7 thoughts on “War on Women Updates

  1. I signed the petition and commented. The Republicans here in Pennsylvania have the additional defect of being ignoramuses. They are appalling.

  2. Check out this Tom Tomorrow cartoon about female orgasms:


    Oh, I wish he hadn’t given them any ideas!

    And thus, was a new right wing movement born:
    “Conservatives for Clitorectomies!”

    ‘And the women have to pay for them out-of-pocket.

    If we have to have some form of health care in this country, the least we can do is demand that it doesn’t pay for anything involving lady parts.’

    The guy in the 2nd frame who says, “I’ve certainly never seen one!”, kills me every time!

  3. The view is that those that watch Fox News live in a different world that progressive/liberals inhabit. The view is that the election in November may be real close.

    But this broad assault on women’s health issues, Komen/Planned Parenthood, person hood, birth control and finally transvaginal probing is going to activate women in an unprecedented way. In Virginia, Women’s Strike Force, a PAC, has been created with the purpose of defeating any legislator who backs the ultrasound or personhood bill.

    The social warriors on the right think that this is going to help them how? ? ?

  4. The Republican Party has turned into a giant nut-magnet–pulling in every crackpot in the country, and giving them a seat at the table.

    I cannot see how this is going to end well for them.

    • I cannot see how this is going to end well for them.

      The Dems have been complaining for years that younger working-class women don’t come out and vote. The GOP may have solved that problem.

  5. It looks like Conservatives figured out that OWS had at least some effect, since they’ve started their own movement: OWW “Occupy Women’s Womb’s!”

  6. I know conservatives don’t believe in the establishment clause, but fortunately it does exist. I’m not sure if any and all restrictions on abortion would violate the establishment clause, but to try to force a woman to feel guilty about doing something that is perfectly legal is a pretty serious infringement of her freedom of conscience.

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