are you still gonna tell me the first one’s clearer and sharper?

    • God, ya gotta love Franken.

      Oh, I do. But Paul is an embarrassment to our species. If he were on “Jeopardy” with a potted plant and a goldfish, I’d bet on the goldfish.

  2. He’d also finish behind the plant – if he didn’t smoke it first…

    Oh, and I left out KY Independents THEIR share of the credit in their new Senator.
    My apologies…

    I was thinking (not always a good thing), Paul (R – Idiocracry), mentioned charitable giving, and I wonder if anyone has looked into how much the formerly well off self-certified Opthamologist gave to charity over the last decade – Bush Tax Cuts and all?
    Just wondering.

  3. For those who can’t watch the video maha provided, I found the transcipt of the end. It’s worth reading and saving.

    “PAUL: I appreciate the great and I think very collegial discussion, and we do have different opinions. Some of us believe more in the ability of government to cure problems and some of us believe more in the ability of private charity to cure these problems. I guess what I still find curious though is that if we are saving money with the two billion dollars we spend, perhaps we should give you 20 billion. Is there a limit? Where would we get to, how much money should we give you to save money? So if we spend federal money to save money where is the limit? I think we could reach a point of absurdity. Thank you.

    FRANKEN: I think you just did.”

    It doesn’t get any better than that.

  4. Not only is he dumb, he’s a fraud:

    …Paul’s only certification was provided instead by something called the National Board of Ophthalmology, which is very convenient because he operates that organization himself. As the Courier-Journal explains drily, the American Board of Ophthalmology, which maintains a fully staffed headquarters in Philadelphia, has existed for roughly a century and currently lists about 16,000 doctors on its rolls. (Most hospitals and insurance companies strongly prefer doctors who are board-certified because certification indicates that they have kept up with changes in technology, best practices and so on.) The National Board of Ophthalmology has existed since 1999, when Paul “founded” it, lists no more than seven doctors, and its address is a post-office box in Bowling Green, Ky. He had claimed to be certified by both boards, but Courier-Journal reporter Joseph Gerth quickly discovered that claim was false.

  5. Based on this video, I’m certain that I have lawn chairs with higher intellects than Rand Paul. I know the cats have him beat by a mile, and they’re fairly empathetic to other creatures, to boot.

  6. Why doesn’t Sen. Paul resign and go to work for a frickin’ private charity then, so he can do some (in his opinion) real good? Why is he drawing a salary for working in a government that (in his opinion), does virtually nothing (except say “No”)?

  7. Way OT – the GREAT Peter Falk passed away.

    He was a brilliant comedic actor. From even before “The Great Race” (with the even greater Jack Lemmon), to Columbo, to “The Princess Bride,” he was always great.

    I would have loved to see him, playing Columbo, interrogate some of today’s Republicans.
    Columbo only played dumb.
    They are dumb.
    Really, really, dumb.
    And stupid and crazy is a really bad combination.
    Sadly, that’s what we see on the other side of the aisle.

    “Uh, uh, ok, wait, alright, I got it, uh, Senator Paul, tell me again about how you, uh, think ‘a stitch in time, will save nine,’ is a, let me see my notes, a, a, a, you said it’s a Socialist plot. Do I have that right? Have you got some water? Never mind, I’m not thirsty. Back to the stitches. Nine of them. Would one earlier have been able to… Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, would one, maybe two, you know, earlier on, have been able to save ninelater on? And, while we’re at numbers, did you know about numbers committing cannibalism? Yes, Sir, it’s true – 7-8-9. Do you get it? My Grandson told me that one. He’s only, 7 and he was at the Dentist – saw it in a magazine. Do you think, uh, if he paid to have a cavity filled now, that maybe that might save the tooth later? Well, not him, his Mother, my daughter. Would that filling count as as a ‘stitch in time… Hey, where did you get these donuts…”
    And so on….

  8. Even back in his SNL days, Al Franken always seemed to be smart as a whip, yet likeable.

    I spent 23 years working with people with disabilities to help them attain independence and security. I do believe it saves money to train and support people so that they can “live in the least restrictive environment”, as we used to say way back when. It is also what a society must do, if it wants to be part of what we call “civilization”.

    During the course of my work I saw quite a few people in fairly horrific situations, which could be remedied, by a little “investment”. In some small way it is comforting to think that people like Rand Paul are indeed too stupid to realize the consequences of not fulfilling our debt of care to those of us who need care or assistance. In the instance of age related disabilities, there is always that old saw, “honor thy mother and father”, you know, like somebody said a long time ago. But, less comforting is the possibility is that people like Rand Paul really would like the elderly and people with disabilities to “move along” without a fuss and make way for the Galtian miracle, unencumbered by “parasites”.

    It seems like someone else had the same idea back in the middle of the last century.

  9. Most people probably are not aware that Senator Al Franken is a graduate of Harvard Univ.

    I had the pleasure of meeting him some years back, when he was the entertainment at Senator Simon’s house, when the then House of Rep member, Dick Durbin, announced his candidacy for the seat Sen. Simon was vacating.

  10. “Why does Dickens come to mind?”
    Lynne, just plain “dick” comes to my mind after watching (Ayn) Rand Paul.
    (but I get your point)

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