A (Dim) Light Dawns in Louisiana

And it’s a hoot:

A member of the Louisiana House of Representatives who eagerly supported Gov. Bobby Jindal’s plan to fund private schools has had an epiphany: Muslim schools might start getting taxpayer money!

Rep. Valarie Hodges, a Republican who represents East Baton Rouge and Livingston, now says she wishes she hadn’t voted for the Jindal voucher bill.

“I actually support funding for teaching the fundamentals of America’s Founding Fathers’ religion, which is Christianity, in public schools or private schools,” Hodges told the Livingston Parish News.

“I liked the idea of giving parents the option of sending their children to a public school or a Christian school,” Hodges added.

The newspaper reported that she “mistakenly assumed that ‘religious’ meant ‘Christian.’”

Once again, your standard wingnut doesn’t know the establishment clause from eggplant. This lady’s testimony shows us an intention to violate the First Amendment by using taxpayer dollars to promote Christianity.

A private Islamic school in New Orleans applied for vouchers under Louisiana’s voucher program, and the state legislature freaked out. The Islamic school has since withdrawn its application.

However, other religious schools are ok:

New Living World, which says it can accept more than 300 vouchers, is one such school. The campus has no library, and classrooms are often adorned with little more than a TV on which biblically-themed DVDs recite the day’s lesson. Another, The Upperroom Bible Church Academy, is housed in a windowless building with no playground. They can accept more than 200 students, and would stand to receive as much as $1.8 million. Eternity Christian Academy (135 vouchers) doesn’t permit the teaching of evolution.

This is how ignorant yahoos reproduce; they infect the schools.

22 thoughts on “A (Dim) Light Dawns in Louisiana

  1. I think you’re on to something. This could be the nail in the coffin for the White House office of faith based whatever it is. Wonderful idea!

  2. HA!!! LA Conservatives – ‘Hoist by your own retards!’

    And I bet this feckin’ idjit walks around all day, spouting-off on how important it is to follow The Constitution – all without ever reading it – or, if she did read it, certainly not understanding one single word of it.

    And if she really wanted to follow most of the FF’s, wouldn’t those religious schools have to be Deist?

    What a dope! WHAT A MAROON!

    You might think that at least ONE Conservative politician in LA might know about ‘freedom of/from religion,’ and that the government can’t send money to one religion, sect, or denomination, without also having to do the same for every, and ALL, others.
    But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope a bunch of non-Christian religions flock there to start schools for their own religious grifters to suck at the state teat – all at the LA’s tax-payer’s expense.
    if we’re going to have generations of religious morons, it’d be nicer if the morons were of mixed religions – it’ll be more entertaining that way. Instead of that state being a laboratory for democracy, it’ll be a Holy Steel-cage Death Match for Theocracy.

    Feckin’ Idjits!

  3. Joseph Auclair,
    I’m with you!

    Enough of this “Faith-based” bullsh*t!

    I knew right from ‘jump street’ that this slippery-slope could lead to falling off a cliff.

    Let’s fix the public school systems.

    Religious people can pay to send their kids to their own religious schools at their own expense – and no one will stop them.

    And frankly, I don’t give two sh*ts what they’re taught there.
    Feck ’em!
    They can teach that the world is 6,000 years old, and that Adam and Eve (NOT Steve) used dinosaurs as SUV’s, and that Noah shrank them so they fit on his Ark, and that God used his right hand helping things evolve, while his left hand was guiding man – and that the Bible is the only book allowed. Or, frankly any insane feckin’ insane thing they want. They want to feck-up their own kids? FINE – FECKIN’ LET ‘EM!!!
    Let them send them to all of the versions of Liberty University that they want, for higher degrees.
    And then, when their children DO have to go out of their own little Christian bubble, they’ll have to go running back into it – because the real world needs real skills and critical thinking, not praying and spouting Gospel.

    They only places these people will be able to find work is back in the religious schools and churches that spawned them, where they can corrupt future generations of religious morons, until the last generation – when they’re too stupid to even eat paste or their own boogers when they’re hungry – they’ll die waiting for their Lord to provide.

    Then, maybe the rest of the country, if it’s still here, can go on without these Jesus-anchors dragging us down into the depths.

  4. Several months ago, when Tim Tebo had all the Fundie Christians feeling all gooey, I asked a friend if he’d be happy if a Muslim sports figure decided to throw down a prayer rug during a half time; He’d be honoring God, after all.
    Nope! Not the same! We’re A CHRISTIAN nation.
    This (said I) is why we have a separation of church and state, and should leave god out of certain events, out of good manners, if nothing else. God will understand.

  5. In Louisiana, even more so than in the rest of this great Republic, children need to be extremely careful in choosing their parents…..

  6. The Reuters story has plenty more horrifying details. Of course they’re giving the kids creationism in their science classes, and I imagine the American history curriculum is probably based on David Barton’s garbage. I like this justification from one pastor/principal:

    “We try to stay away from all those things that might confuse our children,” Carrier said.

    How in the hell is this not a violation of the establishment clause? I suppose defenders could try to claim parents can choose where to send their kids to school, but of course in reality most parents are going to have no choice but to send their kids wherever there’s a space for them.

  7. OT – but very, very, interesting.
    Judge Richard Posner, who was appointed to the bench by Ronald Reagan, and pretty much everyone’s definition of a solidly Conservative jurist, looks at the GOP, and finally realizes that they devolved to being “goofy.”


    I guess, sometimes “Conservative” doesn’t mean being ‘totally stupid.’

    And he asks what they think excoriating Roberts will do?
    Make him MORE Conservative?

  8. ‘Gulag, Posner was on NPR this morning, he said Roberts was running with the beasts (not his exact words) that want to bite him.
    I remarked about this strange melding of country clubbers,rapture-ready primitives,NASCAR Dads,and Neoconservatives. Its a dangerous ugly Hydra, one that will go all super-nova some day.
    In the interim, men like Posner (and even Pat Buchanan)are taking a deep breath and getting out of the way.

  9. Just think what will happen when any of these kids try to get into college and take an actual science class…

    …talk about set up for failure.

  10. My first thought about Louisiana’s new voucher system was, they’ve just seen the end of their education system. But after reading Rep. Hodges’s comments, it seems pretty clear that horse left the barn years ago.

  11. KKKristian-edumacated stoodint:
    E=MC X 2?

    God would never mix a number and letter together!

    You know who would?


  12. My, they do grow ’em bright down there, don’t they?

    I think we ought to put together a reality TV show, like Big Brother, where we get a bunch of these stellar state reps from all over the country and put them in a big mansion in the Los Angeles hills for a few weeks, and just watch what happens. This Hodges lady from Louisiana, and Kerns the Bison Guy from Montana, and a few more? Maybe if we’re lucky we can get Orly Taitz, too. Amongst ourselves we’ll call it NutJob House, but maybe “America House” will be what we tell them it’s called.

  13. “Roberts [is] running with the beasts … that want to bite him.” Think Dick Lugar. One of the last elected Republicans who could contemplate both sides of an issue. Ousted in the primary.

  14. God would never mix a number and letter together!

    C U N D, algebra was invented by them MUSLIMS!!!!! EEK! TERRORISTS!

  15. “They can accept more than 200 students, and would stand to receive as much as $1.8 million”

    Christ + Cash = America

  16. OT – but some more ignorant yahoos:

    These anti-abortion protesters all agree that it’s murder.

    When asked what the woman’s punishment should be, the best most of them can come up with, are the following:
    “I haven’t thought about it.”
    “That’s hard to say.”
    ” Their punishment is already upon them when they get an abortion.”

    Several of the people have been doing “God’s work” for several years, and one of them, for 5 years.
    5 YEARS?
    5 years of calling women, and their significant others, “Murders!”, and it never occurred to you whether or not they should be punished, and if so, what that punishment should be?

    Let me put it this way – what if you weren’t out protesting a woman’s right to choose, but were a cop who’d just left the murder scene of a young child, and had to inform that child’s mother of what had happened. Is this how that conversation would go?
    “Well, Mrs. Johnson, I’m sorry to inform you that your 6 year-old’s been murdered.
    ‘OH MY GOD!”
    “Yes, we’re sorry we have to tell you that.”
    “Do you know who did it?”
    “Oh, yes.”
    “Good! What’s going to be their punishment?”
    What do you think Mrs. Johnson would think of you, if this was range of your responses:
    “I haven’t thought about it.”
    “That’s hard to say.”
    ” Their punishment is already upon them when they murder.”
    Or, my favorite: “Huh?”

    They’re either stupid, ignorant, misogynistic, or they don’t want to say, because if we really do start putting women who had abortions in prison, they know their cause would be completely lost after the first few families saw their daughters, mothers, and sisters, behind bars.
    Or they’re both.
    These are smug, self-righteous, buttinsky, holier-than-thou’s, who are propped-up by their moral rectitude like it was a popsicle-stick shoved-up so far up their asses that it can also serve as a tongue-depressor that, sadly, doesn’t leave them speechless.

    Feckin’ idjits.
    ‘Nuff said!

  17. Ooops!

    Not “Or they’re both,” but “Or, all of the above,” towards the end.

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