Meanwhile, the Republicans Are Still Looking for a Candidate

We’ve been having so much fun I’ve been forgetting about the presidential primaries. So today is Super Tuesday. Nate Silver has Mittens winning Massachusetts and Virginia for sure and probably Ohio also, with Frothy a close second. Newt will pick up Georgia, and Frothy likely will take Oklahoma, Tennessee and Wisconsin. Mittens should end up with at least half of the delegates he needs to clinch the nomination.

Meanwhile, a few Republicans are beginning to suspect that the GOP brand is perhaps being compromised by extremism (ya think?) and have suggested that a good bottoming out, à la Barry Goldwater in 1964, might not be a bad thing. But they don’t think it will happen this year, because if Mittens is the nominee and loses, the whackjobs will see it as proof that they should have found a certifiable screaming lunatic real conservative to run.

Via Annie Laurie, Doghouse Riley:

THE 2012 Republican Presidential primaries will be remembered, if at all, for having taught us any number of things we already knew.

Rush Limbaugh is a human cloud of flatulence. Rick Santorum is a 10th century religious lunatic. Newt Gingrich is to serious politics what Newt Gingrich is to academic history.

Nobody likes Mitt Romney.

Of course the preeminent truth is that the whole goddam party is insane, and that the Press, having ignored the over-abundance of evidence of this for a generation, now finds itself incapable of dealing with this. Aside from the customary writing of scripts designed to encompass all such facts as aren’t truly inconvenient. Those, as always, get ignored.

The thing is, everyone on the planet whose head is screwed on all the way can see plainly that the GOP has driven itself into a ditch in the clown car. The only ones who can’t see it are most Republicans, and that’s because they are demented. So I don’t see them learning any lessons, no matter watch.

4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, the Republicans Are Still Looking for a Candidate

  1. Romney was the one candidate who, because of the money he already had behind him, could have changed the narrative by drawing the line and saying, “No, let’s not go THERE! While social issues are important, we need to stay on the economy.”

    But he didn’t.
    He decided to “go nativist.”

    And then the economy went and improved.
    Now what’s he left with?
    Trying to stay as crazy as Rick, Newt, and Ron? And that’s just to win the primaries.
    And hard as you may try, you can’t out-crazy them.
    And then, how do credibly turn back?
    You can’t…

    The Republican Party started to paint itself into this corner 30 years ago. And increased its efforts in the last 10.
    Notice, you don’t hear anything anymore about “Compassionate Conservatives.”
    Only “Reactionary Ideologues.” And religious, misogynistic ones, at that.
    And Mitt, who had a chance to avoid painting himself in with them, instead, grabbed a brush, and eagerly joined in the fray.

    Now, especially after they’ve decided to alienate over 50% of the voters, it’ll probably take another huge economic downturn, or another 9/11, to give them a chance at the Presidency.
    Still, never say never…

  2. On the plus side, Rushba the Hut has now lost 20 major advertisers.

    All that’s left are some gold & silver grifters, cures for restless nuts with restless leg syndrome, some minor league quicker-pecker-upper manufacturers (and useless nuts syndrome), maybe some dating sites for Conservatives who want to date, have a mate, but not have any sex.

    I think I’ll start a new dating company and advertise on Rush’s show: u-Harmony.
    It’ll be a dating service for the Conservative rugged individualists.
    I’ll charge them a fortune to answer a whole bunch of questions, and then provide them with their perfect mate – themselves!
    Onanism – A Party of One!
    Too bad ProFlower dropped Rush and they can’t sent themselves some flowers after they’re done being with the one they love, and loving the one they’re with…

  3. That snip from Doghouse Riley is a beautiful thing.

    I’m old enough to remember a time when there were non-batshit Republicans in the world, in the manner of Lacey Davenport from “Doonesbury.” Recently I saw Michael Moore– yep, that one– reminiscing fondly about George Romney, Vietnam War opponent, and his wife, an early supporter of women’s rights. Moore’s point was that the apple (their son, Mitt) has fallen very, very far from the tree. And is full of worms, to boot.

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