CNN and the Sikh Gurdwara Shooting

I understand from my friend Sukhmandir Khalsa, the Guide to Sikhism, that Sikhs prefer to call their houses of worship a “gurdwara” rather than a “temple.” My deepest condolences to the Sikh community.

I’ve been checking in with CNN sporadically today, and from what I’ve seen their coverage of the Wisconsin shooting has been cautious and professional. I haven’t seen speculation about motives or the perpetrator, who hasn’t been named. They’ve also had some Sikhs talking about their religion, which is nice. Nobody’s reading on air some dumb thing the summer intern found on Facebook, in other words.

9 thoughts on “CNN and the Sikh Gurdwara Shooting

  1. I must say, this has hit me much harder than the Colorado shooting, simply because of the proximity. Some tweets of people allegedly tied to the shooter, have him as a white supremest. But we know little else. Local TV has been on this all day, and the coverage has really added very little since it occurred. Big presser tomorrow at 10am CST.

  2. Yes, “Gurudwara” is the official punjabi/hindi term … but temple is ok too … the holiest place for Sikhs in Amritsar (Punjab) is called “The Golden Temple”

    “Hari Mandir, or Harmandir Sahib, also referred to as the Golden Temple, is a prominent Sikh gurdwara located in the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India.”

    • he holiest place for Sikhs in Amritsar (Punjab) is called “The Golden Temple”

      Yes, but my impression is that some Sikhs don’t think “temple” is accurate and prefer people not call their gurdwaras a temple, although others don’t seem to mind.

      What people outside a religion call something often is different from what people within a religion call it. For example, within Zen the title “Zen master” (zenji in Japanese) is not correctly given to a living person; it’s given posthumously, and usually way posthumously, like a couple of centuries.

  3. Terrible.

    And the lesson here?

    Gun control?

    NOT gun control!
    NOT ammunition control.

    The lesson from the movie theater shooting – people shouldn’t wear masks.
    And now, people shouldn’t wear turbans.

    I can’t express even begin to express my disgust.

    Every nation has its maniacs and lunatics.
    Not every nation encourages to arm themselves, and makes is easy to do so.
    We do.

    And now, we’ll learn about the killer.
    But we’ll learn nothing as a nation.
    Lately, we never do.

    I can’t express my disgust

  4. Oh, silly me.

    And here, I thought this shooting might have been the fault of a white supremacist right-winger.

    As the fact’s become clearer, it’s becoming obvious it was all a plot by Obama and the Liberals.

    Let some people who are allowed out of their attics and basements, and are probably voters as well, explain it to you. Tbogg has some of their mental excrement on display:

    America – a country where not only are the crazies allowed to roam free, they’re actually encouraged to arm themselves.

    If I ever win the lottery, the first thing I’m doing is moving myself and my family to a country that allows its lunatics to speak freely – but discourages them from owning and carrying weapons.

  5. After the shooting in Colorado, one of my conservative, gun enthusiast friends was quick to post an article that called out liberals for “politicizing” the tragedy. This is of course SOP. TBogg has already assembled a treasure trove of crazy.

    It really seems impossible to forget just how unhinged so many of us have become. But, this really turns up my culture dysphoria meter.

  6. ‘Gulag,I’m thinking this internet thingie is allowing all manner of warped minds to circulate absurdities which are gobbled up by other warped minds with gusto.
    I visit a site called “The Fellowship of the Minds” several times per week just to see what the crazies are a thinking.I’m seldom dissapointed.

  7. erinyes,
    Yeah, I’m afraid that it just might be the internet’s fault.

    Before, the only way the crazy people could communicate, was either if they got out of their locked basement or attic room, and got to the phone while no one was looking, or used semaphore flags to communicate with neighborhood crazies.

    Now, even an old idiot like me can communicate and share his word turds 24X7X365, if I didn’t want to sleep.

    Now, it’s as if everyone with computer access has their own printing press, and it’s either 1776, or 1861, depending on what you’re most interested in – change, or insurrection.
    And it’s insureection for most of the rightie crazies. I wonder why that is? WHAT could it possible be?

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