Cirque du Benghazi

First, anything having to do with David Petraeus gives me a headache. Just sayin’.

Petraeus testified about Benghazi to a congressional panel today. All of the news stories about his testimony are quoting Peter King as their main source, which means it’s highly likely all the news stories are wrong.

Regarding the Benghazi Buffoons — Apparently Club for Growth plans to “primary” Lindsey Graham next year, which accounts for why he and his bud John McCain are displaying their manliness by beating up Susan Rice. It’s to save Graham’s ass. See also “The Benghazi Circus.”

15 thoughts on “Cirque du Benghazi

  1. My favorite was yesterday, after McCain held another self-aggrandizing, idiotic, meeting with some members of the press, AS THE BENGHAZI HEARING WERE GOING ON, a CNN reporter had the temerity to ask His Highness why he was on TV spouting off, instead of at the hearing? McCain, lashing out, basically said, ‘How DARE you question me, a US Senator. I spend my time the way I want to.”
    Yes, “Your @$$holiness!” Sorry to have questioned you, “Your Insipid Royal Uselessness.”

    What a shrill, angry little loser.
    His legacy now will be Palin, and the way he acted like a WATB after he lost – unlike Gore and Kerry, who did many productive things after they lost.

    Oh, it had to really goad that old goat that the “blah” man who defeated him, was soundly REELECTED!!!

    Johnny Mac – you could have been a healer and a diplomat. Instead, you’ve became a shrill, whining, FECKIN’ OLD LOSER!!!

  2. OT, but just reading Digby and found R-money called “money boo-boo” to my delight! Damn, I love the intertubes!

  3. “My favorite was yesterday, after McCain held another self-aggrandizing, idiotic, meeting with some members of the press, AS THE BENGHAZI HEARING WERE GOING ON”

    When they use this as the basic headline on Yahoo News– a rather conservative outlet– you know you are WAY past “jumping the shark”. On Diane Rheem today one of the foreign commentators was asking whether McCain had missed the memo that this whole “scandal” was about trying to dig something up to (unsuccessfully) get Romney some foreign policy votes. Apparently, yes, he did.

  4. “All of the news stories about his testimony are quoting Peter King as their main source”

    Something really sleazy about a “congressman” who would sit through a close door hearing and the minute it is over run to the nearest microphone and start spewing bullshit? I thought NY was suppose to be a blue state, who the hell keeps voting for that imbecile?

    “It’s to save Graham’s ass”

    That may be true, but it also seems like it is just a bunch of noise so the republicants can distract from the fact that they have lost touch with the electorate, and had their asses handed to them. They can’t let President Obama have one minute of triumphant peace.

  5. NY Times Oct 2009….
    “Graham’s desire to trade energy provisions for his support on a major climate bill has won him audiences with leading Senate Democrats and the Obama administration. And while few of his fellow Republicans are willing to make such a leap, Graham is.”

    5 Days ago Huffington Post

    “WASHINGTON — Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Sunday they are working together on a plan for immigration reform that will include a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants already in the United States — a step forward after the Republican party’s years of stonewalling such efforts as “amnesty.”

    The Club for Growth and Americans for Tax Reform rely on the threat of dumping huge sums of anonymous money AGAINST incumbents in red states if those candidates don’t knuckle under to the demands of those secretive clubs. LG will never be mistaken for a liberal but he IS willing to talk about immigration and the environment with liberals – and that makes him a threat to the campaign terrorism conducted by the billionaires who fund those groups.

  6. Please, oh please primary Graham. Could we get a Dem out of SC? We got one outta Indiana and kept one in Big MO.

  7. Doug: interesting post! Maybe that’s why they neutralized Lugar- because he was sometimes bipartisan.

  8. Someone backed Peter King into a corner and made him admit the CIA okayed the final version of the talking points, and that Petraeus had said as much in the briefing. Other sources are saying AQ-specific references were taken out to maintain a level of investigatory security. You know, don’t let the bad guys know everything you know about them? That kind of thing? smh

  9. I don’t think I’d really mind Graham losing to a candidate from the Right – it might stop all those people who keep treating him like he’s someone you can sit down and make a deal with. As I recall, he’s torpedoed a number of deals that he supposedly agreed to earlier, and trusting him is always a mistake. At least with a fire-breathing wacko, the kind most likely to win in SC, no one would mistake him for reasonable.

  10. Lindsey “Scarlette” Graham, after he loses to a Teabagger:
    “As God is my witness, as God is my witness they’re not going to lick me. I’m going to live through this and when it’s all over, I’ll never be hungry again. No, nor any of my folk. If I have to lie, steal, cheat or kill. As God is my witness, I’ll never be hungry again.”

    Frankly, Lindsey my dear, I don’t give a damn!

  11. Did Karl Rove act the way he did on Election Day, because he thought “The Fix Was In,” in Ohio, and a handful of other swing states?
    “Anonymous” takes credit for thwarting Orca, the Rove-Romney supposed GOTV system – which might have been, in reality, a “Flip The Vote,” or KOTV (Keep Out The Vote) effort:

    Do I believe Rove would stoop to that level?
    In a nanosecond!!!
    Do I believe he did?
    I don’t know…
    Hopefully, time will tell.
    And if time does tell, then Rove should die in a jail cell – a withered old husk of his fat self.

  12. The great Thom Harmann, on the subject of Anonymous, and Rove:

    Please watch it, it’s only 9 minutes long.
    I’ve been listening to, and reading, Hartmann for years. He truly is a national treasure – and no hysteric, or conspircay theorist, he.

    Btw – Not only does this explain Rove’s meltdown on FOX that night, it also explains Ohio in 2004, and how the exit poll showed Kerry winning, but Bush won the state – AND the election.
    Oh, how I hope this is true! On of the greatest ratf*cker’s of all time – f*cked, and f*cked HARD!!!
    Please let the DoJ investigate this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The Economist had a great article about how there was no incentive for the administration to cover up the attack or make it look like a riot instead of a planned attack, since neither one would have been more politically damaging for the Obama Administration than the other. I highly encourage circulation of this article, because it does a great job of dispelling the Republicans’ allegations of a cover-up by making the simple point that there was nothing to be gained from such a cover-up.

    Here is the article debunking the manufactured Benghazi scandal

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