No, Both Sides Don’t Do This

Genuinely disgusting.

Update: Blue Arkansas

Personally I would hope that leaders on the right-Steve Womack, the Arkansas Republican Party, etc.-would step up and condemn this as strongly as possible. I would also hope that Steve Womack’s father, owner of a local radio station, would stop giving out the names, phone numbers, and addresses of members of the Aden team or anyone else for that matter on his radio program when ranting about Aden. The elder Womack has done that several times and Aden’s former press secretary got a death threat in the mail soon after her name was mentioned on the program. Clearly there is someone out there that doesn’t need anymore of that kind of information, much less inspiration to act on their hatred. I also hope that the Aden campaign will do whatever they can to up the security at some of their events, for the time being at least. Aden has said he’s going to put out a press release on the matter soon, and we’ll be following this and any developments related to it closely.

The radio station is KURM, I believe.

5 thoughts on “No, Both Sides Don’t Do This

  1. Here in WI with the recall stuff there have been many instances of disorderly conduct when Republicans have stopped to ‘discuss’ with people collecting signatures. Some pretty ugly stuff. One time one of the local news channels ran a story on the recall and interviewed a signature collector who held up the sheet with some names on it. Some republican idiot apparently got names and numbers off of the sheet and proceeded to call these people, at 10:30 at night. Asking them why they signed. Indeed, I cannot see a liberal doing that, EVER. They are also now going to put everyone’s name into a database that will be available for the public to see, that will be interesting. I’ve had a Recall Scott Walker sign in my front yard for about two months now so I don’t think it will be a surprise to anyone that my names on it.

  2. This is some very sick sh*t, done by some very sick person/people.

    If I’m the cops, I’m looking for someone in a brown or black shirt. This is clearly Fascist territory.

  3. Today’s news from the “sunshine state”‘;
    On the way home from Tampa, a military style truck flying the “don’t tread on me” Tea Party flag PLUS some kind of altered American flag pased me headed towards Tampa.
    Trouble on wheels…

    A woman in “The Villages” stated at a Santorum rally that Obama is an “avowed” Muslim; Santorum did nothing to set her straight;at least John McCain had the class to do so when he faced a similar duche bag during his campaign,

    The editor of a Jewish news paper in Georgia mads a statement that a Mossad hit on the president would create a more friendly situation for Israel.

    We are headed to crazy town….

  4. The staffer in Arkansas is on the front line, so to speak, against some militant intimidation. There are many thousands or millions more in the rear – and I’m one of them – who won’t put on a bumpersticker, simply to avoid trouble. Things have gotten so bad, and will likely get worse, particularly in the hotbeds of redstatedom, that expressing your beliefs invites danger.

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