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  1. Live From Des Moines

    Is that with an S? Funny all these years sarcastic smart-asses like myself have been railing about how stupid the right wing believers, the real knuckle draggers, the authentic neo-cons are. Why we called them names and berated them as intellectually deficient, but it was all in good fun wasn’t it? I’m afraid all our laughing and tom-foolery may have laid the way for the Newt. Have we have become so overcome by the general dullness of the republican field, combined with the circus like atmosphere? What if we really did end up with Newt?

    I have proposed the theory here on this website and to many of my friends that the only way for the right to fail is to put them completely in charge of everything for an extended period of time. After 5-10 years if anything is left, us middle class and poor folks that voted them in will understand the plan. But maybe if Newt gets elected it will only take four years or less with the impeachment process. I suspect Newt could actually end trickle down voodoo economics for all time if given the chance. Go Newt!

  2. Moonbat; I like it.
    From this point on, Newt will be known as “Mayor McCheese”.
    I watched the whole debate last night;IMHO, Bachmann and Santorum were in 5th and 6th place, Romney shot himself in the foot with the $10,000 wager offer to Perry. This time, Perry didn’t come off as a total dip shit, which I suppose is a plus.
    I’d say Romney and Perry tied it up for third place.
    This leaves Newt and Ron Paul. The total asshat Republican voters will go for Newt. The reason being is a GOD issue. Newt was naughty in the past, but has turned to God. He also knows Bibi Netanyahoo, and Bibi is THE leader of God’s chosen, PLUS Newt is the only person on the planet who is brave enough to tell “the truth” about the Middle East.
    Ron Paul came off as a gentleman, and as a thoughtful grandfather. When things started getting ugly, paul shifted the arguement to a more civil track.
    Paul is consistantly anti-war, anti foreign adventure and foreign aid. Paul is consistant on all things; Ron Paul will not have any surprises , what you see is what you get.Something you can’t say about Romney or Newt.
    I thought Ron Paul did best, he certainly got the most applause;BUT I’m no righty.
    The Republican party has fractured into several camps; the Country Clubers, the Tea party, the Rustics, then there is everyone else.
    Perry is the only one (that I know of) with military Service, something the right always crows about for the “commander in chief”.
    It will be interesting.

  3. I think I just found a reason to watch these Fascist imbeciles debate – to see who it is that advertizes.

    For the crowd that finds these candidates at all appealing instead of appalling, my guess would be either the “V” or “C” quicker-pecker-upper pills (because who doesn’t want to see old people on the edge of a cliff in bathtubs?), Depends, denture cream, and a variety of other pills, including those for “Restless Leg Syndrome” – that killer of millions of once happily snoozing seniors.

    And if advertising them on TV were allowed, this would have been a great time for gun and ammo ads.
    I can see it now, the farmhouse from “In Cold Blood,” with a white family sleeping there, when all of a sudden, there’s a noise, and there’s a home invasion. The camera pans outside and it looks like all of the state’s Crip’s and Blood’s have decided on invading this one home. The hubby wakes up, looks out the window, and says “I’ve got this – thanks to Glock!” and proceeds to start shooting out the window, where the gangs are seen running away. And the father turns towards the camera and says, “And don’t forget to ask for the extra-large clip, and Glock’s ‘Gang-banger-busting’ bullets. When you aim at something, hitting it’s a lock, with a Glock! And they stay hit.”
    And now, back to the debate, where the candidates will try to figure out who has the most Conservative way of killing women, children, seniors, the poor, the sick, and brown people.
    You know, never mind – the only way I’d watch one of these debates is if Mitt bet me $10,000 that I wouldn’t. I’m still unemployed, so I couldn’t afford to lose that one.

  4. I wonder how many dimwits watching this debate realize that a $10K bet for multimillionaire Mitt is like a dollar bet for everyone else?

  5. Notice that none of these air-heads has put a concrete plan on the table to put this country back together again. Everything on their ‘table’ is what is wrong with this country – Obama – which reminds me, Liz Cheney said recently that Obama is purposely keeping the economy in the tank so he’ll get re-elected. If Cheney, a credentialed Republican, has a 180 take on the cause of our tanked economy, it’s clear that the Republican Party has no platform – but it certainly is diverse?

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