3 thoughts on “Franken Endorses Warren

  1. And how would that be for a ticket in ’16?

    Either one – Warren-Franken, or Franken-Warren! He’ll be 65, and she’ll be 67. Too old? Reagan was older.

    Oh well, back to counting Cuomo’s. Maybe Gillibrand, though? And Sherrod Brown?

    Forget it – let’s get past 2012 first. If we don’t, there may not be a 2016 election to worry about…

  2. I like Warren-Franken, what a dream pair. Not only can I “feel the love” I can even feel the hope. I also feel confident that there is no way Obama won’t get reelected.

    “gulag: 65 and 67 are not old to me, just very very wise and far beyond the need to prove themselves…I should know, I am 65…You’ll realize it when you get here, you young whippersnapper! LOL!

  3. I love both of them, but “Franken/Warren” sounds too much like “Frankenreagan,” the reanimated corpse in the GOP’s castle of doom on The Simpsons.

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