Thank You for Not Shooting

Via Betty Cracker: According to Tampa Bay Online, during the Republican National Convention this July —

Hoping to head off violent protesters during the Republican National Convention, Mayor Bob Buckhorn has proposed a litany of items that will be considered security threats during the week-long event.

The list runs from air pistols to water pistols and also includes items such as masks, plastic or metal pipe and string more than six inches long.

Conspicuously absent from the list of potential weapons: Firearms.

That’s because state law bans local governments from placing any restrictions on the carrying of guns in public spaces.

The state motto really ought to be “Thank you for not shooting.” It should be on their bleeping license plates.

Guns will be banned from the security zone the Secret Service will set up around the convention site, Shimberg said.

But outside that perimeter, in the area Buckhorn as labeled “the clean zone,” state gun laws will prevail.

State law bans civilians from openly carrying handguns. But anyone – even protesters banned by the proposed city ordinance from wielding a piece of wood larger than a ruler – may carry a concealed handgun if they’re licensed to do so.

Are you taking note of this, Florida? Feeling any safer, are we?

12 thoughts on “Thank You for Not Shooting

  1. Hmmmm. 7-inch shoelace versus 9mm handgun. I wonder, which dog should I pick in that fight?!

    And which one is illegal, again?

    Have fun at the pitiful bloodbath, GOP. (And at your convention, 4 months before that!)

  2. Super Soaker – NO!
    (Be careful! You could put someone’s eye out with that thing!!!).

    Glock 9mm, with a full clip – YES!
    See a Liberal? “Kill ’em, or wound ’em!”

    And here I thought it was “The Gunfight at the OK Corral,” not “The Gunfight at Okefanokee Swamp!”

    I repeat – let ’em secede! PLEASE!!!

  3. I didn’t like Florida the first time I visited in 8th grade. Insects the size of small cars, flat and warm, brackish water (no waves). I won’t be heading there anytime in the near future, either.

    Tom B. – funny!

    Also, if they are banning string, maybe they should ban all black belt martial artists. Or even white belts.

  4. Just recently here in Florida( Tampa area) there was a guy who charged with publicly exposing his concealed weapon (flashing). For some reason when I read the story it had a sort of sexual connotation to it. Maybe because I kinda see the need to carry a handgun in public as being some sort of penis extender.

  5. over or under 10 “stand your ground” shootings during the convention?
    If you are liberal / progressive I would hope you stay safe during that insanity
    and laugh from a distance, at least 1 FULL state buffer between yourself and “brave citizens who feel they MUST defend themselves!!

  6. Romney’s coronation? …. And Newt is going to be swinging from the girders looking like Charles Laughton playing Quasimoto

  7. Oh, Jen;
    You never saw the really good stuff. Sure we have bugs the size of small dogs, but tie a string to one, and you’ll be entertained for hours.
    For the top places, there’s Lover’s key near Ft.Myers, Clearwater Beach,Siesta Key, Orchid Island,St. Augustine, And my fav, Rainbow River.
    The mormings right now are beautiful. My yard is a tropical jungle filled with Bamboos, bananas,gingers,”Tarzan” vines, Mangos, Lychees, large oaks, palms, and a veggie garden.

    As far as the gun law goes, if you shoot an alligator that you think is a threat (and don’t have a gator permit, and it ain’t gator season) you’re off to the pen for a long haul; shoot a crocodile and you’ll stay even longer. Don’t even think about taking a turkey out of season or without a permit. A HUMAN is less precious.Always open season.

  8. To paraphrase St. Augustine, “If given a choice between death and reliving our years in Florida, which one of us would not shudder and choose death?”

    I spent many years in Florida. Back in ’68 the extraordinary, and sometimes lethal nature of it’s flora and fauna was the chief annoyance. In the rainy season it was sufficient entertainment just watching the mold grow, on everything, like miniature topiary. Siesta Beach had no condominiums, Anna Maria Island was quaint and even Tampa was kind of pleasant, as difficult as that may be to conceive of now.

    One of my favorite Tampa related quotes comes from Alec Waugh, who was well traveled, had fought in two world wars and lived in Morocco and other exotic places. He was stopped at a traffic light crossing West Kennedy Blvd. and remarked, “This is the ugliest place I’ve ever seen.” That was before Tampa became the city where most of the buildings were either strip clubs or tattoo parlors, or “just look like them”.

    Okay, I’ve gone on too long. Maybe the contrast with rural NC is too jarring for me to appreciate the Floridan experience. But, believe me I could go on. Our per capita handgun assault rate here in NC is pretty much on a par with Florida. But, in Florida the unwary innocent is likely to be shot by a panoply of hostiles, from angry bikers, whacko right wingers (Alpha ’66 among them) to the neighborhood lad practicing his “drive by” technique.

    Here the neo-confederate endtimers have the edge and at least they’ll hold the door open for you.

  9. I want to comment on the “clean zone”. When I first read this post my assumption was that the clean zone would be an area of about 2 or 3 blocks surrounding the convention center. Tonight on the evening news they showed a map of the area that would constitute the clean zone. A was absolutely shocked..although it’s not defined in a circular area, it is so large that if it were defined by a radius around the convention center, the radius would be approximately 3 miles. For those familiar with the Tampa area… All of Ybor City would fall within the clean zone. It’s way beyond crazy.

    They also showed on the news citizens questioning the the City Council on the legality and wisdom of Buckhorn’s little Repug scheme. One woman held up two pieces of string, one six inches in length and one seven inches. She wanted to understand the danger between the two of them. The city council wasn’t amused..I wonder why?

    • All of Ybor City would fall within the clean zone. It’s way beyond crazy.

      You should have been in New York City in 2004 when the Republicans were there. It was like martial law. The “radius” was bigger than three miles, I’m sure.

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