Al-Jazeera is buying Current TV, and Time-Warner announced it is dropping Current TV. Just one more reason I’m happy I don’t subscribe to Time-Warner.

I run into Al-Jazeera reporting a lot when I’m checking out news from Asia. I believe Al-Jazeera does a better job covering the problems with Tibetan Buddhism in China than any western news service I can think of. Certainly there’s no hint in their Asian reporting that they have any kind of jihadist agenda, although try telling that to Pam Geller.

It will be interesting to see what Al-Jazeera does with Current. More news, less opinion?

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  1. That feckin’ physical and mental dwarf, Lil’ Jimmy Dolan, of Cablevision, doesn’t provide Current either. His daddy was a major-league @$$hole, too, but at least you could say that he created something, unlike Lil’ Jimmy, who inherited and has grossly mis-managed his inheritance.

    But, I’m lucky!
    If I want to watch the evil and stupid FUX Noise, or the grossly inept CNN, I can get that as part of their new “Basic Package,” which requires a converter box,, and an extra charge, but of course – but, if I want MSNBC, I get charged an additional charge for that, and the other channel my Mom loves, Turner Classic Movies.
    How, I wonder, can the FCC allow a cable company to show propagandistic and inept news channels at no additional charge, and charge me for 21 hours of slightly more Liberal news programming?

    I can’t tell you how much better I feel, being one of the long-term unemployed, and with few, if any, prospects for future employment, rather than continue working for Time-Warner, like I did, on and off, for almost two decades.

    And I made sh*t-money, compared to the real culprits. I never made more than $60,000 a year – and that was for ONE year.
    Karma has punished me, for working for evil, stupid, ignorant, and greedy douchebags.
    I’m still waiting for others to get theirs.
    Somehow, I suspect the real douchebags will never suffer the sting of Karma. Money is a very, very effective shield.

  2. Al-Jazeera has a record of reporting the news while most “western” news “outlets” make shit up.
    And that’s the truth………….

  3. ZOMG!!!

    SHARIA NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OH, NO’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Al Jazeera offers wonderful news coverage and programs. It is so maddening, but predictable, to see the Atlas Shrugs-type bloggers making the network sound like a partner to Al Qaeda. Such ignorance.

  5. Al-Jazeera does do a decent job of reporting the news, often better than Reuters or CNN. Even in the sensitive area of covering stories about Israel, they show a surprising level of even-handedness.

    As for Pam Geller – yeah, not exactly an unbiased source. The fact that she calls her blog “Atlas Shrugged” says a lot about her mentality.

    But I do want to say something which might make a few here uncomfortable. Here in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe (and much of Asia and Africa) we are seeing real trouble with the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. It’s almost entirely the result of Saudi Arabia’s promotion (backed up with lots of money) of Wahhabism. This is not the same moderate Islam I first encountered when I traveled through Southeast Asia years ago. This is a real threat, it’s growing, and has almost nothing to do with Israel – indeed, much of the violence that Wahhabism breeds is Muslim vs Muslim (ie Shia vs Sunni, and the repression of women). Of course, deadly attacks on Buddhists (notably in Thailand) and Christians (especially Copts) are also part of the story.

    I’d like to link to three articles from the Asia Times (site: atimes.com, very good reading on many topics). They should be read in the order I list them here. I hope you’ll take a look to get some prospective on this problem. I can say without hesitation that the rise of Wahhabism in Europe is having a profound effect on our politics, with many normally liberal Swedes suddenly supporting rightwing nuts of the Pam Geller breed in frustration. It’s not something I want to see, but I don’t have any solution for this – in the years ahead, don’t be surprised if Europe elects leaders of the Dubya mentality. Anyway, I’d like to hear some opinions from you guys after you read this. So without further ado:




  6. Has Al sent Rupert a bill yet for “content provision” now that he has provided Faux with fool fodder for a fortnight?

  7. Paraquat,
    I’m aware of the probems in Europe, with the newer breed of Muslims there.

    And you’re right to point the finger at the Saudi’s.
    They’ve not only allowed, but nurtured, this radical form of Islam. And they’ve done it to keep the people there angry at others, who are unlike them, instead of the Saudi Royal Family, who rule over them – but refuse to share in their vast oil wealth.

    So, the House of Saud members can spend a pittance and continue to nurture radical Wahhadism, to misdirect their people.
    All while the male members, can travel all over the world, and partake of the finest alcoholic beverages, rich non-Halal foods, gambling establishments, and high-priced hookers (aka: “Escorts”), available to them and their over-stuffed wallets and bank accounts – you know, the things Mohammed said no faithful man or woman should ever touch, or do. And what their state-supported Wahhabism preaches as well.

  8. After reading the links posted by Paraquat, my opinion is that the leaders of the countries effected simply ban these organizations from operating.Freedom of religion does NOT include the idea of killing those who do not agree with your religious views.At first glance, I found it hard to believe that so many people would adopt a hard line religion over a more secular type, but then I look around my town.Based on how things were when I was a child, I could not believe that my mostly secular country could move so far to the religious right.I am blown away by the fact that so many in America think evolution and intelligent design should get equal attention, or that “intelligent design” is even a viable theory.
    If things don’t change through dilution and pop culture, the world may be headed towards a full-on global religious war.Hopefully, the hard liners can be corrupted by scantily clad women, money, and liquor.It has never failed in the past.

  9. erinyes,
    You want an explanation for what’s happened to your area?
    Pretty much every area?
    Ever since this country began it decline, over the last 40+ years, people who otherwise would look to one another for help, and to help one another, instead, turn inward to their own families – and, of course, God and guns. The Gay-bashing was a bonus wedge-issue for them for awhile.

    Well-off societies, like we were before, don’t look to God as much – or, at least not as desperately.
    The more desperate people become, the more they turn to God, and the grifters in religions welcome them with open arms.
    It’s great for the profits of corporations and ministries, when their customers, workers, and flocks, desperate for any job, will take it, no matter how stingy the salary and benefits, and then tithe what little is left over at the end of the week, to the grifting religious organization of their choice.r

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