Ridiculous About Rice

Do McCain and Graham know that lots of people are publicly making fun of them?

The continued hypocrisy/stupidity/absurdity of the pile on of Susan Rice is just plain off the charts.

I agree with Digby, that a lot of this is coming from the Right’s obsession/compulsion for payback.

Just as they convinced themselves that Whitewater was their Watergate, they think Benghazi is their 9/11 commission. I assume they persist in this endless round of idiotic payback politics because it’s just in their nature. It serves a political purpose too, of course. It’s a great distraction and destroys comity and purpose on the other side as even liberals with common sense start abandoning the field either because they buy into the “smell test” theory or figure they should cut their losses.

But in the end, I think it’s just because the right wing personality is one that holds grudges forever and always always hits back, no matter how long it takes.

I also agree with Ed Kilgore that a lot of this is about distracting the base from their recent election humiliation. And I say this sounds like a plan —

If congressional Republicans keep trying to take new hostages for their participation in fiscal talks—you know, the debt limit, Obamacare—at some point the administration might want to retaliate and say the GOP must call off its Benghazi witch hunt if it expects the president to sit down and negotiate with them. The frantic effort to find a “scandal,” not any actual scandal, is really becoming a major embarrassment to the credibility of the United States.

It ought to be an embarrassment to the Republican Party, which is managing to make itself look like a bigger collection of brainless stooges than usual. But they’re too oblivious to reality to be embarrassed.