13 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July!

  1. Thanks, I needed that.
    But what were John McCain and Alan Simpson doing there at the very end?
    I didn’t know they were Muppets!
    Oh wait, that wasn’t them. They know about e-mail. And they were funny. Sorry…

    Happy 4th, all!
    Or as Sarah or Michele might tell you, ‘The day our Funding Fathers, bought us a new nation, so We the People, and the Republicans for which we stand, in order to get away from unions, gave us our FREEDOMS and RIGHT’S (notice they were rights and not lefts, you Pinko Liberals), so we could go forth and multiply and divide this great nation by subtracting those we don’t want to add on, and so is indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All. AMEN!’

  2. I’m trying not to think of politics today. Unsuccessfully, because here I am:)

  3. Gulag, thanks for the Frank Rich article – I haven’t read a good Sunday paper in ages, and this little bit of engagement with a long article brought all of that back. I think Rich well summarizes the misgivings I have about Obama. It’s great to see Rich re-emerge; apparently the long form feature (a la Matt Taibbai) is a good vehicle for him.

  4. I’m watching 1776/

    I’ve loved the show since I helped a friend produce “Scenes for 1776” as a fundraising event for various Masonic lodges back in the 1980s.

    May everyone reflect on the meaning of the dayand the effects it had on many different groups of people.

  5. Humpty-Dumpty: “Words mean what I say they mean.” Lewis Carroll evidently saw some truth in his day.

  6. Swami, too strange.
    Head injuries turn kids into republicans, especially when said injury is treated by placing a rat in a cage over the injured head, then playing patriotic music loudly.

  7. erinyes …You got that right! Bank foreclosure signs and watching people being evicted or Mexicans being deported also encourages kids to become proud members of the GOP.

    God bless America!

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