Frothy’s Night

For once Nate Silver was a tad off, but he had said it would be close. So Frothy has won Alabama and Mississippi, and it looks like Noot will be second in both and Mittens third. I tried to see some TV commentary on this, but every time I turned to MSNBC either Frothy or Noot were talking, and I’d rather have my fingernails ripped off than listen to them. But I suspect this isn’t going to help Mittens much.

Do see this cartoon. It’s a hoot.

11 thoughts on “Frothy’s Night

  1. A few days ago, Mitt said that he was far more conservative than Santorum.
    And, in retaliation, Santorum called Mitt a Liberal.

    And so, in continuing their game of “I’m FAR MORE CONSERVATIVE than you are!”, they move ever further away from Moderates and Independents!

    Let the Primary Circus Car continue turning right!

  2. Just keep them rolling. This should get Saint Torum to the convention, maybe even Newter. But Romney, the front runner, coming in third. Wow. Pass the popcorn.

  3. Please disregard that last comment.

    Actually, Mitt is about 50 years too old to peak a Priest’s curiosity – or his boner.

  4. gulag…. 🙂 Oh you nasty boy!

    I wonder if Santorum ever partook of the priest/altar boy sacrament? He never learned to play a note, but he sure learned about fiddling?

  5. All these news media people looking for Repuke primary voters, asking them serious questions about how they made their Important Decision. No-one asking why would you vote for any of these clowns? Why would any sane, non-bigoted person publicly associate themselves with today’s Republcian Party?

    Santorum or Romney? To me it’s like asking a guy in a tinfoil hat, “OK, so the aliens controlling your brain, are they from Mars or Jupiter?”

  6. gulag…Maybe you should tone it done. You don’t want Maha’s blog to degenerate into an absolute clown circus like the GOP primaries, do ya?

  7. Oh, sorry,that’s supposed to be “down” not done.. Seems I just overfed my CB1 receptor, that’s all.

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