Oh, Please …

I’d say an unintended consequence of racial (as in white) preference is that a second-rate hack like George Will gets a job writing for the Washington Post

For 33 years, the court has been entangled in a thicket of preferences that are not remedial and hence not temporary. Preferences as recompense for past discrimination must eventually become implausible, but the diversity rationale for preferences never expires.

I’d say that the diversity rationale for preferences is justified as long as the non-diversity rationale for preferences that keeps Will in his privileged position is still operative.

Face it, Will, if this were a meritocracy, you’d be lucky to be selling insurance someplace.

10 thoughts on “Oh, Please …

  1. George Will – isn’t he the guy who thinks, because a few scientists used to kick around a possible new ice age (until they used, you know, *science* to show it wasn’t happening), that global warming can’t be right even though an overwhelming majority of climate scientists agree that it is happening?

    You want that uninformed (expletive deleted) selling something important like *insurance*?

    (Just kidding. Mostly.)

  2. You want to see how the Conservative intelligensia have devolved, look at this regression:
    -William F. Buckley – who was a racist, but not an uninteresting writer or TV personality. Pretty damn good, as a matter of fact.

    -George F. Will – without the bowtie, would he ever have been as “big” as he because during the Reagan Era? Dull and doctrinaire intellectually. A lickspittle for the right. Also too, wrote the most boring book on the great sport of Baseball ever. EVAH!!!
    -Tucker Carlson – “Bowtie II – Lucky Gene’s Boogaloo! If Will couldn’t sell insurance, Carlson couldn’t get an overnight shift at a backwater WaWa.
    -Ann Coulter – Now, no longer an exclusive boys club for Conservatives in the MSM. A beanpole Phyllis Schlafly, with the charm of a cobra in a blond fright wig, and the wit of a rabid Don Rickles doing standup at a KKK Rally.
    -David Brooks – Insipid. Could put a kilo of cocaine to sleep.
    -Jonah Goldberg – Lucky Lucy genes in fat-boy jeans. “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son.”
    -Erick Erickson – A rude racist rube on the internet, who for some reason CNN decided to put on air – the only explanation is to appease Joe McCarthy’s few remaining living fans. Ted Turner’s taking “Spin Classes” 4 times a week in preparation for his grave.
    -Ross Douthat – Look, son, here’s an all expenses paid trip to Amsterdam, and $5,000 in mad money to spend. Sit, have a nice cup of Turkish coffee, smoke some nice Turkish hashish, and go get laid. Man, woman, midget, amputee, whatever – just dip your dick in something besides your hand or the family’s liver, so you can stop lecturing us about sex.
    What’s next? CNN gonna hire that soccer picking octopus to pick the winner in primaries and the election, and will be the new featured commenter on CNN’s “Worst F’in Political Team in the History of the F’in World.”? Too bad that cephalopod’s already deceased, or they would. He’s probably be a better writer than all of the above. And with 8 hands, faster too!
    And following that, the ultimate in the Conservative’s endless search for the past – a talking amoeba, It may be a good fit on MSNBC as an intellectual foil for Cup O’ Schmoe Scarborough, Mica, and Chuck Todd, who looks like the amoeba, but with a mustache.
    The amoeba, a simple single-celled animal, is too evolved, smart and funny for “Fox and Friends,” so they continue with the morning ‘trilogy of terror’ they currently have on, until hopefully the Mayan prediction comes true, and we’re all wiped out in seconds, saving the Conservatives their decades of joy in accomplishing the same thing.

  3. But… but… “Bowties are cool.” –The Eleventh Doctor, (Matt Smith).

    “Not always.” –Me and CUND Gulag.

    If George Will stuck to writing about baseball, a lot fewer people would be snickering at him behind his back.

  4. Joan,
    I love you, but if Will stuck to writing about baseball, MORE people would be snickering behind his back.
    I’m a baseball nut. I read as many books about the game, its history, and statistical analysis of it, as I can. About as many as I do about history and politics. Which is saying a lot.
    Will’s “Men at Work” is the WORST book about the game ever written. It is insipid at it’s best. Plus, he throws in some of his BS political viewpoints about work ethic, etc. Will knows less about baseball than he knows about economics and global warming – which is ALSO saying a lot.
    It’s like when Rush tried to do Football analysis on ESPN. He brought his racism, and hatred of everything Liberal, into a sport which is the most Socialistic of all. In football, like the military, the team is only as good as its weakest member. And the owners split their revenue EVENLY. That’s how the Green Bay Packers can field a team to compete against the Dallas Cowboy’s and NY Giants and Jets, whose revenue streams would otherwise dwarf the only team that’s owned by little stockholders.
    Beware of Conservatives talking about sports.
    They know less about that subject than anything else. It’s their way of trying to be ‘regular’ guys and gals, instead of the elitist mental midgets that they are.
    If George Will tried to actually play baseball, he’d throw like a girl (sorry about that – there are a lot of fine base/soft/ball playing women, but you get the idea), hold the bat at the wrong end, and have a better chance of catching an STD in a bordello than of fielding a ball.
    As for Rush, the only thing he knows about football is that he’d like to be the quarterback and have his hands under the center’s tush – but only if the center was a naked under-aged boy.

  5. Oh, maha, don’t get me wrong – I LOOOOOOVES me some Don Rickels! He’s vicious, but funny! He was another must-see if he was on Carson back in the 70’s and early-mid 80’s.
    It’s the image of his vicious personality accentuated by rabies, trying to please the Klan, now throw in a hit of brown acid, and I think you get the image I was going for.

  6. And then there’s the legacy preference (Yale). And then that ‘legacy’ ends up President. And, after eight years of that ‘legacy’ at the helm, this country ends up an ignominy, a has-been, a noble experiment that has become an ignoble joke – the ‘legacy’ of George Bush II? .

    (Want more, Mr. Will? How about Wall Street, full of ‘legacies’ who don’t have enough brains between them to register a 90 on the IQ scale.)

  7. Except Don Rickles is actually funny. Here he’s roasting Reagan in the 1970s — you will laugh.

    I also recall hearing a story that was strangely endearing to me. Reagan told Rickles to tell some jokes about him again, and he said he couldn’t – he wasn’t going to insult the President, even upon request.

    If Coulter believes anything she says, she’s batshit insane (that’s a technical term). Since she’s not, we know she has no respect for anything.

    Then again… “rabid” – yeah, literally speaking, I guess rabies would remove one’s respect for any and everything. Maybe.

  8. I think your bias is showing.

    George Will is not a”second rate hack”.

    George Will has proven time and time again indeed over decades and myriad changes in the political climate that he is a First Rate Hack!

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