Labor Winning, Jobs Losing

Go Ohio

Labor is poised for a big victory in Ohio next month- PPP’s newest poll of the state finds that voters intend to reject Senate Bill 5 by a 56-36 margin.

See also Kay at Balloon Juice:

This was never about balancing a state budget or public employee benefit packages. It is now and was always about destroying organized labor in both the public and the private sector. If conservatives can eradicate unions in the Rust Belt states, they can kill them anywhere.

Liz Cheney, Karl Rove and the media personalities at Fox News don’t go to war over teachers in Ohio paying 10% more out of pocket for health insurance. None of them live here. Why on earth would national conservatives be pouring all this energy and all these assets into a state budgeting issue? That’s nonsense, and an insult to the intelligence of the voters in this state. Unions, both public sector and private sector, represent their members in Ohio and nationally, hence their (huge) presence here, during this campaign. Who are Cheney and Rove working for, and why?

Republicans obstruct even pared-down jobs bill. Are you paying attention to this, America?

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1 thought on “Labor Winning, Jobs Losing

  1. And how will the Liz Cheney’s, and Karl Rove’s, and the rest of the Corporations flying monkey’s react to this?
    They will paint being Pro-labor as being Anti-jobs.

    And every labor win will be described like this:
    “This is another nail in the coffin of another job, another dollar, that’s stolen from YOU REAL ‘Murkan workers – who don’t earn as much, or get the same benefits or pensions. And why should union members get them, if YOU can’t?. We non-union workers need to stick together, too – ‘It’s all for nothing, and nothing for all!!!’

    And the Conservative Ignorati Zombies will march, stepping on their own brains
    in their quest to eat yours.

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