Right-wing Meltdown

I am surprised at the degree to which the Right seems genuinely stunned to the core about the results of Tuesday’s election. I figured they would just blame the defeat on Romney for not being conservative enough; various scapegoats (Chris Christie; Hurricane Sandy) and voter fraud. And of course, there is a lot of that out there this morning. But I’m also seeing at least some asking bigger questions. Like, What is the fundamental nature of reality?

The right-wing world view is based on a faith in several unsupported assumptions, one of which is that a solid majority of American citizens share their views, and liberal/progressive beliefs are held only by a shadowy elite fringe of egghead academics and aging hippies (never mind that “elite hippie” is something of an oxymoron) plus angry and demanding nonwhites, various “pervents” like gays and feminists, and foreign infiltrators. In the rightie mind, all of those groups added together make a big enough minority to be of concern in a national election, especially with that voter fraud thing going on. But still, a minority.

I hadn’t actually reckoned on how deeply the Right believed that Americans elected Barack Obama in 2008 just for the novelty of the thing — hey look! We have a black president now! — and not because we agreed with his proposals and thought he was the best candidate to handle the job.

Well, rigties, deal with this: We, the majority of American voters, elected Barack Obama because agreed with his proposals, most of ’em anyway, and thought he was the best candidate to handle the job. That was true in 2008 and also true on Tuesday.

It appears (as some had suggested) that Mitt’s calculations for victory assumed that African Americans would not vote in the same numbers as in 2008.

Multiple Romney sources buzzed about one number in particular: 15 percent. According to exit polls, that’s the share of African-Americans who voted in Ohio this year. In 2008, the black percentage of the electorate was 11 percent. In Virginia and Florida, exit polls showed the same share of African-Americans turned out as four years ago, something that GOP turnout models did not anticipate.

“We didn’t think they’d turn out more of their base vote than they did in 2008, but they smoked us,” said one Romney operative. “It’s unbelievable that that they turned out more from the African-American community than in 2008. Somehow they got ‘em to vote.”

Also, it became apparent that Mitt Romney can’t be trusted farther than Ann Coulter can throw him. Another Republican candidate — although not one that was actually running at any time in the past couple of years — might have won on Tuesday. But the more people looked at Mittens, the more enthusiastic they got about Obama.

The Right’s other big blind spot, of course, is their perception that being a white man is the human default norm. If that’s how one honestly sees the human species, never mind the American electorate, how can one possibly understand what’s going on in the “real world” of the 21st century?

Rich Benjamin writes,

Much of the GOP — think Romney, Mourdock, Akin — cling to a political narrative according to which white male voters are “conservative” and “minority” voters are “liberal,” and where white male voters are self-sufficient and everyone else is dependent. It’s exactly this form of white-on-white racial profiling, a fear of the future, that produced the election’s outrageous comments about unions, the poor, rape, women, minorities and the like.

Why did conservative straight white men self-destruct so spectacularly this election? Perhaps because, in trying to secure the votes of other white men, they failed to notice that these white men have mothers, daughters, gay relatives and/or friends who are racial minorities; and that other white men are suffering economically; and that straight white men can also embody the country’s dramatic change? The cheap, divisive, nativistic, racialized ways that conservative leaders divvy up the electorate has now come to spook them. It’s a vicious loop: What this political narrative does is to fuel a further sense of embattlement and decline among disenfranchised straight white men.

Well, yeah, but it’s also the long-entrenched sense that only the concerns of the default norm — white men — are actually important. Matters that are mostly of concern to those “alt” people are not serious concerns that serious default people need to think about. And that’s how they still think. So when they find themselves in a place in which they have to appeal to “alts” to win an election, the defaults immediately think in terms of putting forward their own tokens — a woman or minority (although one who can be counted on to respect the defaults). Or, they gin up some verbiage that maybe makes it sound as if they care about the well-being of the alts even as the actual concerns of the alts are smugly ignored. For example, the Romneys went around saying that women care more about jobs than about reproductive rights. Hence, this reproductive rights nonsense is just a silly distraction; not something to be taken seriously.

Guess again, Mitt.

The bigger concern for the Republican Party is that their old talking points on just about everything are likely to become increasingly irrelevant over the next four years. The economy is likely to continue to get better (barring a global meltdown), for example. Global warming, alas, is likely to become more real.

In 2016 Obamacare will have been fully in effect for a couple of years, and by then people will have realized the world did not end and, in fact, they kind of like it. Most middle-class people who already had insurance will at least know somebody who finally was able to get insurance because of Obamacare.

The electorate will be more racially diverse, and a larger percentage of voters will be too young to remember the Cold War or even Ronald Reagan. Women are unlikely to decide they no longer need equal pay or reproductive rights.

The Middle East will be a wild card, as will the global economy. Many things could go wrong. But it’s going to be really interesting to see if the Republicans can adjust enough to be viable in 2016. The deny and obstruct thing didn’t work for them. And the “vote for me ’cause I’m the white guy” thing didn’t work for them. Can the old GOP learn new tricks?

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  1. My favorite example of a complete lack of self-awareness, was something Rush said yesterday. He was ranting on and on about how, of course, Republicans/Conservatives were inclusive! “We have Marco Rubio, we have Allen West, we have Hermann Cain, so how can you say we’re not a ‘Big-tent Party?!?!'”
    Uhm, Rushbo, when you personally know, and can name, pretty much all of the minorities that are part of YOUR party, then, by definition, you’re NOT a ‘Bgt-tent Party!’
    It’s when it’s not just the minority guests in attendance, but the minority servers at your cocktail parties that are also party members, that you can start to even begin to define yourselves as a ‘Medium-tent Party.’
    It was quite a display of stupidity.
    Stay clue-free, there, Rush!

  2. The Right’ll be mighty lonesome when we’re smote:


    Seriously: the Reagan Script (rednecks plus 1% billionaires) has lost its mojo. The Cold War is over; those “dang” browner people are everywhere; and, by golly, thanks to contraception, maybe rednecks are’nt procreating fast enough.

    That said, you gotta lay some “blame” on Mittens. He has a thinner CV than any Republican candidate I remember in my lifetime. Short, unsuccessful stint in Gov’t; no private sector experience he could dare talk about in public; no eloquence, or “well, there you go again…” catchy lines, like we got from the Gipper.

    The South, including, sad to say, my current state, NC, has doubled down on stupid. Roy “10 Commandments” Moore has been readmitted to the judiciary in Georgia. Several red states are of the erroneous belief they can avoid the Obamacare by writing angry ballot measures.

    Demographic trends WILL prevail even in the former Confederacy. But not YET.

    The Right’s best strategy, at this point is to go “Real” libertarian– privatize everything PLUS individual liberties (abortion rights/sex ed/go back to believing in science and learning/Dream Act). This’ll piss off the rednecks, but they may pick up affluent African Americans, women, and Hispanics, if they are sincere enough, and they follow through. They won’t get me; I believe Gov’t has a role to play in people’s lives, and I find Libertarianism too “survival of the (so-called) fittest”. But, for them, it’s that route, or stay the course. If they wish to stay the course and keep doing what they are doing, good riddance. The GOP will be defunct in 2020, when the next re-districting comes around.

  3. I’ll be surprised if Rush doesn’t get tossed. He has outlived his usefullness and now cultivates division and hate, plus his faithful followers are dying off.

  4. HuffPo banner headline this afternoon: DEATH OF A SALESMAN. Above an unflattering (is there any other kind?) photo of old T. Blossom.

    If enraged townsfolk with torches and pikes chased Rove and Limbaugh to the edge of a cliff, and over it, the world would be a better place. Cue the baying hounds.

  5. And what will Conservatives learn from November 6th?
    Absolutely nothing!

    Conservatism can’t fail.
    It can only be failed!
    So, their ideology will remain the same. They just need the right leader.

    And so, the Republicans will now be looking looking to find a better lead singer, one who can do a cover version of “The Horst-Wessel Song,” while not scaring the moderates.

    They are a cult, in search of a personality.

  6. I am from the midwest and on business in San Francisco for the week. At an after work happy hour I heard one of my coworkers say something like, “Well, Congratulations to you all.” He was speakgin to a group of people who he assumed voted for Obama. He then put his arm around me ( 52 Yr old white guy) and said, “I’m sure Andy’s on my side.” To which I responded, “Hell no! You’re on your own.” and stepped away.

    That’s my sad tale. Another victim of whit-on-white racial profiling.

  7. Everything you wrote is true, but there’s something huge that you’re missing, the elephant in the dining room, and Romney articulated it when he was talking about the 47% on that secret video. Wingnuts genuinely believe 1) the only ones who voted for Obama are getting free stuff from the government, and 2) this number of people has a reached a critical mass where it’s now impossible (as demonstrated by Tuesday’s election) to stop this massive suck on the public treasury. When they say “It’s Over” for America, this is why. Enough people in this country have turned into dependent leeches who can still nonetheless vote, and so there’s no possible way to stop it.

    Our wonderful principles and proposals – which these people don’t care about, if they even barely understand them – have little to do with it. Now – my guess is this is what the averaged uneducated wingnut thinks; anybody with some education has got to realize that half the population can’t be on the dole. Or maybe they don’t. Romney didn’t.

  8. As a straight white male Democrat, I can assure you that your views are dead on. When I was a a kid and a Republican, my default view was exactly as you describe it above. It only took about two philosophy courses and an introduction to critical thinking to help me understand how ludicrous ( and arrogant) such a view is.

    Very worthwhile post.

  9. AndyS,
    I know how that goes.
    I’m over 6 feet tall, and weigh over 250, and I’m an over 50 year-old white guy with a shaved head and a goatee, so when I lived in NC, a lot of people assumed I was either a die-hard Conservative, or an actual skin-head.
    Many an @$$hole was surprised when I opened my mouth!

  10. Republicans that I know at work and via Internet were convinced they were going to win. If the election was close – one state by a narrow margin, that was just voter fraud. They expected to win the Senate and the WH and repeal Obamacare, extend the tax cuts. If they had to, they would have sued to reverse the vote in a close state with enough electoral votes.

    Yes, they are stunned. Obama swept every swing state except North Carolina and anyone who could read the polls knew that wasn’t in play. There was NO avenue of reversing the close election. They are looking at voter repudiation, not only of Mitt, but the Senate offerings.

    The GOP still can’t conceive of a real swing to the middle which respects women’s rights, minorities, gays. And they are deeply invested in the Randian myth of entrepreneurs as the liberating force of capitalism. And government as a satanic plot to enslave freedom-loving people.

    Most liberals see government and business as two horses pulling the wagon of society. It”s a wagon neither of them can pull alone. Business, not government should provide services and jobs. Government must protect the weak, that they are not trampled. Business has proven that, without controls, they will damage society at large in pursuit of profits. Only a strong federal government has the strength to hold them back.

    The Libertarian concept is clear in the minds of those who voted against Obama (not for Romeny). But the liberal concept of two powerful entities working to advance society at large – not a select segment – is not being articulated well enough. We have some new spokespersons. The next four years has to prove the value of the concept in action.

    To put that vision into action – we need to wrestle control of the House in 2014 from extremists.

  11. Perhaps Obama should create an office of job creation and appoint Mitt as chairman ( and create a position of official ass-clown for the Donald). But seriously,At 58 with grey hair (rugged good looks and a butt load of humility), and a red F150, I’m thought to be part of the Republican farm and ranch “team” here in beautiful Osceola County (formerly “redneckistan”) Osceola has changed over the past 10 years. I voted down in Poinciana, and was the only white boy in the hour long waiting line.Our population is very diverse, with people from all over the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Asia. They all came out to stop the GOP.These are hard working people who want a shot at a better life, not handouts.

  12. I’m trying to be real big about this win. I’m only going to leave my Obama sign up in the yard for a few more days. Of course, every time I hear more Reteathuglicant whining, I have to redefine the length of “few” upward by a few more days. I wouldn’t have to hurt them if they didn’t make me.

  13. One last thought tonight, the GOP has been “left behind”.Oh, the irony!
    The progressive movement marches on while the conservatives are stuck in the 50’s.
    C’est la guerre.

  14. “The progressive movement marches on while the conservatives are stuck in the 50′s.
    C’est la guerre.”
    We can have “send a Tea Bagger a fluffernutter day.” Or not….

  15. Dough Hughes, i know what you’re talking about. Boy do I ever.
    I’m from Santorum’s Pennsylvania, and while I’ve lived in NYC ever since 1987, I still have relatives back there and for us it will always be 1987 — the country votes for Reagan and the perverts and freaks live in NYC.
    But the same time, living in NYC, I can see a different reality evolve, yet back home Pennsylvania never changes. Which world is real? The one I live in, or the one I visit for Thanksgiving? Like the Pevensie kids in the C.S. Lewis Narnia novels, I can travel from one to the other, but that doesn’t mean they exist in the same time-space continuum.

    So when every votes, do they vote for England or for Narnia?
    Turns out the country voted for Narnia.
    I still can’t believe it.

  16. But the same time, living in NYC, I can see a different reality evolve, yet back home Pennsylvania never changes.

    I am also from Pennsylvania, but fled for the left coast in the 90s, even as our home-town boy, Tom Ridge became governor. When I return for visits, I see a Pennsylvania that is slowly changing, but mostly not for the better. There are a few islands of progress (eg State College), but it’s mind-boggling that politicians like Santorum have traction. Pennsylvania used to be known for very level headed moderates – Ridge is a good example, governors Thornburg, Milton Shapp, and even Arlen Specter (who once was a Democrat) are others.

    Pennsylvania used to be a strong union state, but the decimation of manufacturing and the general abandonment of the working class by Democrats has left this state vulnerable to right wing populism. After being kicked out of Idaho, the Aryan Nation is now headquartered in rural Potter county. I don’t know if you remember those “Potter County – God’s Country” signs when you were growing up, but that’s the place. They seemed to represent something so innocent, so bucolic and wholesome, when I was a kid.

    Pennsylvania is just one example out of many demonstrating how the country has become polarized over the last few decades.

    Now, whenever I head east out of Los Angeles, I psychologically grit my teeth, for I know I’m heading into the Outback. I can relax after a little bit – we’re all just people after all – and get out of my big city vibe, and enjoy the trip, but there’s no way I’d want to move back there on a permanent basis.

  17. @Diana —
    Beautiful. And it’s easy enough for me to say, here in Narnia 10 miles from San Francisco, but I have to admire the people who are determined to be Narnians even if there isn’t a Narnia.

    (BTW my excellent county voted for repealing the death penalty (duh) but voted against a large mitigation of the Three Strikes law. Go figure.)

  18. Look , the gloating was tasty and well deserved, but it has gotta be over.IF the gop was honest with voters it would be dead in the water to be sure, but lets not kid ourselves they are already in a scramble for 2016. Don’t believe me? Rubio is coming for what is billed as his “first of many trips” to Iowa.

    The gop is not gonna stop hating gays,women,blacks, hispanics- for starters, but they are going to LIE (gee that would be new huh?) or repackage it for the public (which means lie to get in office then do what you want- kinda like bush or get a token so it looks like you tolerate other cultures to be your spokes suit)

    And as wonderful as it was to have black America voting in record numbers it WILL NOT happen again unless they have someone at stake in the race. If you recall the hispanic vote once went to bush..No one really played the catholic card in this race but don’t look for it to vanish. Their plot is not going to change, they will just have to be more careful about letting people know about it. They don’t feel they were wrong. Conservatism is still right in their minds it was packaging, it was the weather, it was ANYTHING but them. This is not a lock stock and barrel change in trends , the planets just aligned. I agree with what has been said here- Obama care will make lives better ect, but making that translate to 2016 is another matter.

    Consider what spray tan boy and mitch the turtle are already doing. They would rather let this country and it’s finances go to hell then FOLLOW our elected leader and the platform he ran on. The left should have organized a grass roots movement at the state level while they had access to all the volunteers working on the re election campaign to PREpare for this inevitability.Instead of telling them thanks they should have been asked to continue the fight. To remind you of where we are at mcconnell and boner, it is being reported, were called by Obama right after the election was called for him and they were both”IN BED”..Well ya know what? When the President of the United States of America calls you, you shag your lazy ass out of bed! What if this had been a national emergency where they were needed to report for a vote over a national security matter(war?) ? Who in the f%&8 do they think they are? A mass motivation of the same people who voted is now needed to tell congress loud and clear they are expected to work to make the policies of the president a majority of this country elected happen.

    The debt ceiling NEEDS to be raised. Don’t like it , but it needs to happen. And people need to understand it is our safety valve to keep us afloat while we continue to return to our feed. It’s like mitt and ann having to live off their stocks in college.It is like the auto bail out for America while we keep re grouping. We can all see how that saved our entire economy from assured destruction. It saved our auto industry and today they are getting back on their feet.

    The bush tax cut for the rich needs to stay gone until the rich pitch in and we all get back on our feet.. instead of them holding us hostage they need to be told the faster they get this country back to work and back on track the sooner we can afford those tax cuts again. Like em? Want em back? Create jobs to collect revenue and make the debt go away.

    And while we are at it- the off shore loop hole corporate welfare shit HAS to stop NOW. It is un American, it is bleeding us to death and that is where welfare reform should start!

    Congress needs to be rode hard by an organized group of voters and if they don’t want to co operate and get the presidents platform in play then they will be out of jobs in 2014.Ground wars are fought at a local level. Disbanding the campaigns before re organizing for tomorrow was not good.

    Don’t trust the other side- they have not earned it.The fight started on election night.

  19. Hey one more thing: Is it my understanding that one only pays in to SS and medi up to a certain income level then they are done for the year? Why not collect ss and medi on all income? I have it deducted from all of my income- seem fair we all have the same rules.

    • Hey one more thing: Is it my understanding that one only pays in to SS and medi up to a certain income level then they are done for the year? Why not collect ss and medi on all income? I have it deducted from all of my income- seem fair we all have the same rules

      That’s true for Social Security. Social Security taxes apply to only the first $110,100 of income each year (going up a notch in 2013, I believe). A whole lot of people have been saying for years that if we’d just eliminate the cap on SS taxes it would go a long way toward funding SS into the distant future. Simple fix. No need to overhaul the program, raise rates of SS taxes, cut benefits, any of that. Only upper income people would be affected. Of course, to Republicans eliminating the cap is unthinkable.


  20. Right, Justme; but then, that would be socialism.
    Tom B, I think that fluffernutter would have to be laced with Valium at this point.
    Poor kids are sooooo depressed.

  21. Get ready for the next right wing conspiracy bug-a-boo —-AGENDA 21 !!!!!
    Yes ladies and germs, the UN is going to take away ALL of our God-given rights in the name of promoting the Al Gore climate change fantasy.The Kenyan Godless Muslim Atheist communist is the mastermind. Say good bye to your AK-47!

  22. erinyes,
    Here’s what makes me laugh about rich idiot’s like Siegel – I guess they’ve never heard that you attract more flies with sugar, than with vinegar.
    Instead of threatening to fire their employees if Obama wins, maybe they’d have gotten a better result if they’d promised people bonuses or raises if Romney won. But of course, THAT thought never even occured to them.

  23. ‘Gulag, How true.
    It kinda shoots down the right wing idea about putting big business people in government; that’s called a dictatorship.
    Siegel said he’d leave the USA if Obama wins. Fat chance.

  24. Some of my Republican acquaintances are behaving in rather surprising (to me)ways. For example, the mother of a former student . She is now the head of the county school board, but has taken to showing ammunition ads on my Facebook page. Weird and ominous.

  25. Let ‘im go.
    Please, PLEASE, “GO GALT!”
    We want you to.
    And where are you going to go that DOESN’T have Socialized Medicine and higher taxes?
    You haven’t built that space station, or occupied Mars yet – and, for all of the lack of respect for math and science, you never will.
    Not unless THE GOVERNMENT builds it for you!
    You’re the rich moron’s who believed in your parties crazy diddled-with and inbred polls, and couldn’t fine Nate Silvers blog in the feckin’ NY Times – or were too lazy to try! LOL!!!

    You have finally answered the long-standing question of, “Stupid, Or Evil?”
    IT’S BOTH!
    And thank goodness our evil Galtian Overlords are so feckin’ stupid, or they might have won, and finished the work started by Nixon and Reagan, and inartfully assisted by George W. Bush.
    But now, it looks like your last chance has faded, and is probably gone for good!
    The demographics are against you stupid and evil motherfeckers!
    We’re here, we’re brown, we’re white, we’re young, we’re old, we’re straight, we’re queer, we’re everything BUT you, and the rubes you keep taking to the cleaners – GET USED TO IT!

  26. This is OT but hey, it’s Friday and I’m still feeling the schadenfreude. Someone recently created a Twitter account called “Drunk Nate Silver,” pretty clever stuff. Some examples:

    Drunk Nate Silver stumbles through traffic on the Jersey Turnpike, screaming out what time each driver will get home.

    Drunk Nate Silver goes to Africa, finds the butterfly, asks it not to flap its wings, prevents the hurricane.

    Drunk Nate Silver knows what you did next summer.

    Here’s to truth, damn truth, and statistics. Sober Nate Silver, here’s to you.

  27. I find the quote about black voters in Ohio interesting. The Romney operative can’t believe more blacks turned out this time than for 2008.

    Now, I can’t be certain about this, but after four years of hearing racist crap thrown at the first black president AND his supporters, maybe some black voters were rightfully pissed off enough to show up this time, even if they’d blown off the last election.

    My black coworkers are the hardest workers in my office. We don’t talk much about politics, but I can tell they were hurt by a lot of the stuff the (other) white coworkers said about Obama and his supporters.

    The GOP can suck it.

  28. Yeah, my reaction too – I usually prefer the movie over the book (my eyes are getting old) but this is one where I think I could take the book a lot more easily.

    Matt Tabbai echos what I wrote upstream, in Mitt Romney Would’ve Won if Republican Were Self-Aware at All:

    Mitt Romney could have easily won the presidential election if he and his party had realized that they were turning people off, according to Matt Taibbi.

    “If they were self-aware at all, Mitt Romney would probably be president right now,” Taibbi wrote in a blog post for Rolling Stone late Thursday.

    He argued that Republicans’ message about financial responsibility could resonate with a lot of people, but unfortunately it is a cover for their belief that women and minorities are “parasites.”

    Modern Republicans “have so much of their own collective identity wrapped up in the belief that they’re surrounded by free-loading, job-averse parasites who not only want to smoke weed and have recreational abortions all day long, but want hardworking white Christians like them to pay the tab,” Taibbi wrote. “Their whole belief system…is inherently insulting to everyone outside the tent – and you can’t win votes when you’re calling people lazy, stoned moochers.”

  29. OT again but, omg, I think Matt Drudge has taken over Huffington Post!

    On the home page there’s a turning globe, emanating red parentheses (climate change?) and flashing “BREAKING!” The headline reads: “Petraeus Resigns; Admits Affair.”

    Huh. He really was Betray-somebody, I guess. But does it merit Drudge sirens?

  30. Well, Joan, if there ever was any doubt, we now know that the General was a Republican – of the pro-military and family values variety.

    I’m sorry to make lignt of a serious man, who did a lot of good to great things.

  31. At blood donation today, FAUX news was on. Their latest “concern’ IS WHETHER OBAMA WON BY ”MISREPRESENTING MITT ROMNEY’S VIEWS ON IMMIGRATION.” I think they just said he supported “self-deportation” as a result of removing jobs, food, shelter and medical care. I think that is what Mitt said. I do not think that word “misrepresentation” means what FAUX thinks it means.

  32. Over on CNN, there’s a link to: “Santorum on Petraeus extramerital [sic] affair.”

    Gah! Santorum still bloviating! Weekend ruined already!

    Except, it could be fun pondering just what an “extramerital affair” might be, esp involving a multi-star general.

  33. Sageadvice, my thoughts exactly.
    Obama had to put up with the normal slings and arrows, not to mention over the top insults and thousands of death threats from deranged wingnuts.

  34. I thot thirty nine comments, there must be a troll. Just a little after election glow, I find. Good to see the GOP turning on immigration and maybe taxes, maybe there is hope. Unfortunately, we’ve done well at the national level but here in cheese land the repugs retook the state senate. Get ready for more austerity, and job losses.

  35. Gulag – my first exposure to Lewis Black! I hope he’s right about the old white men.

    re Faux News and immigration – I think the Borg have reconfigured and are making one of their first post election moves – trying to win over the Latino vote, by softening their damaging pre election stance on immigration.

  36. Instead of threatening to fire their employees if Obama wins, maybe they’d have gotten a better result if they’d promised people bonuses or raises if Romney won. But of course, THAT thought never even occured to them.

    I think that’s illegal.
    Besides, it would cost them money. And peasants don’t deserve any incentives, only threats to scare them into conformity. All stick, no carrot: it’s Cheap-Labor Republican ideology.

  37. So I ran across an article in the SF Gate titled “where does fox news go from here?” as you can guess from the title it asks if fox news and their band of circus freaks are harmful to the GOP in light of their need to as boner said , change the way we(reps)
    talked to those people, referring to Latinos and minority groups.I think it was a really good question. So where has fox news “gone” so far? Well let me tell ya. Just a few short days after insannity gave a lecture about how they could reach out to “those people” WITH their conservative view, he invites lil lulu on his show to throw gas and matches on the idea they need to get a grass roots movement started for- wait for it- impeaching Obama..because he “lied” about Benghazi.

    I thought about it a little different. I think faux has out lived it’s usefulness. People talk about how much money mittwitt spent to get elected and how much rove milked out of stupid white old men with more money than sense..but mittwitt had a whole damn “news network” that pounded his message 24/7 for YEARS into viewers for nothing($) and it still didn’t work.The network has a fortune invested in it for the soul purpose of being right wing propaganda but look at the results.
    Faux would be fast to throw the candidates under the bus and claim there was not enough lip stick to put on those pigs to make em look good. But it’s worth the wonder if faux will be changing to conform to the rights new package or if they will continue to harm the party with their enquirer style approach to politics.

  38. What no one’s mentioned in this Conservative Fiasco, is the supposed expertise of the Republican Candidates, and how that was all BS.

    Mitt was supposedly the “Efficiency Expert,” who’d come in, look at a companies books, do some math, and figure out how to turn a profit.

    And what about Ryan – if he’s such a numbers geek and policy wonk, as the meme goes, how did HE miss all of the polls that were accurate?

    That fairy tale of ‘The Efficiency Expert Meets the Policy Wonk” was finally fractured – by reality. And all of the clapping for ‘Tinker’Mitt and Ryan’Bel’l couldn’t win the election for them.
    Rove’s math had, as usual, nothing to do with REAL math.
    I suspect that instead of using math, they were all using meth.

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