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There are some signs T-Paw is about to end his quixotic quest to be the first POTUS named “Tim.” His campaign has pulled ads in advance of the Ames straw poll — which may just mean he thinks Iowa is a lost cause — and a top adviser has left the campaign. These may be early warming signs rather than signals of an immanent collapse. Still …

Politico reports that the GOP establishment has massive reservations about the general election viability of a Rick Perry candidacy. Ya think?

You may have heard that Newt was accused of buying a Twitter following. Now it turns out that Newt’s Twitter following came about because Twitter put @newtgingrich on its suggested user list. In other words, it was a fluke.

Also this week, Newt called Barack Obama’s administration a “Paul Krugman Presidency.” We wish. Professor Krugman is skeptical.

11 thoughts on “Republican Presidential Candidate News

  1. Poor Timmy…

    I think he finally realizes that not even Lassie can save him now.

    And what will all of those people do who like their candidates to have all of the charisma of plain cottage cheese supposed to do now?
    This is good news for “Fill-in the _________________ Mitt.”
    And John McCain, we’ll be assured – once Mark Halperin is allowed back on the air.

    Well, this will give Tim ‘Pawlenty’ of time to “write” another autobiography. This one entitled, “I’m Pawlenty Good Enough, I’m Pawlenty Smart Enough, and Doggone It, Pawlenty of People Like Me! They Just Didn’t Vote For Me – This Time!!!” The book will be a sensation when mass purchases of it from Wingnut Publishing move it up the best seller lists. But the only time it will be read will be in hostage situations, when negotiators say, “OK, put down your guns and release the hostages, or we’ll start reading from Pawlenty’s autobiography. And you know you’ll be asleep in minutes, so give up now!” And the crooks will beg for cannisters of tear gas instead.

    And let’s hope the powers that be on the Conservative side don’t decide that after Little Boots’ “A Connecticut Yankee in Colonel Houston’s Court” imitation, that the public is clammoring for an AUTHENTIC Texas gibberish-speaking dimwit who’s even more stupid, ignorant, and Jesusy than W. I swear, if he gets elected, after he finishes reading his inauguration speach in his Texas twang, the next “TWANG!” you’ll hear is the sound of the rope suddenly tightening as thousands of people jump off chairs wearing bolo-tie nooses.

    And finally, how much better off would this country be be if Krugman had President Obama’s ear, instead of the Summers, Geithner, Goldman Sachs, The Chicago School of Economics, and the rest of the “Shock Doctrine” cabal?

  2. Prof. Krugman has often said that he’s had dinner with the president and the president doesn’t listen to him. His opinions of Geithner/Summers/whoever are well-known to his readers.

    I guess Newton’s advisers don’t read Prof. Krugman’s blog — they know Prof. Krugman is a liberal/progressive/Democrat/NOT- A-REPUBLICAN and assume that he is a good identifier for a NON-REPUBLICAN stance.

    • PurpleGirl — I don’t think anyone on the Right reads Krugman or has even a fragment of a clue what he actually thinks about anything. They all just think he stands for higher taxes and more government spending, all the time, and hates business.

  3. Somewhat OT: WI is bracing for the arrival of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Ann Coulter and Joe von Plumber to help in the recall elections (which are next Tuesday). I don’t know which liberal group paid for them to come but it was a shrewd political move IMHO. (snark)

  4. “I’m Pawlenty Good Enough”

    Too funny, good one.

    “Newt’s Twitter following came about because Twitter put @newtgingrich on its suggested user list”

    This is what our once great nation has been reduced to, potential presidential candidates boasting that they have more “followers” than the other guy? High School anyone.

  5. David Frum, yesterday – it’s a great comment from him:

    “Imagine, if you will, someone who read only the Wall Street Journal editorial page between 2000 and 2011, and someone in the same period who read only the collected columns of Paul Krugman. Which reader would have been better informed about the realities of the current economic crisis? The answer, I think, should give us pause. Can it be that our enemies were right?”

    We’ve been trying to tell you we’ve been right for over 30 years now.
    I’ll give Frum credit – it takes a real mensch to admit you’re wrong.

  6. And still Frum refers to those who disagree with him as his “enemies.” The author of “Axis of Evil” hasn’t changed all that much. (Plus, I suspect he long ago knew he was wrong about many things, even as he said or wrote them.)

    As for Newt… is he still alive?

  7. The Krugman thing is just odd to me … anybody pon the left politically aware enough to know who Krugman actuially is almost certainly also knows that Krugman pretty much loathes Obama … so who is he talking to here?

    Is it really just a question of trying to put out the meme that Obama is too, mmm, you know, (*whisper* black…) to be able to have his own opinions on the economy, he MUST be being controlled by some liberal economist … of which most right wingers are only aware of Krugman?



  8. The only candidate the republicans have who can cut into the moderates who swing elections is Romney. He’s totally unacceptable to the Tea Party because of Romneycare, because he won’t sign the Teabagger pledges, because he’s Mormon, and because he’s only a recent convert to the fetus people who don’t trust him.

    My gut feeling is that Mittens will get the nomination and that will split the GOP wide open. The Tea Party will run their own, probably Bachmann, because liberals can be counted on to vote for a woman. *snark* I will say it 100 times between now and Nov,2012. This election is about the Congressional races. If…. and I mean if… the GOP nominee produces voter apathy, then democrats could do well. If the GOP dynamic (like the hypothetical between mittens and Michelle) generates a big turnout… democrats could get creamed in the Congressional elections.

  9. T-paw sticks his tail between his legs and an even dumber hopeful, Perry, tries to jump in. Reminds me of that punk group: “We are Devo: D-E-V-O”.

    I am concerned about the election, nevertheless. The economy will be SO bad, the independents and the low-info voters will want blood– “Throw the bums out”! The GOP may not LIKE Mittens, but they ALWAYS turn out and vote– we saw that in 2010.

  10. At least you didn’t say “eminent collapse”, and “immanent” is perhaps an appropriate word in this case – i.e., the spiritual world permeating the Pawlenty campaign at long last!   🙂   🙂   🙂

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