Hoisted, Own Petards, Etc.

The latest numbers at Nate’s place suggest Mittens might win Florida after all, although it’s currently close. And the GOP establishment is petrified. But, really, this train wreck is entirely their own fault.

Jonathan Chait writes that Newt’s campaign is being kept alive by Citizen’s United.

Money is the primary mechanism that parties use to herd voters toward the choices the elites would prefer them to make. The nomination of George W. Bush offers a classic example. Bush and his network had organized so many Republicans to donate so much money that the contest was essentially over well before a vote had been cast. …

…In 2000, the Bush network froze challenger John McCain out of party fund-raising networks. Now, the GOP is trying to do this again on behalf of Romney. … Ten years ago, this sort of edict would have suffocated Gingrich. But under the present system, Gingrich can simply have a single extremely wealthy supporter, Sheldon Adelson, write a series of $5 million checks.

The Super PACs are supposed to be independent of the campaigns, and of course that’s a charade. But once again we see the sharp teeth of unintended consequences. The Right believed that SuperPACs would be key to crushing progressivism once and for all, and so far it’s not working out that way.

12 thoughts on “Hoisted, Own Petards, Etc.

  1. You mean, ‘Hoisted, Own Retards.”
    I’m enjoying this show right now.

    But don’t forget – eventually they aim their money bombs at Obama and the Congressional Democrats.

    Something tells me I won’t be quite as amused come late summer, early-mid fall.

  2. Feeling bad for my Governor. She decided not to run for a second term. I can’t say I blame her; since the disastrous, low-turnout 2010 midterms, her sole function has been keeping the veto pen warm. Hopefully, the scurvy legislators who brought her to this decision will be tossed out on their rumps in November. For my part, I am hoping for high participation in 2012 and will be doing my small part by canvassing for Obama in NC.

  3. Mittens and Newt are battling it out on Florida’s airwaves.. Mittens has an ad that ends with the punch line..”.Isn’t it time to start believing in America again?
    Oh, and I’ve heard an ad that mentioned the shining city on the hill..whatever that means. For some reason the shining city on the hill rhetoric evokes the spirit of Ronny Reagan for me.

  4. As someone who studied Watergate and its final results (but also someone whose memory is fading), it seems to me that Citizen’s United may have undone some of the campaign reform that resulted from Watergate. Beside the burglary, Watergate was mostly about the “slush funds” that CREEP had. No one knew where the monies came from because once they arrived at CREEP, they were laundered several times. The monies that Nixon received were certainly unlimited and thought to be coming from the Mafia and other unsavory people. And, that is what I wonder, did Citizen’s United undo some of the safeguards that had been put in because of Watergate illegalities? If so, that would certainly be a reason for undoing Citizen’s United.

  5. I’m surprised by that but if the polling was done well I’ll not dispute the prediction. I’m was born and raised in Florida (left in ’72) and my feel from returning and ongoing dialog with many there is that buyers remorse over Governor Rick Scott is significant. He’d been head of HCA Hospital Corporation of America which was involved in medicare scams. Many insurance companies refuse to cover charges from an HCA hospital in my hometown.

    In any event polls won’t measure whether voters there are attracted by one candidate or repulsed by the other…or by both and flipping a coin. Gee whiz, I’d have expected more affinity for Newt and his silent racist dog whistles but I could be wrong.

  6. Swami,
    And how many people out there realize that it was Uncle Ronnie, of the ‘shining city on the hill’ fame, who decided not to pay for the electric bills in the future, and pave the way so that only the richest people could have candles?

  7. I tried to watch the debate in Tampa last night; I swear listening to that bunch spout bullshit and hate is way too painful for me to endure.

  8. I can’t watch the debates, even though they’re the greatest rolling comedy tour since Jeff Foxworthy with three of his comedian friends, Bill Engvall, Ron White, and Larry the Cable Guy, decided to hit the road.

    Maybe we could call this series of debates, “The White Collar, White Men, Comedy Tour?” Maybe just “The White Collar Comedy Tour?”

    My older cousin, who converted to Mormonism when she got married, told me that, as a gag, since she’s still a die-hard Democrat, she went out and voted for Newt in the SC primary, just to keep this farce alive.

    I hadn’t talked to her in awhile, and it was good to hear that she still had her wits about her, politically speaking, since she’s been living in the SC madhouse for almost a decade. So tt was nice to hear that she hates all of them.

  9. The major problem with this, of course, Swami, is that this group can make a big impact at the ballot box.
    I’ve lived amongst whole tribes of these folks in Idaho (for example). Not nice. Will send a bullet through your windshield if they set against you. Fortunately, usually not brave enough to do it (and take the consequences) while you’re in the car.

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