4 thoughts on “Turmoil Inside Komen

  1. I glanced at their forums. They are apparently scrubbing negative comments, according to some commenters there. Guess they just can’t keep up. Ambinder was on MSNBC just now trying to put some spin on it, but was a total fail to anyone who had kept up with the reading today.

    Their new hire is a disaster, but this does make clear that the winger anti-abortion crew will go after birth control just as soon as it can. I hope this kills off the pink elephant, which seems to have become a fund-raising colossus without doing a commensurate amount “for the cure” as they have trademarked the phrase and spent millions on lawing local groups for daring to use the phrase.

    I expect pink merch will become a liability to stores. About the time some pissed off former supporters start protesting the pinkwashing of profits, changes will be made.

  2. Huh, I’d forgotten about the pink lids on Yoplait. (Link #3.) I eat about five containers of that sludge a week. “3 Greek Gods” brand, you’re about to get a sales spike….

  3. I’ll be glad to see another meaningless and offensive ribbon campaign disappear.

    Also – isn’t “fucking with women’s health” (rights, incomes, etc) the raison d’etre of right-wingers?

  4. Stella,
    I think pissing-off Liberals is #1.
    Fucking with women’s health, the black/brown, the poor, and the environment, are all part of that, and so, are all tied for 2nd.

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