Wisconsin Recall Updates

The recall elections for six Republican state senators is next Tuesday, and word is the Dem candidates are leading in three of those races and tied in the other three. I get the impression that establishment Democrats in Wisconsin are trying to talk down expectations a bit, and no one is saying it’s going to be a sweep. But by all accounts progressive enthusiasm is running high.

Meanwhile, the opposition is bringing in Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, Michele Bachmann and Ann Coulter to help get out the vote on the GOP side.

And Americans For Prosperity got caught being naughty. The wingnut organization sent out fliers to Wisconsin voters with the wrong date for returning absentee ballots.

13 thoughts on “Wisconsin Recall Updates

  1. I forget the dynamics, but does anyone know how many seats we need to get control of the WI assembly?

  2. OT, excerpt of an email blast from an investment advisor I’ve quoted earlier:

    The S&P500 is down about 3% today. It’s down 8.3% since I sent an alert to subscribers on May 17, 2011 suggesting that they exit the S&P500 immediately at 1328. The dollar is up today because money is fleeing Europe. Gold hit another record high this morning and then fell back. I stated in the last newsletter that the dollar could be headed for a waterfall decline. That decline is showing up in the collapse against gold. Short term, the markets will probably bounce and appear to recover. Be careful. This is not yet a buying opportunity for stocks…

    Most of the stock decline occurred after the recent congressional budget deal. This deal signaled the markets that the spending would never end and that currency debasement was a certainty. The US can’t stop spending for two reasons and one that nobody on TV wants to talk about.

    1. Reduced federal spending during a slowdown increases the likelihood of recession.

    2. Cutting spending requires huge cuts to the military and abandoning a failed ideology.

    This isn’t lefty-liberal talk. It’s the financial reality that every empire-focused nation must eventually confront. A day comes when revenues can’t support the political ambitions. Welcome to the Post American World.

  3. “Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, Michele Bachmann and Ann Coulter to help get out …”

    OK, well that’s Dopey, Not Bashful, Ignorantly Happy, and Sleezy.
    Where are the other 3 Dwarves?
    Where’s Grumpy McCain?
    Doc Coburn?
    And Sleepy Santorum?
    And how about Snow White Lindsey Graham?
    Will the Queen, Mr. Bachmann, attend with his wife Ignorantly Happy?
    And how about Prince Reibus NOT-Charming?

    And how about the poisoned apple – Newt?

  4. “Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, Michele Bachmann and Ann Coulter”

    Wow thats quite a crowd, the only one with a real job is Bachmann and she’s on the goverment teat. Maybe Sarah can give away advance copies of her movie dvd, seeing how nobody bothered to see it the theatre. Not sure why they’d want Coulter there unless they are shilling for the transgender vote!

    Maha are you sure it’s Bachman I thought little lulu was going? That would 100% unemployed!

  5. Way OT – but if you want to see in 3 minutes what’s wrong with the MSM in this country, watch Dylan try to talk to, and ask for responses, from a grinning, smirking and obviously clue-free and lost Luke Russert on trade polices.

    Luke is in waaaaaaaaay over this head. He shows that like Jonah Goldberg, and a plethora of others, he is just another example in our MSM of the ‘lucky-ducky’ sperm meets ‘lucky-ducky’ egg club.
    Luke looks like a HS senior who shows up for his final in physics without studying a second all year, and is ecstatically happy figuring that he can use his looks, charm, and birthright to bullsh*t and get a good grade, but instead is confronted by a teacher who actually knows partical physics, and won’t accept that ‘poodle froo-froo’ particals stuck in and trying to get out of the box are part of the “Mime Space” continuum.
    Watch his disgusting performance, as he smiles and smirks about slave labor, and tries desperately to find his place in the talking points he’s heard, like an actor who forgot his place and scrammbles for something, anything, that makes some sense:


    If this schmuck was some son-of-no-one intern after this confrontation, he’d have been fired for being way too f*cking stupid to even be a mailboy, and too smug to be a piss-boy.

    God, just look at that ignorant, smarmy little asshole. I want to go over there and bitch slap him, and take every f*cking penny away from him, and tell him to report back to me when he’d matured after really working for 10 years in real jobs, hard jobs, low-paying jobs, instead of living off the name of his Daddy and Mommy.

    But this smug little rich prick is just another in the long line of faces of the new American Aristocracy.
    No brains, no empathy, but a name and a lot of money. And power and influence passed from generation to generation from the guy or gal who first did the work, and really earned something. Luke is the MSM example, Paris Hilton and the Koch Brothers are the corporate examples of why the Founding Fathers didn’t want wealth accumulated and passed down from generation to generation – TOO MUCH F*CKING INBREEDING! Or a “Really F*cking Stupid Gene” that bypassed one generation.

    PS: Pay particular attention to my favorite moment – how he pronounces “Columbia” – like he’s some cool, in-the-know insider, and anyone who says it the old way is an ignorant schlub. God, I really HATE this fucking smug little rich kid!!!

  6. Thanks Gulag, been a long haul and it ain’t over with yet. We start cranking up to get the big one, Scooter. My understanding is that the polls are pretty accurate with few undecideds. We all know what’s what and who’s who. Local hate radio guys are bitching that our side is using outside union and teacher money. I say that means it must be working. By contrast, they are using in-state money from Americans for Prosperity. Apparently the Koch brothers have gained residency in the state, and will probably vote. I don’t have an election I can vote in but I’m working phones and going door to door before Tuesday; hope it makes a difference.

  7. The antics of “Americans For Prosperity” should be punishable. Rightees looked and looked for voter fraud and found nothing of the scale of this scam. Apparently they’re only against it when it hurts their cause and for the fraud when it stands a chance of helping them.

    • It’s wrong to be a “rightie”?

      “Wrong” is a subjective value judgment. However, I would say there is objective, empirical evidence that most “righties” are short on critical thinking skills. You, for example, are typical in being unable to offer a substantive objection to what I wrote, and merely react with an insult. However, there is nothing you could possibly say to me that would actually hurt my feelings.

      I coined the term “righties” after years of seeing right-wingers rant about “lefties.” After I started using the word I saw other people use it, also. FYI, I use “lefties” sometimes myself. It’s not an insult unless you take it to be an insult.

      I realize righties call themselves conservatives, but few of you are. Most of you are radical reactionaries.

  8. I don’t think they’re radical reactionaries as much as they are anarchists.

    The willingness to let the debt ceiling go unraised, thus bringing about a potential ton of trouble, fits in with the definition of anarchism, part of which sees any and all forms of government as unnecessary, and ready to be abolished.

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