Mopping Up: Watch Nevada

Not surprisingly, Mittens is sulking and refusing to concede. However, before I turn in for the night, I want to point out that President Obama right now is just short of 270 without Ohio, Virginia, and Florida. And by my calculation, the state that could put him over the top without OH, VA, and FL, is Nevada.

Nevada hasn’t been called yet. With the states called for Obama minus Ohio, by my count the President has 265 electoral votes. Nevada has 6 electoral votes, and it is expected to go to Obama. Once he has Nevada, the President has 271 electoral votes without Ohio, without North Carolina and without Florida.

And Nate Silver believed Nevada is safe for Obama.

Right now I don’t have a sense of where Nevada is in its vote counting, so I’m not going to wait up for it.

Update: Alan Grayson wins in Forida! He’s back!

12 thoughts on “Mopping Up: Watch Nevada

  1. I am so hopeful.

    I don’t blame Romney for not conceding – really. There are some very close totals, and we might see states with close enough margins that absentee ballots could swing it.

    But I think as the night wears on it’ll become obvious that Obama will win, even if we don’t *how*.

  2. MSNBC was surprised at no booing from Romney supporters during concession. I am too, but am grateful for the bit of class at the end.

  3. Obama gave a wonderful speech. It was inspiring and powerful. I am so proud of him.

    Mittwitt didn’t give a terrible speech but oh my did ann ever seem to have her magic panties in a wad, but then she always looks kinda like a …well, you know.

    At 1:23 central time VA was called for Obama, for those still keeping score at home and last I knew FLA said they would not have a total tonight.

    Somewhere, a republican is sad to learn a lost election causes viagra to stop working.

  4. OBAMA!!!
    The Senate stays Democratic!
    And my hidious Congresswoman, Nan Hayworth(less), is OUT!!!

  5. Dick Morris is on FUX Noise right now, explaining why his numbers had fecal matter all over them.
    Have another sip of that bitter, oh so bitter, SCHADENFREUDE!!!

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