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Found this on Facebook:

Compare/contrast to the whiners at Erick Erickson’s whinefest site.

The Nixonization of OWS:

“At the Occupy protests, [anti-semites] are, at best, allowed to push their hateful messages,” wrote William Teach. “At worst, the Occupyers agree with the messages.” And at very worst, they’re all space invaders plotting to colonize our planet. Use your imagination!

Heh. And now here’s Mistermix:

  • Obama has raised more ($99 million) than the entire Republican field combined.
  • At the same time in the 2008 cycle, Romney had raised $11 million more than he has now.
  • Ron Paul is third, having raised a total of $12 million. He spends it, too, unlike his fellow Texan Rick Perry.
  • At this point in the 2008 cycle, Guiliani, Romney and McCain, combined, had raised about $100 million. This time around, Cain, Romney and Perry have raised less than half of that number.

Betcha didn’t know that. I sure didn’t. See also the New York Times page on who is donating what to whom.

Finally, “Elizabeth Warren’s Appeal.

7 thoughts on “Stuff to Read and Look at

  1. The donation figures appear encouraging on their face, but I wonder if they might be offset by more money going to undisclosed third-party efforts (American Crossroads, etc.) that weren’t a factor in 2008.

  2. Yes, Erickson is very Nixonian.
    Insead of “The Silent Majority,” he’s playing on ‘The Taxpaying Majority,’ forgetting that ALL people pay taxes in this country.

    And why does everyone think the right is so afraid?
    Why are they trying to lash out with their stupid 53%, Luntz-tested, ad campaign?

    They need to discredit OWS and it’s message about 99% of the people.

    Hey, ‘morans,’ ain’t NO SUCH THING as 53%.
    If you ain’t in the 1%, then you’re part of US 99%

    Dumbass MFing rubes…

  3. Karl Rove told Fox viewers not to worry, he’ll be there with all his PAC money when the Republican nominee runs out.

  4. That picture of the woman with her hand-written letter on Facebook really touched me. A few hours ago (nothing really happens by chance) I met one of my neighbors, who as it turns out, happens to be a stewardess from Paris, working for Air France. I confessed how much I would love to live in France, and she of course gave me some pointers on how to get there. She added that, everyone in France is more or less resigned to cuts in the safety net there, they know it’s coming. Maybe I’m naive, but I somehow doubt if it would ever become so awful as to permit young people like that woman on Facebook to suffer and die from neglect.

  5. “I have never asked, or expected help from anyone for anything.”

    Do these people REALLY believe this nonsense? Are they lying to themselves, or lying to us?

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