Moveon Misstep?

Lay off the horse, I say again. Right now every progressive/liberal/Democratic ad buy should be zeroing in on Romney’s tax policies and nothing but Romney’s tax policies, until every American hears about what Mittens has in store for them. Snarking about the expensive horse comes across as petty, IMO, and at this point is just message clutter.

Update: Olympic news — U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas just won the gold medal in the women’s individual all-around competition. She is the first American woman to win the team and individual all-around in the same year.

14 thoughts on “Moveon Misstep?

  1. I agree. The horse is probably the only one in that household with high likability numbers.

  2. I guess I’m guilty, since I see wanted Rafalca to win, and have Mitt have to explain to Bubba and Bubbette how having a horse in the Olympics is really the same as having their kids be in the 3-legged race at camp.

    But yeah, ok, no more horse gags.

    Instead, I’ll focus on the candidate.

    Are gag’s about horse’s asses allowed? 😉

  3. Now, you have ruined my evening viewing. I had been avoiding the news until it is on out here on the west coast. Didn’t know I would have to avoid your blog too.

  4. Democrats:”Stay on message!”


    How long have you been observing American politics?

    I know not what course others may take, but, as for me: Screw Mitt Romney and the dancing horse he rode in on.

  5. Wow. I’ve gone out of my way to avoid news that would spoil tonight’s Olympics coverage. What about a spoiler alert? I’m dellighted for Gabby but would have much preferred seeing it without knowing about the result.

  6. I haven’t followed MoveOn very closely – unsubscribed from them years ago – but this focus on Ann’s horse is amateurish (and as your reader Hart Williams was trying to state, sadly typical of Democrats). I’m reminded that GW Bush won by relentlessly repeating no more than three messages his whole campaign. That’s the kind of focus (and hammering) it takes to win, given the media noise and, to put it kindly, the low-information voter. Mounting a campaign about Ann’s horse is just wasting money.

    • sadly typical of Democrats

      Not exactly; Democrats have been more likely to simply (and ineffectually) react to Republican assaults, stammering “but … but … but…,” than to launch an even amateurish snark attack themselves. Back in the Age of Dubya, Moveon stood out because no one else was generating direct slams of the Bush Administration that showed what a pile of bleep they were. But the Obama crew is doing a pretty fair job of taking the fight to Romney, and recently most other nationally visible Democratic Party figures have been following their lead. So the conventional wisdom about how Dems can’t stay on message is a bit dated now, IMO.

  7. “So the conventional wisdom about how Dems can’t stay on message is a bit dated now, IMO.”

    They are getting much better. The “shakier” Democrats have mostly been shaken out. The remainder are more likely to push hard for the “good” if they can’t get the “perfect”, and better at using attacks against the other side.

    I’m delighted to see O addressing for some things that are slightly controversial, like marriage equality. It is not a central problem facing America, but he took a principled stand, at risk of alienating a few independents. The GOP is NEVER afraid to push hard on UN-principled, cynical positions regarding abortion, “defense of family”, guns, women’s health. It does not serve Democrats well to be always in “reactive mode” to whatever the latest GOP outrage is.

  8. You have to admire a person who has the courage of their convictions. Unfortunately, that doesn’t describe “Abused” at all.

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